Thursday 6 September 2018

The Angel's Mark - SW Perry

Hardcover, 424 pages
Expected publication: September 6th 2018 by Corvus Books
Historical fiction /mystery
For review

My Thoughts
Someone is killing people and leaving marks on them. And there is just one person who finds this strange. But then why would the rest care, poor people die all the time.

Nicholas is a physician. A good man. An honest man. And then he kind of looses himself. Poor man.

I find it hard to review this one without saying too much. I did not expect it to be this hard.

So, it is a country of suspicion. You have to belong to the right church or else!
A woman doing a man's job! Take her down!
And physicians doing what they think is best (ugh, medicine in those days wasn't the best as you can imagine.)
And when Nicholas goes a bit ...crazy, no one gets why. Idiots.

It is not an easy mystery to solve. Usually some clues are found in books, but here, nothing. This is a killer that knows how to hide and as the pages got fewer and fewer and did not know if he ever would find the answer.

And of course I never saw it coming, but how could I? Neither did he.

I wonder why authors like mystery books in Elizabethan England, because I have read a few. Weird. Must be a  good setting! And it is with all the things going on in the background.

You will never see it coming.

LONDON, 1590. Queen Elizabeth I's control over her kingdom is wavering. Amidst a tumultuous backdrop of Spanish plotters, Catholic heretics and foreign wars threatening the country's fragile stability, the body of a small boy is found in the City of London, with strange marks that no one can explain.

When idealistic physician Nicholas Shelby finds another body displaying the same marks only days later, he becomes convinced that a killer is at work, preying on the weak and destitute of London.

Determined to find out who is behind these terrible murders, Nicholas is joined in his investigations by Bianca, a mysterious tavern keeper. As more bodies are discovered, the pair find themselves caught in the middle of a sinister plot. With the killer still at large, and Bianca in terrible danger, Nicholas's choice seems impossible - to save Bianca, or save himself...


  1. love these kinds of reads Blodeuedd because I don't want to see it coming :)

  2. now I want to know the conclusion lol

  3. Your review made me laugh! "Take her down!" Haha -- I think you reviewed this really well. you hit the high notes without giving anything away, and now I want to read it for myself.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  4. Okay so no clues were given! And so a big reveal!

  5. So you didn't see it coming, but was it plausible?

    1. Oh yes. It was not something silly like someone famous. it was more like he could not really solve it, so how could we find out who it was (though we will)

  6. I like a good mystery that's hard to solve!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. I do like it when a book can really surprise me. Maybe I should give this one a try.

  8. I don't really like serial killers, but the setting might make up for it.

  9. This one is new for me but sounds good.



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