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Author Guestblog and Giveaway: Mary Lydon Simonsen - Mr Darcy's Bite

More Austen goodness coming up now, I have Mary Lydon Simonsen over for a guestpost and you can win her new book Mr Darcy's Bite.

Hi Linda. Thank you for having me at Book Girl. You asked that I write about superstition in Regency England and how I came to write a paranormal variation.

If someone had asked me if I would ever write a werewolf story, I would have shook my head and laughed. Even though my daughter reads every werewolf and vampire novel out there, I simply had no interest in either subject. However, two years ago, a story appeared on A Happy Assembly, a Jane Austen fan fiction site, where Mr. Darcy was a werewolf. I was really pulled in by the sinister atmosphere the author had created. With Halloween approaching, I decided to write a short story, “Mr. Darcy on the Eve of All Saints’ Day.” The story got so many hits and comments that I expanded it until it was the length of a novel, and much to my surprise, I had a good time doing it.

You asked about superstition in Regency England. Did people of that era believe in werewolves? Possibly. But they weren’t a real threat as wolves had been eradicated from England by the time of Alfred the Great (circa 900 A.D.). By early 19th century, old-growth forests had disappeared from the British Isles because of the need for fuel and housing as well as for the ships of the ever-expanding British Navy. (They needed those tall trees for their masts.) As a result, there was no place for a pack of wolves to hide from a population bent on their destruction. Although these creatures of the night would not have been seen looping about the English countryside, in the great forests of the Continent, there was still a belief that a man/beast existed, and such tales were told throughout Europe.

Even though there were no wolves or werewolves in England, that didn’t mean that an author with a good imagination couldn’t reintroduce them into the wild. In Mr. Darcy’s Bite, I do just that. As with wolves, who are hunt in packs, werewolves congregate near each other for protection. For the same reason, they usually marry another werewolf, and Darcy was preparing to do just that when he met Elizabeth Bennet. However, after the Meryton assembly, all thoughts of marrying another went out the window. But can Lizzy love a man who was also part beast? After his first transformation, Darcy wonders what Elizabeth will think about his dual nature and what information she would need to know before making her decision.

The question Darcy feared most was that Elizabeth would want a detailed description of his transformation. She would be repulsed by a vision of a man dropping to his knees as his arms became legs, followed quickly by the thickening of his neck, an emerging muzzle, and the change in his teeth that were designed to tear an animal apart. The metamorphosis was completed when his hair became fur. She would want to know all of that, and his stomach churned at the idea of speaking of such things to the woman he loved.

I hope you will want to read Mr. Darcy’s Bite to find out Elizabeth’s answer to Darcy’s second proposal. (You can probably guess.) Please keep in mind that this is primarily a love story.

So tell me, what would you do if you knew Mr. Darcy was a werewolf and he proposed marriage to you? I’d love to know. Thanks for stopping by.

1 copy of Mr Darcy's Bite

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2. Ends October 27
3. Go ahead and enter :) As easy as that.
But be free to answer Mary's question if you want to :D

OUT NOW - Mr Darcy's Bite
In this fresh, original paranormal Jane Austen sequel by bestselling author Mary Lydon Simonson explores Mr. Darcy as the leader of a secret world of werewolves threatened with extinction.

Elizabeth comes to realize that she loves him in both his incarnations, and all his servants protect his secret. But then Elizabeth must confront a shocking danger to her beloved with every full moon, when Darcy is alone and exposed to those who hate wolves...

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  1. If I knew Mr. Darcy was a werewolf, I would still marry him. I would just be sure to be in a safe spot when the full moon comes around. Though I have read of werewolves recently that have the sense to know who the person is they are about to eat, as long as they have that connection to them. So hopefully our love will defy the odds and I would stay whole.


  2. Thanks for the guestpost Mary :)

    Well I would be freaked, come on, who would not be o_O though bf is pertty hairy, hmmm. But as long as he was not dangerous I would still marry him

  3. It's so good to be back at Mur-y-Castell. Thank you for having me and, again, thank you for your wonderful review of Mr. Darcy's Bite.

  4. I loved the story when it was originally posted, and though I was slightly put off by the paranormal element at first, the writing was so captivating and the story so involving that I eagerly read every word. As for whether I would marry a were-Darcy, the question is ridiculous! I fully trust in his honor, he has proved his steadfast love, and his intelligence has been evident in every incarnation. Of course I'd marry him! ;)

  5. Lovely guestpost, thank you. Not entering the contest though.
    Unlike Blodeuedd, I am not a fan of all things Darcy and Elizabeth, so to actually think about Mr. Darcy as the one, that is difficult. But to say the truth, I do not wish to marry, so the answer is no :).

