Sunday 28 November 2010

Review: A Secret Affair - Mary Balogh

 Huxtable Quintet, 5

Genre: Historical romance
Pages: 340
Published: 2010

Born a commoner, Hannah Reid has been Duchess of Dunbarton since she was nineteen years old. Now her husband is dead and, more beautiful than ever at thirty, Hannah has her freedom at last. To the shock of a conventional friend, she announces her intention to take a lover—and not just any lover, but the most dangerous and delicious man in all of upper-class England: Constantine Huxtable. Constantine’s illegitimacy has denied him the title of earl, so now he denies himself nothing. Rumored to be living the easy life of a sensualist on his country estate, he always chooses recent widows for his short-lived affairs. Hannah will fit the bill nicely. But once these two passionate and scandalous figures find each other, they discover that it isn’t so easy to extricate oneself from the fires of desire—without getting singed.

The Duchess of Dunbarton decides to take a lover after her year of mourning is over. The man intended is Constantine Huxtable, known as the devil. But neither of them is what they seem to be.

My thoughts:
Oh, book 5, it seems I missed some but then it does not really matter. This book stands alone, and it's not like you do not know that all the previous couple would get HEAs anyway. The book was rather fun so I could see myself starting from the beginning.

I think what I liked the most was that nothing was it seemed to be. Hannah is notorious, she married at 19 a man well over his 70s. People called her a gold digger behind her back and her husband gave her everything she wanted. She also has escorts taking her to balls so she has quite the reputation. But no, she hides behind this mask that is The Duchess and behind it is a sad vulnerable girl who does not believe in love any more. I liked her from the start, even when I also had the wrong ideas about her, but I soon learnt the truth.

Constantine was the same. He was born before his parents got married so that meant he could not become the earl, which lead to a distant cousin become earl (all the previous books was about that family). But he is not upset, he likes them. He also has this reputation as a rake and that is actually true, he does take a new mistress every season. But this season his starts to fall in love, and he shows sides of him no one knew about.

Therefore I liked the book, the people with secrets, falling in love even though this is only a affair for one season. The book was easy to read, and there was some drama too at the end.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
Sure, cute and nice enough. So easy to read, and quick. It felt light and I enjoyed that so I could recommend it. And it was so lovely to finally get a HEA. I have missed that.

Reason for reading:
Since this is the 2nd ever HR book the library has bought so of course I read it

I like it

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  1. I've got the first few books of this series on my sacks.

  2. I've only read one of MB's books but I have one lined up for the holiday challenge. I'm sure I'll get to this series eventually. Nice review!

  3. I've read a couple of Mary Balogh's books and I remember enjoying them all. I haven't read any of this series yet but will definitely have to give it a try. Though I always have to start with book 1. It would drive me crazy to start in the middle of a series.

  4. I read all of MB's books. She doesn't disappoint me. I love her voice.

  5. This sounds like a fun good read. I like those sweet reads. :) I want to know why she married the 70 year old guy. Hmm....

  6. That's only the second HR your library bought?!?

  7. Awesome review! I really like this cover, and it sounds like something I would quite enjoy :)

  8. I haven't read any of her books yet although I do have her Christmas one that I hope to get to before Christmas. This one sounds good- maybe someday I'll have time to start yet another series.

  9. love the red laced cover. and glad to hear you could read it as a stand alone. this is one i would want to jump right in with from the description.

  10. I like the cover and this sounds like a good series! I've never read them so of course you know I'll start at book 1 !!

  11. Nise
    Nice, I would like to know how those are too

    Oh she has one of those :) I sadly have none lined up this year since I read it already

    I am like that too, but since the library had book 5 I wasn't ready to go out and buy book 1 just to read the fifth :)

    All of them :D Wow, then she must be good

  12. Melissa
    I can't say, well not that it was that big a spoiler but still. She was a nice woman and so was the old guy, that is all I am saying

    I know! And both this year, whoever made the suggestion I would like to hug.

    I want that dress, it looks so lovely

  13. Darlene
    The second person with her xmas book, ok now I really must go and have a look at that one :)

    I honestly did not even know it was a series before I added it on Goodreads, so it worked well

    Lol, I know ;) I am honestly thinking I am loosing my OCD here

  14. I have not read this author though I have seen her books around. I think I will pick one up this week. Thanks for the review.

  15. Hey honey! Very good review. I have her series to read. And I keep promising myself that I am going to read it next....... But never getting there... But after your review, I will have to move it up!!!! Hugs to you honey! And I hope you had a great weekend!!!!!! Hugs!!!!

  16. Mystica
    I hope you like then one you choose :) And then i will know if that one is good too

    Lol, I know about that, my poor TBR I keep reading new books first and some older ones do not stand a chance, even though I am aching to read them

  17. Hmmm. I like the sound of it. It's good to find historicals where the heroine is an experienced "older" woman (30 years old!!). I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  18. If I am in the right mood I might read that one. I would also like to start with the book no. 1 but sometimes it can't be done. Thanks for a good review!

  19. Diana
    Lol, I know, 30 is practically the grave ;) I liked it

    With Hr I just go for it, but yes would ave liked to start at the beginning

  20. Oh wow this sounds like a series I need to check out!

  21. Amused
    I would sure like to

  22. This sounds like a good series, I like this genre alot. And lovely cover.
    Great review ;)

  23. Naida
    I really should read more HR, I mean I do have a lot on my shelves ;)

  24. this is such a great author! i'm glad your library is slowly getting more hr!! :)

  25. Great reivew. I have this author in my TBR pile, hope to get to them one day.

  26. laurie
    Aye one day, that is a good motto :)



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