Wednesday 30 August 2017

The shift of the tide - Jeffe Kennedy

Growing up in a country where magic was common as dust, Zynda never had to worry about her enchantments upsetting the balance of nature. But the land beyond the borders of the thirteenth kingdom calls to her. It may be foreign and ugly, but the strangeness is laced with an excitement she has never known. Outside her homeland, Zynda's shapeshifting and sorcery are a potent advantage to nations grasping for dominance--and the thrill of power lures her even as she recognizes the threat she poses to these magic-buffeted realms. 

A ruthless enemy stalks them, promising destruction if she does not fight with all her strength--but if she upsets the equilibrium of the land, all will pay, the common people most of all. And a man of this outside world fascinates her, a mossback with no scrap of magic in him. He knows nothing of the fears and temptations pulling at her. But in his steady embrace she learns she must choose well--for the consequences may reach farther than she ever imagined... 

My thoughts:
Oh those Tala, they are such tricksters, but that makes them fun to be around. 

This book is about Zynda, a shapeshifter who wants to save her people. And well the world too since those dang baddies are coming for everyone. Though sadly there is no conclusion to that yet, that is both good and bad. See I want to see them burn at once (there are dragons after all that can help with that), but I also want more so good that there are still things to take off. 
Back to Zynda, she is a trickster, she tells the truth, but that might be a truth that is ever changing. She guards her secrets and especially the biggest one of all. What is she really about?

Right, I am blabbering. You just can not jump right into thing with these. First you really should read the first 3 books, if you do not then you must read 4 and 5 cos else you will be lost. Who the baddies are. How Dafne got married, how Jepp went to Dasnaria (and got her man), and much more. The books all have a new heroine but the story continues and the torch to save the world is passed on.

Oh and there is romance too. Zynda certainly is not looking for romance, but romance finds her none the less. And I really liked the end, I really liked the end.

I am also looking forward to the next book, I guessed right who it will be about and I am sure it will be fun. What a pair.

Fantasy romance and a good adventure.


Kindle Edition, 251 pages
Expected publication: August 29th 2017 by Brightlynx Publishing
The Twelve Kingdoms #6, The Uncharted Realms #3
Fantasy romance
For review


  1. I REALLY need to give this author a try. I have one of her books on my Kindle already too!

  2. That cover is lovely. Now I need to go check out book one!

  3. love fantasy, romance and a great adventure Blodeuedd and what a fantastic cover too! Win win!

  4. I have this one waiting for me on my Kindle. This series is SOOOOOO good!

  5. I love secrets and this sounds great. That is also a great cover.

  6. Good adventure!!! Damn sounds rad! BTW the cover is so pretty 😍

  7. Sometimes I really get into fantasy, but it's hard to get into series that I can't read as a stand alone because of my schedule. Glad you enjoyed this one! Hugs...RO

  8. I should try a fantasy romance. It's been so long since I've read one.

  9. Sounds fun and a good fantasy series.

  10. Never heard of this series but I do like fantasy. Finding romance when you're not looking is a fun type of romance. Sounds like I need to check this series out! :)

  11. Wow quite the cover. Love shapeshifter chars too. Will have to look see at these...

  12. Argh, another author and series I need to work on. These do sound great. :)

  13. Sounds like a really interesting series. Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. There is a LOT going on with that cover! I need to try her still.

  15. I love this series so much. I loved this one too. I still need to write my review for it, but I will have it posted eventually. Still playing catch up and all. :-)

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    1. That is always hard to do :)

      Ohh the enxt book, eeek



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