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Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Becky's life is blooming! She's working at London's newest fashion store The Look, house-hunting with husband Luke (her secret wish is a Shoe room) .... and she's pregnant! She couldn't be more overjoyed- especially since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness. Everything has got to be perfect for her baby: from the designer nursery, to the latest, coolest pram, to the celebrity, must-have obstetrician. But when the celebrity obstetrician turns out to be Luke's glamorous, intellectual ex-girlfriend, Becky's perfect world starts to crumble. She's shopping for two...but are there three in her marriage?
(back blurb)

Becky gets the news that she is pregnant and they are both thrilled. Now she only have to start shopping for everything she needs. That is the essentials, not so much, but all the coolest baby things, oh yes. She goes crazy as usual, and Luke is not really stopping her this time. He has problems of his own with his company.

Then Becky hears about this famous obstetrician and she needs to go there. Because just think when she is drinking tea with Kate Winslet and best buddies with Gwyneth. She will be in magazines and it will be so much fun. Now if she only can dump her old doctor. But then it turns out that the famed woman is Luke's beautiful single ex. Could things get any worse. She is not liking her and she is sure that the woman is out to steal her man.

Becky is funny as usual, and I have started to like her sister Jess in this one. Luke, honestly, he is great and all that. But I don't think I would fall for him. But I guess a shopaholic works well with a workoholic.

And her parents are great, her best friend, I love them all. There is great chemistry between all. And they help making it funny.

This is a great chick-lit series, the books are funny and you could dislike her so much. But I don't, I like Becky with her faults and all. She is only human.

I tried to look up if Sophie is planning on writing more about Becky, but I couldn't find anything. Too bad, cos I have enjoyed the ride.

1.Confession of a shopaholic/The secret dreamworld of a shopaholic
2.Shopaholic goes abroad/Shopaholic takes manhattan
3.Shopaholic Ties the Knot
4.Shopaholic & Sister
5.Shopaholic & Baby


  1. Hey Blodeuedd!!! Hope you are having a great day!
    Oh... love the super hero!!! Laser Whip Lash!!
    Girl you rock with your reviews!! You seemed to have really like this one!

  2. As usual this sounds great. I have the last two to read yet. I can't imagine Becky with a baby-lol. You'd think she'd do another one with Becky going crazy with a kid growing up, especially if it was a girl-could you imagine the shopping then?

  3. HA! Shopaholic with Baby? Oh wow Blodeuedd; I'm sorry but I'm giggling here. Not at your review, which is wonderful. Just the title.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's series. It really sounds like great fun. :)

    By the way, I LOVE your new banner. It is beautiful.

    I hope your day has gone well.


  4. LOL! This book sounds cute!

  5. cecile,
    Thanks :D
    Oh yes it has been a great day. I watched the Disney Beauty and Beast with a buddy, lol, haven't watched since it like came out. That beast was kind of good looking ;)

    I know Becky with a baby...madness!
    And that baby is sure to become a shopaholic. Which would be the perfect way to write more. I sure hope she does.

  6. Lea,
    There is a theme to them so lol yes, shopaholic and baby. If that doesn't sound like a chick-lit book then I don't know what does ;)
    Thanks, I thought it was time for a change again...kind of weird though but it's so hard finding big pictures

    It's a lovely and cute series for sure

  7. I am not a chick lit fan but when I decide to read a chick lit book I know I will go for the shopaholic series first. You obviously love it and your reviews are great.

  8. Lilly,
    Lol, yes I am a true chick-lit fan. And if you ever decide to try something then yes these could be good to start with

  9. I wish she'd write another, too. It would be interesting to see if their child turns out like Becky or Luke. LOL

    Diary of an Eccentric

  10. Anna,
    I know :) That would be so fun, maybe a mix between those too, lol, I can't even imagine it



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