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Review: The Conquest - Elizabeth Chadwick

Genre: Historical fiction
Pages: 576
Published: 1996

A young Saxon woman suffers the harsh consequences of the Norman invasion of England in this epic melodrama. After both her husband and brothers suffer violent deaths at the hands of the conquerors, Ailith temporarily loses her wits and attempts to take her own life. Thwarted by Rolf de Brize, a lusty, sympathetic Norman, Ailith agrees to assume the position of chatelaine of his English estate. Though she bears his child and spends many contented years as his mistress, she reluctantly realizes that the fundamental gulf that separates them is too wide to sufficiently bridge. When she discovers that Rolf has betrayed her both physically and spiritually, Ailith flees, bequeathing her young daughter a bitter legacy of love and loss.

I am going to use this format again because I just do not have enough things to say when I did not enjoy the book. So I want to keep it short and simple.

1.) Reasons you chose this book
Because I enjoy Chadwick's books and the story sounded really good and interesting. Great era too.

2.) Reasons you liked or disliked this book
- It was boring, I do not know what made it so and I never connected to anyone in this book.
- The story was way too depressing, I know a certain somebody said that she had thought I was a romantic at heart, and she was so right, I am, I need some happiness. Here, oh sigh, Ailith is sad cos her husband died, she becomes Rolf's mistress, he is married, and he likes women too much. The first part of this book is sad and does not end well. The second part is about her daughter Julitta caught in a loveless marriage and in love with a married man. Ok so the second part was better cos I had hope it would get day. 
- The story could have been good, but for me it did not work this time. But to others, it does have everything, passion, love, loss, drama, betrayal, even pirates! Yes you heard me, pirates.
- In the end it was sort of ok, only because the second part was better.

3.) Reasons you are recommending this book
I just can't since I did not enjoy it, but I have seen other reviews and they have liked it. For me it was just the story this time that did not work. It happens, and this poor book got skimmed a lot.


  1. You know, you happened to review the very Chadwick book I intended to find and read. I've heard a lot of good opinions about this one and now I am clearly conflicted. I suppose I will still try to find it, read and review. Sometimes a book which doesn't work for you one day reveals its hidden beauty the other day and of course two people might love and hate the same book for the same reasons - it happens. I am sorry reading that this book made you rather sad.

  2. Not being able to connect with the characters in a book is so annoying. It makes the book impossible to enjoy. Nice and honest review.

  3. I didn't love the last Chadwick book I read, either, though most others did. So I know what you mean! I think she herself has said that she has come a long way since he earlier books (of which I think this is one).

  4. I'm impressed you made it through the book.

  5. I'm sad to hear you didn't like it! This was the first EC book I heard of and still haven't read it. Now I'm more curious if I would agree with you.

  6. So... the pirate wasn't Johnny Depp, eh? Oh that is just too tragic. ;) Seriously this is a great review. You were specific enough to let us know what you didn't like and yet left it open for us to decide. Hopefully the next book will be a winner!

  7. Sorry it did not work for you. I haven't read this particular Chadwick but her books are normally so interesting?

  8. Ana
    Yikes, not so good. But like you say, this is only my opinion. The story might work for you, but I do warn you, do not over analyse cos things are not historically perfect.
    Mostly it was cos it was so sad, I really need a HEA or I will go insane soon, all books lately have been sad.

    I know, I need someone to root for, to fall in love with, anything really

    It was not easy, I will tell you that

  9. Aarti
    Hm, was it the For the King's favor? Can't remember, but yes loved that one. I do wonder when the old ones end and the "new" ones start. So to know which one to get ;)

    Yeah, I have had it for over 10 years *blush* bad bad me!

    Lol, no Depp, not hunky pirate at all and it was over to fast

  10. Mystica
    Normally yes, and I mean this one had a lot going on but just too sad for me

  11. Great honest review, Linda! The premise sounds interesting, but seeing as it fell flat for you, I don't think I'll pick this up :)

  12. Good honest review B! It's good you soldiered through the read!! Books that read like that for me usually end up on the DNF pile.

    I do have "The Love Knot" by Chadwick here on the shelf.. I read it years ago, it wasn't a bad read.

    Would you like me to send it to you if you haven't read it? You may enjoy it more??

    Let me know.. ;)

  13. Boy that speaks volumes when you say you can't recommend it and you skimmed through it alot. I kinda like Chadwick, but if it's boring it might make me crazy. lol.

    Thanks for the review!!

  14. Sorry you didnt enjoy this one.
    I have this author in my TBR list.

  15. Sometimes skimming is all the book is worth..if it didn't work for you it didn't work. I loved your review and honestly think I may pass on this one now.

  16. Sorry to hear you didnt enjoy this one much, I haven't read it yet but it's on my bookshelf. I love Elizabeth Chadwick's writing but I might hold off on this one for a while. Thanks for your honesty :)

  17. Melissa
    Sadly they all can't be winners. And I will sure be sad if the other two I have lined up fall short too

    Awww you are too sweet. But I have read it, I think in Swedish and then I bought it in English, I meant to buy more but never did. But I remember it too be really good.

    I did love the last book I read by her, so for me it just was the story and that happens

  18. Naida
    Keep her in your TBR since she is good, other books that is

    It sure made me sad, I wanted to love it but could not, skimming was all I could do since I did not want to DFn it

    I do love her too, but yes you can always save this one for last ;)

  19. I hate it when historical fiction drags like that! Oh well luckily there are lots of goodies out there!

  20. Mostly it was cos it was so sad, I really need a HEA or I will go insane soon, all books lately have been sad.

    Oh dear, that sounds rather dramatic. I am recommending you plenty of chocolate and some cashiews (seriously!) And I have a gift for you - soon in your inbox! :*

  21. Amused
    Like the good book I am reading now, it is marvellous

    Mmm chocolate, I think that might just do the trick, and I do like cashews.
    Not the book I am reading now will get a HEA, but here it does not matter, I am just in love with the historical facts...still must read a bodice ripper soon and get me a HEA lol.
    Ohh you got me curious now

  22. This is one I had planned to order because it's an era I'm interested in. Maybe I'll choose another of her titles. I read The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion and loved them both! Her books are very long and detailed, so you have to be in the mood for heavy reading.

  23. oh no, i'm sorry this one didn't live up to her usual awesomeness!

  24. I don't like sad books too! Rob Thurman's Roadkill was just a little bit sad but it made me stop reading the series...

  25. Arleigh,
    I did hope to like it cos of the era, but if the story is not right, then there is nothing I can do. But give it a go, perhaps you will love it anyway

    Made me real sad :(

    It did, oh that sucks, but after this I get what you mean

  26. So this will not be the first book I'm going to read written by this author. I do love the cover. :)

  27. Nina
    I would more recommend her other books :)

  28. This is one of hers I will certainly stay away from. Just the premise alone is not intersting to me. Oh well, thet can't all be gems. Thanks for your honesty Linda. And I LOVE how this format is working for you. Thanks so much for using it. SO happy I could help. It does come in handy for books we do not like :)

  29. Jenny
    For me it just works so well with books I do not like, and books from a series. For those two I just love this :D



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