Monday 25 March 2019

Audio: Cursed - Keri Arthur

Narrated by: Justine Eyre
Series: Kingdoms of Earth & Air Series, Book 2
Length: 12 hrs and 30 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 03-12-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Thank you Tantor for this copy

My Thoughts
Books seldom make me want to pick the author's brain, but I just have so many questions! In a good way

These books feel so Like people went to a planet, forgot and started anew. It is fantasy with big guns. Now when I have read two books I have started to wonder, do they put all their energy and time into military tech (since they have no phones or well tv ;) They are constantly under attack and have been so for hundreds of years. Of course all they do then is military tech. See, I so want to ask the author these things.

Plus there is magic so why bother making things with tech  when you can use magic.

Such a fascinating world. I at once had to check if there is a blurb for book 3, nope, but a cool cover. See all these books takes place on different continents, but what they have in common are freaky things trying to kill and eat them.

I ave not even started with the story! Right, princess Nix, her family are aholes and should die die die! She is given away to a foreign lord and this is the best thing that could happen, cos like I said, her father and brother needs to burn burn BURN! Poor Nix, she bore her scars well.

Donal, the highlander was awesome too. He was witty, and flirty, without coming on too strong, or making her uncomfortable. 

This is military fantasy so there is a lot of fighting and trying to find the baddies.

Last thoughts
A really great and fun series! I can not wait for more. I do enjoy these. I also really liked the end of this one, it was so fitting.

The awesome Justine Eyre! I do love everything she does
Her voice for Earth is so fitting. I also like her other voices and as I am well aware of she does a great highlander brogue. 

She brings everything to a narration and it makes for a great listen.

Whomsoever draws the sword from the ancient seat of this land shall rule it, and they shall bring peace and prosperity to its people.

For nearly a thousand years, the first-born son of every Cannamore King has drawn the sword, and the land and her people have indeed prospered.

Princess Nyx Bel-Hannon is neither male nor first-born, but it is her hand that draws the sword rather than her twin brother’s. As a reward, she is given a prison rather than a throne.

But a deep darkness now spreads across the Kingdom, and her borders are threatened by creatures capable of magic powerful enough to destroy mountains or split the land asunder. Without the true heir to wield the sword, Cannamore risks annihilation. The King and crown prince want nothing more than to be permanently rid of Nyx, but cannot afford her blood on their hands. Instead, they give her to a highland warlord in the hope he will do what they dare not. 

Nyx has no intention of letting the highlander get in the way of her thirst for revenge or the need to reclaim her throne. But it’s a quest that may well destroy the kingdom she loves.

Because Nyx has been cursed by the god of war. It is her destiny to save Cannamore.

Or utterly destroy it. 


  1. What a perfect opening to your review and yes I think that's a good sign of a good book wanting to pick the author's brain. Glad you liked it! And the narrator is new to me I want one of her books too!

  2. I really enjoyed the first book and I'm curious to read this one too

  3. That does sound like an interesting world.

  4. I don't always love her stuff, but this one sounds like something I would really enjoy. Will have to pick up the first!

  5. Good to hear you are enjoying this series and well a highlander thrown in with this one, what could be nicer!

  6. Hmmm... I really liked the first book so much and I'm bummed we start all over with new characters in book two... I'll have to listen at some point, but not yet. Glad you enjoyed.

    1. I hear you. But i also like this new concept

  7. I never got to finish the series I started by her, but I do want to read her again. And nice, it's Justine Eyre!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. I do like Keri Arthur. I am going to have to add this series to my list.

  9. I like the sound of this one and that it focuses on a new group with each book. I like companion books. :)

    1. I cant wait for the next one, and new character

  10. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first, but still a good story.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

    1. I did like the first more too, but this one was a close second



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