Tuesday 20 September 2016

Ultima - Stephen Baxter

In PROXIMA we discovered ancient alien artifacts on the planet of Per Ardua - hatches that allowed us to step across light years of space as if we were stepping into another room. The universe opened up to us. Now in ULTIMA the consequences of this new freedom make themselves felt. And we discover that there are minds in the universe that are billions of years old and they have a plan for us. For some of us. But as we learn the true nature of the universe we also discover that we have countless pasts all meeting in this present and that our future is terrifyingly finite. It's time for us to fight to take back control.

My thoughts:
The things he comes up with, my heads always spins after reading a Baxter book. He also seems to like the End Time. You know the end of it all.

I always feel all WOW. Here we have multiverses and hatches, and, aye beyond me.

The two people from the last book stumbled into a multiverse in the last book, and here Rome never fell so Rome went to space.

But that is not the only multiverse. A few other characters also from that previous verse makes it here and explore this brand new reality. And it is fascinating. What if this and that never happened, what if time took another direction. So much to explore.

The possibilities are endless.

Good book. He is a great author

Hardcover, 560 pages
Published November 20th 2014 by Gollancz
Proxima #2


  1. Hearing first time about this one! Will have to check out more! :)

  2. Whoa. This sounds pretty darn cool. I am always intersted in reading about other universes.

  3. I love the description and your review. This sounds so interesting.

  4. I always struggle with multiverses. If you're a fan, you should definitely read Dark Matters by Blake Crouch.

    1. I have seen that one everywhere, so I really should

  5. oh wow...this definitely seems like a unique take on a story. I can see why you like this author so much.

  6. Still have yet to read something by Stephen Baxter. One of these days!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. not for me but glad you had a nice time

  8. I love the idea of reading a book where you could see what happened if Rome didn't fall or something of that affect. Think of all the different things you could write about. What if Hitler died before he took power or if Martin Luther King wasn't assassinated? I'm sure there are a million others. :-)

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    1. There are so many ways history could have gone, I always love it, it is fascinating and scary

  9. WOW...this sounds like something I would love! I'm going to add the author to my wishlist and try to check him out!

  10. I'm not into heavy sci-fi, but I'm getting there. I think if I read this now, I'd probably put it down. I've added a lot of sci-fi to my list but have yet to start somewhere.

  11. Glad it worked for you. Multiverse is tricky for me. Because there are so many possibilities I stop caring. It can just be changed lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. True, one things sucks, maybe it's better elsewhere



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