Friday 25 March 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #Entry 32

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take.

(pic has been removed: W woman dressed for battle)

After the Battle
by Blodeuedd
All was lost. Raven looked down at the massacre, the doom of her people. They had never stood a chance, but they had fought until death. Their blood spilling over the land which they loved. They did not hide or flee, they stood tall before the massive force that came to conquer. She and a few warriors survived and took to the hills. A runner had already been sent to tell the rest that they had lost. The women and children were long gone and now the last of the warriors had to hurry to ensure their safety. Only a fool stayed and died. The land was lost, but the people could still be saved.

She gave the battlefield one last look and turned around. Her cheeks wet with tears. In the sky birds  flew and gave omens about death.
“You all shall find glory in the Halls of The Dead,” she said and nodded to the men. “Hurry! That bastard shall not slay another of the Crow Clan.”

This was it. What more is there to tell? The Warrior princess ran to catch up with her people and they moved to safer locations. But in the end this was not her story. Another stood beneath that hill.

A Field of Death

An entire continent had fallen to the Dragon Lords. Behind them the land lay to waste. Before them mountains stood tall. All this was now theirs.

He took off his helmet and looked at the destruction.  What would they do now? The answer was easy, fight each other. This continent would be ruled by many and he, yes he would stay here next to the mountains. Out there was that woman he had saved some months ago. He could not forget her, and for the first time in years his strict training was swept away by feelings that might be love. He stood in a pool of blood and all he could think of was a woman. For once he was so stirred by emotions that he gave no further orders. The Crows fled and he did not even care.

“My Lord?”
The image of her disappeared and he put his helmet back on.
“Kill those that still stir.”
The soldier behind him bowed and set out to work.

In a moment of clarity, absolute clarity, he saw the error of death and destruction and fell to his knees and prayed to the Gods. Not his Gods of Chaos but to the Gods of the People of the Land. They heard his prayer and looked down at the world before them. Their people had gone to safer lands but the land itself still cried out. So they did what had to be done and the Dragon Lord fell down dead.

“That one is still moving,” a soldier pointed to a warrior near the edge of the mountain. Unaware of what had befallen his Lord. His friend went towards the man who slowly opened his eyes with the voices of the Gods singing in his head.
“Life can be glorious, “ he said and put a dagger in the Dragon’s throat. Then he smiled and ran. Towards the mountains, and the women he had once seen.

After the Battle
Night closed around the conqueror's way,
And lightnings show'd the distant hill,
Where those who lost that dreadful day
Stood few and faint, but fearless still.
The soldier's hope, the patriot's zeal,
For ever dimm'd, for ever crost --
Oh! who shall say what heroes feel,
When all but life and honour's lost?

The last sad hour of freedom's dream,
And valour's task, moved slowly by,
While mute they watch'd, till morning's beam
Should rise and give them light to die.
There's yet a world, where souls are free,
Where tyrants taint not nature's bliss; --
If death that world's bright opening be,
Oh! who would live a slave in this?

-Thomas Moore


Sometimes a pic is just too great, so I had a hard time coming up with something. So I went and got a poem again. And what did I do, well some reason I went back to that Dragon Lord and Liselle. I always wanted them to meet again and now perhaps they will, and perhaps the Dragon Lords can be pushed back.

Poor red haired girl though, totally messed up her story. Oh well ;)


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  1. Wow, you really did well this time! Here you can find my version of events

    I agree the pic is great - so great I felt tempted too!

  2. What a great story! I was actually brave and gave it a shot today.

  3. Wow! "In the sky birds flew and gave omens about death." <--- I love that line. How do you come up with this stuff? It's awesome!

    I feel sad for the Warrior Princess, but there is hope that she will be able to rebuild with the people that fled.

    Gah... so romantically tragic!

  4. B,

    I like the way you worked in both stories. :)

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Hey B
    Nice writing, I don't often have time to read the flash fiction posts but I enjoyed this one :)

  6. Ruin her story? Na, you created a good one. Well done!

  7. Love it absolutely loved it....

  8. Loved both the stories! My favorite is the first one with the warrior princess.
    Great job!

  9. Ahhh... you multi-talented girl, you ;)

  10. Great story Blod!
    I want the warrior to go get his lady!
    Nice touch with the Thomas Moore poem at the end.

  11. Ana
    Thank you, and I am so glad you joined us

    Way to go! :D

    Aww, hihi, thanks, it's my mind, what more can I say, lol.
    I am sure the warrior princess will do just fine. Who knows ;)

    I guess I just could not let go of him, and now he is human, so he stands a chance

    Thanks Janna :D

    They are fun to write, and read

    Thanks, I just felt I stole her spotlight, but her story was told. And I still had one more to tell

    Thanks :D

    She was pretty kick-ass, perhaps I get to write more about her one day

    Aww you flatter me

    I love his poems, they are just wonderful.

  12. WOW, it's awesome. Love it. It's very good. I want to read more!!!

  13. Love your stories about the photo, they work so well! I love this idea but instead of participating I'm going to have to just stick to reading everyone elses. :-)

  14. Hi B!

    I loved the way you weaved both stories together, excellently done!

    I really enjoyed seeing the Dragon Lord and his lady hoping to reunite, so good when a story comes together!

    (Loved the poem.. matched the story quite well..)

    Dottie :)

  15. Wow I am in awe right now after the stories.

  16. Thanks Nina :D
    I hope to write more too

    So I can't tempt you to join ;) Perhaps one day

    I hate how I left them, cos there was something there that could have become love. And now when he is human then I hope to make them meet again

    Thanks Jenny :)

  17. This was quite good Linda. I am impressed :)



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