Tuesday 11 October 2011

Review: Sins of the Angels - Linda Poitevin

Series: The Grigori Legacy #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 336
Published: September 27,  2011
Publisher: Ace
Source: For review

A detective with a secret lineage. An undercover Hunter with a bullet-proof soul. And a world made to pay for the sins of an angel…
Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis answers to no one. Especially not to the new partner assigned to her in the middle of a gruesome serial killer case—a partner who is obstructive, irritatingly magnetic, and arrogant as hell.  Aramael is a Power—a hunter of the Fallen Angels. A millennium ago, he sentenced his own brother to eternal exile for crimes against humanity. Now his brother is back and wreaking murderous havoc in the mortal realm. To find him, Aramael must play second to a human police officer who wants nothing to do with him and whose very bloodline threatens both his mission and his soul.  Now, faced with a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse, Alex and Aramael have no choice but to join forces, because only together can they stop the end of days.

My thoughts:
It was good! Yes you know it's good when I start a review like that. It just built up and got better and better, until I could not put it down even though I was at work. I even dreamed about it during the night. She sure knows how to build up the tension until you just can't let go.

Alex is a cop and she is tough, but she also hiding a lot. Something dark from her past that still haunts her, and  knowledge that she is fragile. I liked her. When her new partner was an ass she told him so, she did not take crap from anyone. And I liked my heroines tough, but still human, and vulnerable too at times. 

Aramael is on earth to catch a fallen angel and damn, I never really liked angels but after this one, yes please give me a guy with wings. Sure much of the time he is arrogant (he is an angel after all), but I can take it and when he starts to feel real emotions, let's just say he is a hottie and I hoped these two would get it on. Now did they? Oh I will not tell you that. But what makes it intense is that of course angels do not feel things like that, it is very wrong indeed.

The world was interesting. It was a pretty normal world, except for one thing, angels are real and God is a woman (even if no one knows it is the truth, or that there are angels for that matter). Some angels hunt down fallen ones that commit crimes, but mostly it is a standoff. God also holds a grudge, those poor descendants after unions between angels and humans still suffer today. They do not get guardians and there is something else too.  But even with all this, I liked the angels, and I must confess that I am very curious about the fallen ones to see what they are up too. Even if they are evil and so on.

But most of this book is the hunt for the killer, and he is always one step ahead, it was nail biting. Intense and just great. A true page-turner.

A great start to a new series, and it is a book that I recommend. It worked perfectly. I can't wait for book 2 to come out because even if there is no cliffhanger, there still is a cliffie. Those just as evil ones because you just want more.

Kept me on the edge of my seat



Linda Poitevin is stopping by on the 24th for a guest blog so be sure to stop by then :)


  1. I like your enthusiastic review.

  2. Wow! It does sound good. You know I haven't quite got into urban fantasy, so maybe this is the one for me.

  3. Oh when you get so enthusiastic about a book you can persuade a saint...so God is a woman but it is a secret? This feature only would sell me the book! Thanks !!

  4. I have managed to avoid angels so far, but this one does sound good. There's something about the cover that I just don't like, though.

  5. Hell yes! God is a woman.

    hehehe... I probably should have left out that hell part.

    I love stories that follow you into your dreams. It says a lot about the story. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Thanks Blodeuedd, I have been on the wall about this one, but now it is on the wishlist.

  7. Books that cause your review to start with an exclamation point that follows a gushing statement are books I need to read. Angels are growing on me more and more, and I think I'm going to like Aramael:)

  8. Fabulous review!!!! I know Julie with Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks had read and reviewed this book and she really enjoyed it as well. Your review just confirms that I need to check this one out sooner than later! I hope you enjoy book 2 as much as book 1. :-D

  9. Ooooooooooer. sounds pretty good. It reminds me a little of the Anita Blake series (I have no real idea why, but it does). Great review.

  10. So what you are saying is it was good? Are you sure now? Positively sure? Just teasing!

    Adding to me wishlist now :)

  11. Thanks Mystica :)

    You really should try the genre, it just rocks!

    Hihi, I know, I am so bad mouwhahahaha.
    When I read the review I realized that people would not get the whole point, yes no one knows God is a woman, but the do not know about angels either. Still God is a woman, how cool is not that?!

    For me it is something in the background, everything else is cool

  12. Missie
    Blasphemous much? ;)
    It was just on my brain so I had a little dream, honestly that never happens.

    Yay, I do hope you get it and enjoy it

    I was not keen on angels but this book turned me around. Honestly it was the whole religous angle before I was not sure about but this one, wow.

    And yes, the first sentence does say it all ;)

    I so that and hoped I would love it too :D
    I just saw that it will take 6 months! Oh no! I totally need book 2 now, and you need book 1

    Hm...can't say, never read it :)

  13. Nice cover!!!

    But they are all nice - its the inside which is either really good or meh.

  14. Felicia
    Well, when you put it like that, ok let me think about it...YES! Lol.

    Nah, i would not say that, some covers are just plain awful

  15. Felicia
    Well, when you put it like that, ok let me think about it...YES! Lol.

    Nah, i would not say that, some covers are just plain awful

  16. Everything you wrote about this one has me thinking I would like it!

  17. Oh I have been eyeing this one. Now I think I'll officially put it on my humongous wishlist!!

    BTW, we ARE doing a flash this week right??? *gets whip out*

  18. You make it sound so exciting! Can't wait to try this new series!

  19. Yay! I'm glad you liked this one. It was a page turner eh? :)

  20. God is a woman? This is going straight to my TBR list, no need to be convinced any further.

  21. Usually not my type of book but your review has me very interested. I try to avoid series (especially new ones when I'll have to wait for the next installment) but I'm going looking for this one.

  22. So happy to see you reviewed this one as I was thinking of buying it this weekend. (Of course I'm definitely buying ti now.)

    "...and damn, I never really liked angels but after this one, yes please give me a guy with wings…." Loved this line! I enjoyed your review, it cheered me up while I'm home sick.

  23. Staci
    Good to hear cos it was good!

    I promise, I promise!!!!!!!
    shivers in fear* I might just have to do 2

    It was such a good one and I just love how she vbuilt and built until exciment just burst through the pages of the book

    It was great :)

  24. Steph
    Lol, well sometimes it does not take a lot

    I know, a series always makes me want the other books and when they are not out, arghhh, evil ;)

    I hope you will get better soon :)
    And yes, I was not really an engel kind of girl (if you do not count Castiel) but call me a believer now

  25. Ooh, I do like the sound of this one! Not sure if I want another romance spread over several books at the moment though; I think I'd prefer to read something with a really good plot and a love story that wraps up in one book. Might check it out sometime though!


  26. Great review! Sounds like the killer really keeps the characters and readers on the edge of their seats.

  27. Ooo, I've been eyeing this up for a little while and with your rave review I may have to make a sneaky purchase! :)

  28. Ooo, I've been eyeing this up for a little while and with your rave review I may have to make a sneaky purchase! :)

  29. Ailsa
    It is never that simple with romance, it has to build and build. No easy fix promised and I do like that better than the hands on pnr :)

    It was :D

    Even though I knew who he was I was still all O_O

    It was just so good, you gotta read it ;)

  30. Oh this one is on the curious list, and I think has been bumped to the want list. :) Sooo glad to see you enjoyed this one. And I'll have to keep an eye out to see the guest post. Thank you!

  31. Melissa
    Might just be a contest there too ;) I must ask or check what it said



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