Tuesday 2 November 2010

Review: The Taming of the Wolf - Lydia Dare

Westfield Brothers, book 4

Genre: Historical paranormal romance
Pages: 384
Published: November 2010 Sourcebooks Casablanca

Lord Dashiel Thorpe has fought his true nature his entire life, but whenever the moonlight proves too powerful, Dashiel is unable to control the werewolf within him. It is on one such moonlit night that Dashiel accidentally bites the beautiful Scottish witch, Caitrin McLeod. Though now bound to him irrevocably, Cait decides that she wants nothing to do with him. When she flees to her native Scotland, Dashiel has no choice but to follow her and convince her that it was nothing short of destiny that has bound them together body and soul.

First my usual reassurance. Yes this is actually book 4 but fear not! You can read this as a standalone with any problems, the facts that are important are there, and of course it's a good way to get surprised too. But if the OCD hits you bad, then go and read book 1 and work up to this one. Or just jump in and have fun.

Lord Dashiel is staying at the house of the Westfield brothers. He fears himself for what the beast could do and without thinking he bites Caitrin McLeod, a Scottish witch who flees from me. Now he must follow as he has claimed her as his mate, and there can never be anyone else.

My thoughts:
I liked the book from the start, but it took me a while to really enjoy it. Let me explain. Dashiel has claimed her and he knows he will never look at anyone else, but is he in love? That thought bothered me as he chased her and tried to get into her heart and bed. He needed to prove himself a bit more before I started enjoying the book, and then I did not stop reading before I hit the end.

Dashiel is a womanizing rake with a hidden side and he has a sad past. And no one ever taught him what a Lycan really is, so he has got issues and is afraid to harm Caitrin. I was on my guard when it came to him, but I must confess that it was fun to see him try anything to get near her. While Cait is not afraid to tell him what a brute, and hound he is. And that he should just go away, but at the same thing there was something there, building up, and those two needed each other. My fav part of the book were the chasing part, he is not a man to back down. Slowly I did what she did, I started falling for him, and as I did that I saw that he was changing too. Into a real man, and a real Lycan. I liked it. And what he needed was a woman that would speak her mind and not fall all over him.

Something else shows up in this book, I shall not say, but it bodes well for the next series from Lydia Dare. I wonder how that will be handled. I am rather intrigued. 

The Lycans are an interesting bunch, and I do love and feel sad over the fact that they only love once. So beautiful and yet so tragic. Then there are the witches, and what is a book without real Scottish witches. They are a fun bunch, and I can't wait to see them fall in love too.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
I still like book 3 the best, the bantering was just so fun there. But this one comes as my second fav from Lydia Dare. It's fun, there is passion, and hearts that can't make up their minds. It will get a 3,5 from me, because I always reach that point where I do not want to put it down anymore. The book also feels very different from usual paranomals. It's lighter some way. So both paranormal lovers and historical lovers can like this book.

Will I read more, yes.

Cover: The cover actually differ from mine. It's nice, but I kind of liked my cover more, she looked a but more..nice. Still the yellow is really nice and it has the same format as the other covers.

The Quote might differ in the actual version of the book.
Quote I remember: 
"Naughty little girls who tease big, bad wolves deserves to be mauled," he said, a half-smile upon his face.

Review copy from Sourcebooks


  1. The plot of this sounds so intriguing! Thanks for bringing this book to my attention and brilliant review! :)

  2. The book sounds interesting and worth reading. Thanks for this

  3. I do love a good werewolf romance, and with a Scottish witch it's tough to resist. I need more reading time!

  4. I haven't read her books, yet... however they are on my wishlist. Glad to know you enjoy the books!

  5. Lovely review! I understand your point about Dashiel. If he's like that, I'd be wary of him too...while secretly checking him out.:)

  6. I loved your review. I agree with you about the character who showed up that ties this series in with the next one.

  7. Oooh, this sounds great!! gotta love a tortured hero! i have a couple of these books but I haven't had a chance to read them yet.

  8. Melissa
    Thanks, it's a fun series, I like how I always gets sucked into the story.

    I am glad you enjoyed it Nana.

    Awww weres, they always make my heart skip a beat. And I am with you on the more reading time

    I hope you like them if you get to read them. They are quite special

  9. Irena
    I was really wary, but, dang it, I always fall for them anyway, lol

    Could we be more mysterious, hihi, but yes, I think they have a great deal of potential, perhaps bring with them some darkness.

    Women do love those, they are just so hard to resist, and I always want to hug them

  10. Right. A Scottish witch, an aristocrat werewolf, the romance and fate that binds them together...and it is a series. I don't know. I scent mush. I might try it I might not. I've just ordered my first Chadwick novel after all. ;))))

  11. Ana
    Oh, yes I do fear you might think it gets too mushy, but mush is good :)
    Chadwick! Do tell which one you picked. Was it For the Kings Favor?

  12. Do tell which one you picked. Was it For the Kings Favor?

    Nah, unfortunately that one was not available. I chose...dum dum dum dum....The Wild Hunt!

  13. Ana
    *jumps up and down*
    My fav Chadwick! :D
    Ok I do admit to reading so long ago, and would I love it just as much today?...well I guess I will see what you think. At least it has stayed in my heart, and I so want to read it again. This time in English.

    Anyway I can't wait to hear what you think

  14. Well it might arrive this week so perhaps I will be able to write something next Monday or Tuesday.

  15. Tori at Smexy loves these..I need to try them out!

  16. I think the mating once for life sounds very bittersweet. Very nice review!

  17. This one sound like a fun read....and of course another series to put on my list!

  18. Hey Blodeuedd! I am popping in to see how you are doing my friend! I hope all is well and you had a great weekend and a start of a good week! Hugs to you honey!

  19. Ana
    *holds breath*
    I am so curious what you will think.

    They are fun, and hey I love Lycans *giggle*

    So very bittersweet, it makes me go aww love, and then oh no, poor fellow if she dies young :(

  20. Staci
    How long is that poor lit of yours? Mine is constantly growing, I wish I'd win the lottery and read books for the rest for my life.

    Hi hon, how are you? I hope you had a nice Halloween and dressed up in something fun.

  21. I haven't read anything by Dare yet but I've heard her books are pretty good. It's nice to know the series keeps strong enough to engage readers. I'll definitely have to check her books out sometime soon =)

  22. Mishel
    Many times a series just seem to ebb out into the sand, but this one just gets better

  23. Blodeuedd, thank you so much for the lovely review. You have always been so sweet to us. I am so glad you enjoyed Dash and book 4. (I know Will from book 3 is a favorite for many however, so you are in good company.)

  24. Thanks you two :D So fun that you stopped by and yes I do love Will more, lol, he was so fun. But this was one good book



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