Monday 20 December 2021

Movie Discussion: The Princess Switch 3


This month we decided to discuss The Princess Switch 3

I am in red and Carole is in green.

Title: The Princess Switch 3

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family
Released: 2021
Rating: TV-PG
Length: 1h 46 m

To watch the trailer, click HERE.



Oooooo these movies make me smile. I hope there is a fourth someday ;) 

As long as they do not find a 4th lookalike I am all in.

Yess they will need a 4th character who looks like her. It would be messy…..but I would love it. 

Lol, no, it is so weird!

Secret twin? LOLLL Estranged sister one of them didn’t know about. Half-sister…so many options. They will someday have a whole army of lookalikes!!! 

They can rule the world! But we already have the evil one, the normal one, the preppy one, maybe we can get the hippie one.

Yes they need a hippie one or something. That would be fun. I’m so happy that this series has so much room for more storylines.

We need to secure Copy nr3s total happiness first. Marriage, oh and babies all around. That always brings drama.

I am very, very surprised that they have not added babies yet! Very shocking. I was getting ready for an announcement in this one…especially for the Queen. I was hoping one of them was going to announce a royal baby!! 

Def, Princess Switch, royal babies coming next. And their kids will look alike!

Oooo! That would be fun. They could skip a few years and do the kids being teens and falling in love. Maybe one of them will get with the kid from the other movie Xmas prince series.

I like it. I really like it. This is the way forward.

A good way to blend the movies. The families all go to Scotland and meet at that Xmas Castle!!!

Loving it. They better start mixing these stories together. It would be so much fun

They seem to be setting something up for sure. Esp after watching the Castle for Xmas movie. So maybe we’ll get our wish in some way! Blend all the cheesy movies together! I would jump for joy!!

It would be a Christmas Movie Extravaganza!


BTW can I just say how much I adored the romance in here? I didn’t think these two would work well since she was SO annoying and over-the-top and he is so chill….but they were perfect for each other. 

They really are perfect, and that is why I need another movie. I want to make sure they stay like that. 

Agreed. They waited so long to be together and I think they still have some issues that are lingering. Plus I feel like they have a lot to offer the crown. He can be the head of security and she can be a spy or something. 

That would work. So, a fun cheesy movie. Crazy plot, they never know what royal/noble means, but I enjoy it so much.

Eee ya - the titles and what they call each other always have me twitching, but it is a fantasy land so they can do and call the royalty whatever they want. 

Yes, and these weird very English countries.

Very weird. And no security at all. That is why they need that guy. LOL he would’ve never let that relic get stolen. 

Yes! How does that even happen!? No wonder they were all peeing their pants. They need to step it up

Agreed. The church needs to think twice about trusting one of these tiny countries in the future! 

Seriously Vatican peeps! What are you all thinking?! Hmm, I guess that means they are a roman catholic country. Since we never know where these countries are.

Right?? Is it wrong that I want some sort of map? I want to see where these countries are lol!

We want maps! I am saying between France and Italy, a  parcel of tiny Alp countries ;) Oh but they did show a map of A prince for xmas and that was like half of Eastern Europe, A Superpower that country

A superpower with no security at all for the royals or castle(s). 

Lol, also the country exists of a castle in the middle of nowhere. A tiny capital in the Alps. Oh and an airport!

Oh! Yes they all have their own personal airports like 2 mins away from the castle. Gotta love it!

The end? A movie series worth watching

The end! A movie great for the holidays and wrapping gifts.


  1. great movie review ladies and as far as airports and security, well it is sort of fantasy :)

  2. Sounds fun! A castle and airport lol

  3. Oh, I wonder if my daughter will want to watch this one when she comes home from college this week.

  4. I have only seen the first one and I really rolled my eyes at THREE of them but you make it sound fun lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  5. I've not heard of this movie series but sounds like I need to check it out. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  6. I love that over half of the review is what should happen next! My girl and I agree 100%



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