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The Shamer's Signet by Lene Kaaberbol

The Shamer's Signet by Lene Kaaberbol
Book 2 in the Shamer Chronicles

Hardcover: 322 pages
Published: 2005

One look into the Shamer’s eyes and a person’s darkest secrets are revealed

Dina has recently come into her uncomfortable powers as a Shamer, and now even her brother, Davin, no longer dares to meet her gaze.

Yet in these dangerous times there are far worse things in store for the young Shamer, who is kidnapped and forced to use her gift as a weapon against innocent people. Dina must get free. Can her brother help her escape?

From what I have seen many seems to agree with me that this book was rather boring, it dragged, and is the weakest book in the series. Though that I have yet to see. But it did ruin it a bit for me.

I think the reason for me is that half the book is seen through Dina's eyes, and I like those parts. She is a great young heroine, who is caught up in something she is too young for in a way, but handles is as well she can. But then there are parts from her brother's POV, and I found those boring, I don't like her brother, and it drags out the book. Still it's good teen fantasy, and I can't say for others but for me it gets too boring. I guess in a way it gets too children's book like when her brother shows up sometimes too. Too young. Because then again when Dina shows up it gets darker, ecpecially when she is kidnapped and certain things regarding others are hinted at. There lies darkness.

Not much to say about this one when I didn't enjoy it as much. It wasn't as fast a read either, and that was why I liked the first one. Maybe someone younger would enjoy it more.

I like Dina's friend Rose, she is cool, Dina is as I said a good heroine, her brother is sadly lacking, and their mother is a good woman. In this one we meet some more people in the highlands were they are hiding, but we don't get to learn that much about them after all.

Still I will read more when I have heard they are better, and I do want to know what is going to happen. I just hope there is no more from her brother's POV, or that I will start liking him. Because Kaaberbol knows how to write, and keep up the suspense.


  1. B,

    I am the same way with books that go back and forth from one persons POV to another. It seems to mess with the flow of the book for me.

    Enjoy your day. :)


  2. Hey B:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you regarding combining narrative POV in a story. It is very difficult to do and when it isn't done well it can spoil it.

    Another interesting book B!

    BTW, I'm running a daily giveaway at my blog this week and it is open to EVERYONE so stop by. :)


  3. I am glad to see I am not the only one who thought this one was boring. I thought it might be me, as I knew I had so many books to read. Do you think you will read the next one? I seemed to have lost interest in them now.

  4. Michelle,
    It did mess with the flow, and in the end her brother wasn't very likeable as a POV, as a side character yes, but not as a main

    Daily contest, so there :D
    Not all YA can be good I guess, though it was good, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. Yes I was a bit disappointed.

    Scrap Girl,
    Nope you are not the only one. It was boring and ruined the series for me...still I will give them a go, but not right now. Maybe when i have read through all my library books

  5. Aw, that's a shame! Sorry this book was not what you expected. Completely stinks.

  6. Jenny,
    Sigh, I know, and I can't blame it on the translation this time either :(



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