Friday 3 August 2018

Audio: Owl and the Tiger Thieves - Kristi Charish

Audible Audio, Unabridged
Narrator: CHristy Romano
Published May 8th 2018 by Audible Studios (first published May 7th 2018)
The Adventures of Owl #4
For review

My thoughts:
Ack, I finished this one 5 days ago!! But then I did not have time to write a review before going on a mini vacay (and no I will not write on my phone.) So here I am days later. Sigh.

But let us begin. The last book was pure evil, omg, Ryan (wait was it Rynn?) I kept hearing it as Ryan. Anyway he became the Electric Samurai, hell bent on destroying the world and his mind just blown. I was all come on! Do NOT leave me hanging like this, but alas she did. So i quickly jumped back into this world and find Owl in Peru. Yes I did lament over that fact because I wanted to know what the deal was with Ryan (he seemed to be terrorizing the spn world). 

But she is in places for a reason. She is trying to find a "cure" and is on the hunt for the Tiger Thieves, and this is then this book's adventure. Going from different places and finding clues. Oh and meeting a weird old vamp *not saying more, spoilers ;)*

And R is just so evil it breaks my heart, get him out!!!

As a new sidekick she has Artemis and with my sucky memory I can not remember why I am not supposed to like him. I guess that is a lucky thing then. He helps her out because she needs it. She tends to get kidnapped too often. But hey that is why she needs a bodyguard. She is the brain, not the muscle.

One thing I did not care for was the epilogue. It ended well with things resolved, and at the same time not, but resolved enough so that you can relax for a few secs. But then a new story started and I felt like that could have started in the next book instead...or was this meant to be like the last?

I enjoyed this adventure cos there is always something new happening

Narrator Christy Romano
I do like her, but there were strange issues with the sound. Like maybe her stall is too sound proof? I do not know about these things, but something it got hollowed for a few secs, then it was normal again. All very strange.

Through no fault of her own, Alix has found herself essential to the fate of the world as we know it. She didn’t mean for this to happen—she was quite happy being merely the notorious antiquities thief, and ex-archeologist, known as Owl.

However, years ago, Owl reluctantly entered the secret world of the supernatural. Her goals: complete one job, escape one bounty on her head, continue her thieving in peace.

Fast forward to today. Now, she has become a key player in a brutal paranormal civil war that is rapidly getting out of hand. The leader of one of these factions—a lethal opponent called the Electric Samurai—grows more powerful by the second. To stop him, Owl sets out to find the long-lost, legendary group known as the Tiger Thieves.

But will it be too little too late? One thing Owl misses about “normal” archaeology: there are few emergencies with thousand-year-old relics. 


  1. This is a series I've heard so many great things about, but couldn't get into it. I listened to the first and thought it was okay. Maybe I'll try the second someday, but it's not at the top of my list.

    1. I do remember that, and I say that if you did not like book 1 then I do not think you will like the rest either

  2. Great review Blodeuedd, I know what you mean about writing on your phone LOL This looks really good!!

  3. OMG I still haven't caught up with Electric Samurai, so I should probably catch up!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  4. Whew! Glad you got answers after that sort of set up about Ryan. I will get to this series eventually.

  5. I need to get started with this series. I have the first two books ready to go so I don't know what I am waiting for.



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