Thursday 11 November 2010

Review: Rogue - Rachel Vincent

Shifters 2

Genre: urban fantasy
Pages: 394
Published: 2008

Okay, so cats don t always land on their feet.

I know that better than most. Since rejoining the Pride, I ve made big decisions and even bigger mistakes: the kind paid for with innocent lives. As the first and only female enforcer, I have plenty to prove to my father, the Pride, and myself. And with murdered toms turning up in our territory, I m working harder than ever, though I always find the energy for a little after-hours recreation with Marc, my partner both on- and off-duty.

But not all of my mistakes are behind me. We re beginning to suspect that the dead are connected to a rash of missing human women and that they can all be laid at my feet--two or four, take your pick. And one horrible indiscretion may yet cost me more than I can bear.

I am going to try the new review format created by Jenny @Jenny Loves to read and Staci @ Life in the Thumb

1.) Reasons you chose this book

I really liked book 1, I mean really liked it, great UF and I knew I had to read more. The choice was obvious and I got this book.

2.) Reasons you liked or disliked this book

I did not love it as much as I liked book 1 but it was still a great book.

* The tension between Marc and Faythe is great, even know when they are together. And then there is Jace, I do like tension
* Great UF has some nice action and this book has this. Someone is killing strippers, and toms. And then a big secret is revealed and that could mean the end of Faythe. The book had me reading fast so I would get to the end and see what happens.
*Love the world. Shifters, cats, yay, and the fact that tabbies are so rare.
*I had heard complaints that this book was not as good as the rest, cos of Faythe, but did not see that. She is still hotheaded, but I do wish she would let Marc into her life.
*It wasn't a full-blown cliffhanger but it was still a cliffhanger at the end and I am so gonna read book 3 soon.

3.) Reasons you are recommending this book

If you are looking for a new urban fantasy series to read then go for this one. It's so good! There is drama, action, and love trouble. If you are a paranormal romance fan then go for this one too, sure not as much romance, but the tension makes up for that.

Ps. Cool new format girls :) Nice and simple and I could make it a short review.


  1. I like the new format too! Although I often like writing my own synopsises and they er...tend to be rather too long I might be tempted to use this one once in a while!

    Maybe in the summer I will try this UF - sounds enticing but deceptively similar to other UF series. A new Ilona Andrews?

  2. I still haven't read the first one!

  3. I've been wanting to get into this series for what feels like forever. And I just keep reading great reviews for it all time.

    Thanks for reminding me about this author Blodeuedd!

  4. I enjoyed this book too. I still need to read the 3rd in the series. I totally agree with your review.

  5. Pfff...I've had this book for years and I still haven't been able to read it. I'm stuck halfways through it. Though I did really like the first one!

  6. B,

    I love this series - and I am sad to see it end. :) But WoW, what an ending.

    I'm glad you liked this one and hope you continue on with the series.

    I like your new review format. Sweet and simple. :)


  7. Ana
    Lol, I know the feeling, I try to keep them short days, but I struggle.

    Hm, well nothing like Andrews one bit. I have not read that much but still from what I have seen she keeps it fresh and her own

    Oh please do read it :)

    You just go read this series now, it is just awesome.

  8. Hey B!

    I read this book some time back and really enjoyed it as well as book II I haven't been able to get to the third one yet but do enjoy Ms. Vincent's voice.

    Thanks for sharing, glad you enjoyed this one. ;)

  9. Melissa
    I waited a year with reading this one! I shall not wait another year to read the next

    Well I did start it a few weeks ago *blush* and got stuck. Just face it head on, I hear they getting better then again

    It's a nice one for sure. Sometimes simple is the best, espeically when it comes to a series, for most of the time I have the same things to say

  10. I love the review format - I may have to "borrow" this format myself.

  11. I love this review format! I think this book sounds like a lot of fun, and it might just be my cup of tea :)

  12. Cool format! This sounds like a lovely urban fantasy book. I just love urban fantasy.

  13. Bermudaonion
    Go ahead and borrow :) It's for all of us

    Hi Lea
    I have waited to read this one, because I only had book 3, but gonna get the rest now, cos for once, I wanna finish a series, lol

    It's a great series, and Vincent has a way of writing.

    Me too, so more than PNR, it's just, cooler, lol

  14. Sounds interesting! From the cover I'd guessed it to be YA book.

    I like the review format. Very simple!

  15. Great format, I keep hearing fab things about these

  16. That is a good format :)

    Glad you're enjoying the books, this book is prob my lease favorite of the series, so I hope you continue with it; you know how much I love these books!

  17. Elysium
    Oh really, nah no YA here :)

    I do like to try new formats

    It wasn't as good, but it still made me wanna read the next one like crazy

  18. Glad you liked the format...I enjoyed how you used it and think this may be a cool series to read!

  19. Great new review format. This one sounds like a good series.

  20. I've only read Stray so far but I too love the tension between Faythe, Marc and Jace :)

  21. Keep reading...this series gets better as it goes. I read Alpha, that last book in the series recently and really liked it. So sad it's over.

  22. Have the entire series in my shelf... but it's at the back of my TBR mountain simply because I heard some reviews saying that Faythe can be a stupid protagonist... soooo don't like stupid protagonists... but they all agree with you that the world building was fantastic.

  23. Staci
    Great format :=D Sometimes I just need to make it short, and especially when it comes to a series

    Try it :)
    ANd yes loving this series

    Book Vixen
    Oh yes, that tension makes me all tingly inside, lol

  24. FV
    I am gonna be sad when I get to that one too :(

    Oh know, I hate TSTL heroines, I wanna kick their asses. So far I have not felt like that with her

  25. Hmm...I haven't tried this series but it's been a while since a last read an UF and it might be time for me to give it another try. This might be a good book to start with, or at least, the first one in the series.

  26. Simcha
    The first one definitely to get the feel of the series, cos it's a good one



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