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Review: Staying at Daisy's - Jill Mansell

Daisy MacLean runs the country house hotel owned by her flamboyant father, Hector. When she hears who's about to get married there, she isn't worried at all - her friend Tara absolutely promises there won't be any trouble between her and ex-boyfriend Dominic, whom she hasn't seen for years. But Dominic has other ideas. Meanwhile, Hector's getting up to all sorts with, well, that's the village's best kept secret. And then Barney turns up, with a little something belonging to the husband Daisy's been doing her best to forget. That's the thing about hotels, you never know who you're going to meet. Or whether they're going to stay.

My thoughts:
There is a lot going on in this book, not that it becomes messy, but just that more than one person will find love at the end of this sweet book.

First there is Daisy who runs the hotel her father owns. She used to be married to an ass and does not want anything to do with men like that anymore. She is smart, nice, but also wounded. Then there is Dev, the best man at the wedding being held there, he is all those things she does not want, but the attraction is there. Sure he is a bit of an idiot sometimes, but then you do stand up for your friends. I have to like that about him, and later on he is truly sweet.

Ok the main couple out of the way. Then there is Tara, the chambermaid who is unlucky in love, and whose ex is getting married at the hotel. I did want love for her, and I truly enjoyed her HEA. Her aunt who is doing something she should not be doing. Daisy's fun dad Hector, and last Barney, a new employee who falls in love with a girl with secrets. And these all find love, one way or another.

I would call this more of a drama chick-lit, there are no haha moments, instead real people try to find love, they mess up, they do stupid things, and they feel hurt. They believe lies and life goes on. It was a great cast of characters and they were all different, and I am glad how things turned out for everyone.

But there was one person I did not like, a certain mistress who believed all the lies the man told her. She just annoyed me, sure she was in love, but to believe lies like that, and even after the wife tells the truth. I kind of did not want a happy ending for her, but then cheaters are manipulating bastards so who can blame her. I will not say who it is, some things you have to find out for yourself. 

The book was sweet, and very easy to read. It was long but the pages seemed to fly by. There is drama and romance, and the thing I like the most, reality. 

Reason for reading:
Sounded nice

Cover Talk:

Sweet and Fun

Genre: Fiction, chick-lit
Pages: 512
Publisher: Sourcebooks March 1st 2011
(first published 2002)


  1. I love Mansell's writing for all of the reasons you wrote in your review. Most of all because it is believable. GReat review Blodeudd. I know how difficult it can be reviewing her books :)

  2. Sounds like a great read. I like books about finding love that are easy and fun to read.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. I just popped in to see if you enjoyed this. I'm reading it this month. I really enjoy her books. They're fun to read and I'm looking forward to this one. Glad you liked it.

  4. I used to love Jill Mansell's stories, read a lot of them but lately none. This one I have not read yet. Usually Mansell's novels are light, but this one sounds more profound. Thanks for the wonderful review!

  5. the mistress character does sound annoying. at least the lead guy is sweet :)

  6. Mansell's books are so good because her characters are so real and likable. Great review!

  7. Well I am a HUGE Mansell fan so I need to add this to my wishlist right now!

  8. Sweet, nice and real? No vampires? You must be kidding...give me that book quick! ;D

    Lovely review!

  9. One of those authors I really must read soon.

  10. @Jenny
    I do love my sweet fairytales too, but I also need reality. Real people, and drama. So hard, especially since so much is happening.

    Easy and fun, even though it is one big book

    I hope you will enjoy it! Which I am sure you will since you have liked the ones that came before

  11. @Marissa
    Dunno about all the rest, but yes I would not call this one light. Sure there are lightness there, but the drama does tone it down a bit

    Luckily she was not around much, and she had been lied too, but I just wished she would wise up

    That is why I like them :D

  12. @Amused
    You certainly must if you like her book. I do not think she will disappoint ya

    Lol, I promise! Not a single vampire in sight, not even a mention of a vampire. Just a woman with a facelift, lol

    I hope you get to read one of her books one day

  13. I like the idea of reading about multiple couples and having them all deal with their different relationships and HEAs:) And your reason for reading made smile, sometimes "sounded nice" is the perfect excuse to pick up a book!

  14. Drama chick lit? I love that! You should coin that phrase!

  15. @Jenny
    Lol, my reasons sometimes are just that, the book sounded nice or *coughs fell deep into coverlust* :)
    All the HEAs were great, love all around, yay.

    Hihi, I totalyl should

  16. I haven't read anything by Mansell, but this one sounds tempting.

  17. This sounds cute, even if there are no haha moments.
    I've never read anything by Jill Mansel, but every time I read a review of one of her books, I think I should.
    Great review!

  18. An HEA and overcoming of wounds. Yep, I think I would enjoy it. Love the pup on the cover. :)

  19. Great review hon! It looks like an awesome read! =D

  20. I've heard many good things about this author. Great review.

  21. Wow lots going on in this book. I've seen her books around and I've been debating whether to give her a try or not. After this I might have to.

    The chambermaid, Tara sounds interesting. Would love to read more about her HEA.

    Nice review!

  22. It does sound pretty cute. :)

  23. I've seen so many of her books around and hopefully will read one of her's in the future.

  24. @Carol
    I have only read 3 books :) But they have been nice

    I do love haha moments, but I do like this more drama kind of chick-lit too, it's nice

    It looks fun, I like covers like that. Even if not in my taste I would still pick it up

    Thanks :) It was a cute book

  25. @Yvonne
    You should give her a go some time :)

    Perhaps I can make you come over to the other side after all, lol

    I hope so, and there are some to choose from so that is always nice

    I really liked her, she had such bad luck in love, and then came her HEA at the end and I was just, awww :)

  26. I so can't wait to read this one...I like her writing and this sounds like it's right up my alley!

  27. @Staci
    If you like her books then you will enjoy this one too :)

  28. I want to read this author, I have heard good things. I do enjoy chick-lit. Great review :)

  29. @Naida
    I am sure you would enjoy it :D Have a look

  30. Looks like another one of your reviews has lead me to place a book on my TBR list. It looks like a lot of fun with it just being a sweet book and having more than one HEA moment for the characters. I like the cover too, it's cute and soft.

  31. @Deanna
    I always like when it has more than one HEA, love all around :D

  32. Glad to see you enjoyed it. I'm reading it right now and am loving it. I definitely needed a light, fun read after The Linen Queen!

  33. Diary
    I can understand that :) And then this one sure is good to read

  34. This book surprised me because it wasn't as light hearted as her other books, but I still loved it. I didn't like the same person as you for the same reasons.

  35. Bucky
    I guess one should forgive, but she was just so stubborn. Oh well, I liked other peeps



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