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Carole's Sunday: An abiding Fire - MJ Logue

An Abiding Fire
Author: M.J. Logue 

Title: An Abiding Fire
(Thomazine and Major Russell #1)
Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Romance
Pages: ebook
Published: January 3rd 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

1664, London 

Life should be good for Major Thankful Russell and his new bride, Thomazine. Russell, middle-aged and battle-scarred, isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect husband for an eligible young woman but the moment Thomazine set eyes on her childhood hero, she knew they were destined for one another. 

But Russell, a former Roundhead, now working for the King’s intelligence service, was never going to have a simple life in Restoration London. 

Unable to shake suspicions of his Parliamentarian past, someone seems hell-bent on ruining his reputation — and his life. 

Whispers about his sister’s violent murder follow him and accusations of treason abound. 

When more deaths occur Russell finds himself under suspicion. 

He is ready to escape from the capital, but Thomazine is determined to find the truth and clear the name of the man she loves. 

You all know my love of historical mysteries. ;) When I read this summary I could not resist!

Sooo the story follows Major Russell and his new bride, Thomazine. Russell is middle-aged and battle-scarred. Thomazine married her childhood hero. Things seem so perfect. However, someone is trying to ruin Russell's reputation and life. They want him dead but not before they try and make him suffer. First, his sister is murdered and some of the evidence points to him. Next...treason rumors. Oh dear. A mystery indeed!

I adored Thomazine. She was not a meek, young wife like I thought she was going to be. When she was first introduced I was annoyed, but then she showed some fire and I liked her a lot! took me a wee bit longer to grow to like him. He was rough around the edges. This actually made me appreciate him more once we get to know him a hair better. I love the duo of hubbie and wife crime-solving! So fun! 

The mystery was okay overall. I had a few theories. I couldn't pinpoint precisely who was doing it though. It was a slow-burn mystery so maybe that is why I had a hard time with really having the best guess at the mystery. Sometimes I forgot there was a mystery going on. We got to see a lot of character building. Pros and cons with that for sure.  

The ending. Holy cannoli! Really good!! I was unsure how it was going to be resolved! Oooo that baddie! *shakes fist*

Overall, I did like this story. The book was intriguing both in mystery and in character. I enjoyed the mystery aspect even though it was slow-burning. We get to learn more about our characters and truly understand them. That ending! Woah! So good. I am curious to see what lies next for this couple. I'll stamp this with 4 stars. 

2019 Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge
Book 5 of 16/25


  1. With the crime-solving duo and the great ending, this one sounds really good.

  2. A murder mystery with a great ending. Sounds like a good read.

  3. I do love a good mystery. This sounds like one that I would probably enjoy.

  4. Nice. I love when a couple solves mysteries together!



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