Wednesday 29 December 2021

Fire of the frost Anthology


Series: Kingmaker Chronicles (#..5), Bonds of Magic (#3.5)

Format 368 pages, Kindle Edition

Published: December 22, 2021 by ‎ Brightlynx Publishing

Fantasy romance

To review

Winter stories perfect for this time of the year. Some fantasy romance, some uf, a good mix of things, and it made me interested in reading more

Of Fate and Fire by Amanda Bouchet
Hero dropped into a strange new modern world. I did feel sorry for the guy, I haven't read the series he is in but aww, poo guy even if he did a stupid thing. But he comes here instead to save the day. And consequences are set for her scifi series, yes i do want to try that one now

The King of Hel by Grace Draven
When is Draven not good?! Yes, a sad story in a way. Two best friends, one is married off to a king in a distant country. But before that her best friends fall for the same king. I liked the way it happened. She respects her friend, nothing happen, but there will still be a happy ending

Familiar Winter Magic by Jeffe Kennedy
This ends with a happy for now but still evil cliffie. Because even though people are safe now, in this cruel world, what about in a week? But answers will be had in the following book and I need to know cos these two characters, aww my heart

A Wynter Fyre by Darynda Jones
Ok, so it did have a nice twist at the end. But spoiler time the rape beginning, where the hero shows up and kind of just continues. And consent can't be given cos magic. It felt badly handled. So flippantly. Not my story. Had the beginning not been there it had been good but now the story was just filled with rapists

From Darynda Jones, a standalone novella set in a world where vampyres are hunted for sport. The only thing standing between them and total annihilation is Winter, a warrior bred to save them from extinction. Forbidden to fall in love, Winter cares only about her oaths… until she meets the devilish prince of the underworld.

Amanda Bouchet transports The Kingmaker Chronicles to modern-day New York City. An exiled warrior finds himself in the Big Apple just before the holidays. On a vital mission for Athena, he meets an imperiled French teacher from Connecticut, and soon they’re knee-deep in inexplicable phenomena.

Grace Draven brings a novella-length expansion of a stand-alone short story in which a cursed mage-king from a frozen kingdom is obligated to marry a woman of high-ranking nobility but meets his soulmate in a lowly scribe.

From Jeffe Kennedy comes a standalone novella in the Dark Wizard world, where an ancient holiday is resurrected and clandestine lovers find the courage to pursue forbidden joy.


  1. I confess that I don't do anthology a lot anymore...

  2. Yikes to that one. I can't believe anyone is still even writing that.

    But yay for an overall good anthology!

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. Most seems to been all good but I guess I read something else. And it was not ok

  3. I thought this one sounded perfect for winter, too, just couldn't fit it yet.

  4. Wow don't know about this one, probably not the kind of book for me but the cover is drop dead gorgeous.

  5. Oooh, a Darynda Jones. Love short stories.

  6. mhmmm not sure about that last ne. (yesss I was bad and read the spoiler ;) )



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