  6. What a fun guest post and giveaway. I've already added this to my TBR list after your wonderful review of Mr. Darcy's Bite earlier this week and I'm excited that Mary is being generous and giving us an opportunity for a free copy!

    If I new Mr. Darcy was a werewolf I would definitely still say yes if he proposed. I think it would explain a lot of his characteristics and would make me feel much better about the way he acts sometimes. :-D Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy of the book.

  7. A nice guestpost and quite informative when it comes to wolves in England! Like Aurian I am not a fan of J.Austen retellings so I wouldn't marry Mr Darcy, werewolf or not. ;)

  8. I would have a hard time if Mr. Darcy was a werewolf. I would need to know sooo much about what type of werewolf before I could make the decision. If he was the type that completely lost control and killed people, I'm not sure I'd be able to do it. Regardless, this story sounds great.


  9. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Mr. Darcy's Bite is really a love story between Elizabeth and Darcy. Being a werewolf is something they have to deal with as a couple.

    I appreciate all your comments.

    Thanks, Rachel. Glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed my story.

  10. Hm... let me think... YES! I always thought he was part beast anyway. :D

  11. Darcy is one of my favorite heroes in literature. This re-telling sounds like a good one!
    If I knew he was a werewolf, I'd marry him anyway! lol
    Great guest post :) The paranormal and Regency England mix sounds intriguing.

  12. If I really loved him I would still marry him. I would love to see the full moon as he see it, to touch his fur when he is transform and it would be better to know he is a werewolf because I would understand him better and help him understand that for me ( yes me xD) is okay being like that.

    Lovely cover and interview~!!

  13. Great guestpost...I will be getting to this one next week!!

  14. I think this was a wonderful idea. And I'm one to not read Mr. Darcy at all, but love him through Blodeuedd's reviews. But being this has werewolves, I would love to give it a try. :)

    In this day-in-age I think I would still say yes. ;D

    Thank you!


  15. if i knew MrDarcy was a werewolf, i don't think i could marry him......i'm not an animal-person!! LOL!!!

    thank you for this giveaway!!!


  16. It's Mr. Darcy! I would like to think I would act just like Elizabeth did in this case! I couldn't pass up a chance to be with Mr. Darcy! :) As a werewolf, he has this extra sexy side to him. (Like when he returns from his transformation)! :)
    Do not enter me in the giveaway! Thanks!
    Great post Mary! I liked learning more about wolves during the Regency!

  17. Werewolves are smexy, so I would love him Even MORE! ^.^

  18. Well, if I knew Darcy was a werewolf and he proposed, I wouldn't care one tiny bit! He's Darcy, for God's sake! It doesn't get any better :)

    Fabulous and insightful guest post!

    iswimforoceans at gmail dot com

  19. With all the time I spend in the paranormal world, Darcy being a werewolf would not be a problem! But if I was being introduced to the idea from Darcy, it might take some time to let it all sink in, then I would marry him!

    This is definately my Halloween read!

  20. I still marry him!! Just because he's a werewolf that doesn´t mean he's going to love me any less! And it's Mr Darcy <3
    I would love to win a copy! Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. Oops. my bad, I was so tired yesterday so I forgot to take away moderate before bed.

  22. I would probably freak out at first but if he was good I would still marry him if he was my true love. Please enter me in contest.

  23. No need to enter me; just wanted to say that werewolf or not, I'd marry Mr. Darcy in a heartbeat! ;)

  24. Great post. This is one of the Austen sequels I wouldn't mind reading. If Mr. Darcy were a werewolf, yup I'd still say yes. Lol.

  25. Let's see, what would I do? I'd jump up and down yelling Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I mean, he's Mr. Darcy, isn't he, werewolf or not?!!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  26. Wow, so many wonderful comments. I love Mary's writing and this is one of her stories that I didn't read online. I'm quite looking forward to reading about her Werewolf Darcy! I am already married so my answer to your question would be I would be most loyal to him as a friend and would try to protect him. Great interview!

  27. Wolf or not, he would still be the man I loved, so I'd marry him. I'd just make sure to keep a good eye on him come time for a full moon, lol.

  28. Please enter me in the draw, and thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

    Yes, I'd still marry him even if he was a werewolf!

  29. Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by :D

  30. Winner
    melissa books and things



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