Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Graphic Novel: Little Victories by Yvon Roy


Paperback, 154 pages

Published May 25th 2021 by Titan Books (first published 2017)

Fiction Graphic novel

To review

I was given this the chance to review, and I decided yes. And it was really good.

Is he the best father? Yes and no. He finds it hard when he finds out his son is autistic. His Wife leaves, but he puts himself together and does everything he can for his son. Truly everything. All their time together he tries to figure out what makes his son tick, what makes him scared, and how to overcome it the best he can. 

I liked how it was drawn, and the story is lovely. He does turn out to be a great father. And there is some happiness at the end too. You know I like that.

But yes, graphic novels in e-form so does not work for me. I tried on my computer but scrolling down to read one page and then up again to read the other book. Not the medium for me. But in paper it would obviously be perfect.

The award-winning graphic novel autobiography of a father, and the challenges he faces raising his autistic son.

A beautiful visual exploration of the highs and lows experienced by a parent learning how to adapt to his son’s autism. Faced with a challenging road ahead, the author uses creative flair and ingenuity in order to connect with his son, enabling him to reach his fullest potential and prepare him for the transition into adulthood.

This stunning insight into the nature of autism and the daily struggles of a parent uses humor and compassion to convey its message. This is the perfect creative outlet for anyone – from parent to teacher – looking for detailed information on the subject with a more personal touch.


  1. I really need to try a few graphic novels but only in print.

  2. I'm not really into graphic novels for the very reason that I LOVE digital books, Yes my library is FULL of print copies but mainly special ones to me like signed etc but I love reading on my Kindle! Thanks for sharing Blodeuedd

    1. It made it harder for sure, I'd need a huge e-reader

  3. Aww. This sounds lovely. <3

  4. I've never read a graphic novel.

  5. Yeah it's hard to read graphic novels digitally, at least for me. This looks really cute though.

  6. Neat story. I've tried a few graphic novels on e-reader and had the same struggle.

  7. Yeah, I think graphic novels are tough as e-ARCs, but I like the sound of this story!



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