Monday 24 October 2016

Review and Giveaway: Of flame and light - Cecy Robson

Taran Wird holds the unique ability to conjure fire and lightning. She is mated to Gemini, Second in Command to the Squaw Valley Pack of the Lake Tahoe Region, and the sole werewolf to possess the ability to split into two wolves. And although they are mates, Taran's insecurities have driven them apart.  

Devastated by an injury that left her with a zombie-like limb, Taran struggles to regain command over her magic. But when her arm and her power turn against her, lashing out on those she most loves, she knows she can no longer carry this burden alone. Not that she likes the alternative. 

The only way to regain control of her magic is to align and learn from the local coven of witches―the very ones who sought to banish her when she and her three unique sisters first moved to the mystical region. But although Taran is trying, the teachings don't come easy, and the tasks leave her weak and emotionally shattered. 

Yet Taran must learn and learn fast. Time is running out. The fire she once mastered so easily has become her greatest adversary and is now slowly burning her alive . . . 

My thoughts:
Oh Taran, she is such a mess. First, she has a new arm, an arm that wants to do magic of its own, and not always good magic. And in the last book she and Gemini split. She is still missing him, and honestly I forgot why they split, them being mates and all. Oh silly idiots!

The rest of the family is doing their thing while Taran tries to control her killer arm and gets sent to the witches. I do not like the witches, they are bitches. But she really is a danger to everyone.

This book was more ground level evil than many of the other ones. Not really, but Taran does spend a lot of time with the witches, there are battles to fight there too. And missing Gemini, and yes, there is something big and bad out there. But for once it felt more manageable.

We finally got a glimpse of that thing I have been waiting for..not saying what ;)

There is danger, more danger, action, and school. And bitchy witches of course. I guess the next one is about Taran too, and it will be fun to see what she has learned. And if it is not about her then I hope it's Emmie's booK

Kindle Edition, 350 pages
Published October 18th 2016 by Cecy Robson, LLC
Weird Girls #7
UF romance
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Cecy Robson is an award-winning author of magical realms, to-die-for Alpha heroes, and young adult adventure. A double RITA® 2016 finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, and published author of more than fifteen titles, you can typically find her on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.

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  1. I need to catch up on this series! Taran is my favorite so I'm glad she got her own book.

  2. LOL, YES a glimpse of that thing!!! Great review, thanks Linda :)

  3. I haven't heard of this series before. Must investigate...
    Karen @For What It's Worth

  4. I haven't read this author before but this sounds like a good book.

  5. GAH! I need to start this series. I'm curious about that arm and whatever that thing is... :)

  6. I am glad you enjoyed this one. I am hoping for Emmie's book soon too.

  7. Thank you for hosting and reviewing OF FLAME AND LIGHT.

  8. I can't believe I haven't heard of this before...gotta check it out

  9. Like, did she literally get a new arm? Lol.

    Sounds like a fun instalment for fans of this series!

  10. Killer arm? Reading your description kind of reminds me of this old movie called Idle Hands where the main character's right hand gets possessed with a mind of its own and forces its owner to go on a murder spree :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. LOL, well it was not that bad, the arm just took in a lot of the magic around

  11. Oh yes, this one definitely hit the spot. I was so glad to see all that was going on and the witches school was a fun surprise.

    1. It was fun, even if I would never want to go there

  12. The evil arm thing sounds really stupid lol

  13. I am not a patient woman....I bought the damn thing. Sighs



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