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Plum Spooky - Janet Evanovich

According to legend, the Jersey Devil prowls the Pine Barrens and soars above the treetops in the dark of night. As eerie as this might seem, there are things in the Barrens that are even more frightening and dangerous. And there are monkeys. Lots of monkeys.

Wulf Grimoire is a world wanderer and an opportunist who can kill without remorse and disappear like smoke. He's chosen Martin Munch, boy genius, as his new business partner, and he's chosen the Barrens as his new playground. Munch received his doctorate degree in quantum physics when he was twenty-two. He's now twenty-four, and while his brain is large, his body hasn't made it out of the boys' department at Macy's. Anyone who says good things come in small packages hasn't met Munch. Wulf Grimoire is looking for world domination. Martin Munch would be happy if he could just get a woman naked and tied to a tree.

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has Munch on her most-wanted list for failure to appear in court. Plum is the all-American girl stuck in an uncomfortable job, succeeding on luck and tenacity. Usually she gets her man. This time she gets a monkey. She also gets a big guy named Diesel.

Diesel pops in and out of Plum's life like birthday cake - delicious to look at and taste, not especially healthy as a steady diet, gone by the end of the week if not sooner. He's an uber bounty hunter with special skills when it comes to tracking men and pleasing women. He's after Grimoire, and now he's also after Munch. And if truth were told, he wouldn't mind setting Stephanie Plum in his crosshairs.

Diesel and Plum hunt down Munch and Grimoire, following them into the Barrens, surviving cranberry bogs, the Jersey Devil, a hair-raising experience, sand in their underwear, and, of course . . . monkeys.

Blurb from author's site cos yup there was a lot of things going on in this book, and to write something about that, tricky. And honestly I don't have much to say in my review either, maybe that is why I have the very long beginning.

I was a bit disappointed in this one. Actually none of her "between the numbers" novel are as good as her numbers novels. Now I know why, it's the lack of Ranger and Joe. These novels have Diesel, and sure he is weird and fun but not what I am looking for. What I love about these novels is the tension between her and Ranger, and the love with Joe. Some root for one guy, some for the other, I for both. Cos that is what makes them great.

This one, has some Joe, but not much. He is busy at his end. It has some Ranger, but not as much. And nothing between any of the 3 is like it's in the numbers books. That is why I can't love this one as much. But don't get me wrong, it made me smile and rush towards the end to find out what was happening. There is some chemistry between them too, but I can take it or leave it. The best thing about this book is the monkey, that monkey is crazy, you will love him. It has the same action and it gets pretty good. And she blows up things as usual.

Average yes, worth reading, oh yes, but I am looking more forward to getting my hands on Finger lickin' 15. I can't wait. perhaps she does't put at much time on these between novels and that is why it's lacking some, and doesn't have me rolling on the floor in laughter, it just has me smiling.


  1. I would like to try something of hers. What would you recommend as a first book to read?

  2. Hi Amy,
    Star with book 1, One for the Money and work your way up. Sure one can read a bit here and there, but the love story, aye that is nice to follow ;)

    I have tried her other books but none compare to the Stephanie Plum novels. I read the first one when, not yet, diagnosed with pneumonia. I remember laughing so hard that started maybe that is when I cracked my rib, yikes, but they are a must read.

  3. B,

    I absolutely love Stephanie Plum - but I am awed by Grandma Mazur. LOL I looked forward to each and every number book and wish Ms. Evanovich would release them faster. :)

    I completely agree with you about the between the numbers books - they are a bit on the silly side. I think I've read the first 2 - but I haven't read this one. :)

    Every time Ranger says "Babe" - I get a silly grin on my face. :) He is just yummy.

    Joe is yummy in his own way - but the dog, the dog is priceless. LOL

    Sometimes I will turn in early and read in bed - I can't do that with the number books cause I laugh out loud with each one and wake Hubby. :)

    I've already pre-ordered Finger Lickin Fifteen. :) It can't get here soon enough.

    Have a wonderful day.


  4. Michelle,
    Lol, I love grandma Mazur, she is hilarious. Another reason why I love the numbers better, more grandma!

    They are a bit silly, and weird, a bit on the paranormal or not side? Confuses me, still a fun read but I do prefer my numbers.

    Hehe, oh yes, he said babe here too and I just melted away. There I was in a little puddle on the floor hoping the others around the lunch table wouldn't wonder.
    And Joe, I warmed up to Joe, he is so ready to be hugged these days. They are so meant to be, yup I am a tiny bit more a Joe girl.

    I always laugh my head off, my neighbours must think I am crazy if they hear me.
    pre-ordered, you lucky girl! :D

  5. I didn't know where to start with Janet Evanovich and was going to ask you which one to begin with, but I see you answered above - so I will go with One For the Money.

  6. Scrap girl,
    Oh yes start with that one, and then it's easy, work your way up to 15. The between the numbers can be read here and there, and as for her other books. Well they just doesn't compar3e

  7. I'm like #88 for 15!! I love Ranger...he's hot!! Joe's just too nice and I wish she would hurry up and make a choice, but then again maybe not because I do enjoy the scenes with Ranger in them!!! I've never read any of her in-between books and now I won't have to because you did!! LOL!!

  8. Staci,
    Oh yes ranger makes me melt!! But oh Joe, I liked when he was all that, and then he got sweet and I love that too. I do wish she would marry the fella. The again, not, I need the sexual tension between her and Ranger. That is what makes these books work.

    Haha, yes I read them for you. new guy, Diesel, I can't figure him out. very confusing, but you are not missing anything.

    Btw, would LOVE a movie of these books!

  9. Hi Blodeuedd!

    I haven't read any of these books, so I'll have to investigate and see if I can dig one up. I've looked at them at the bookstore, but never take one home. Next time, I buy!

    Dottie :)

  10. I really enjoyed the first numbers book. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to the rest. But I intend to!

  11. Hi Dottie,
    Oh do check out the first Plum novel, it's like crime chick-lit, you love it, and the guys are drool worthy.

    Do read them, they just seem to get better and better and then you can't stop

  12. Hi Blodeuedd:

    I'm not familiar with this author's work but now that I have your recommendation as to which novels are the best of hers I may well follow up. :)

    I hope you are having an awesome day!

    Make sure and join in on my contest next week because it is open to everyone. ;)


  13. Hi lea,
    Oh she is marvellous, I just love Evanovich. But yes start with number 1, that series is the best by far.

    Hoping you are having a great day, and a great weekend.

    Oh contest, you know I will be there ;)

  14. I'm just listening to this one now on audio and no it's not as good as the regular ones. I really like Grandma Mazur and the interaction with Joe and Ranger and when that's missing it doesn't cut it quite as well.

  15. Dar,
    I just saw some days ago that the library had it on audio too, nice. But read the book first :)
    Sadly not as good as the regular one, grandma, and the ranger and Joe interactions are like you said missing. And those are what makes these books a joy to read

  16. I still have #14 to read, then I'm going to read this one and then get the new #15. I love this series.


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