Wednesday 16 October 2013

Author Interview and Giveaway: Julia London

Today I welcome Julia London to my blog :)

1. Tell me about yourself...
I always dread this question because I feel like I never have an exciting enough answer. I’m a writer, a runner, a bike enthusiast, a dog lover and a not-so-limber or graceful yoga student. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the gist. I write during the majority of the day, so staying active when I’m away from the computer is essential. Especially since I also have a passion for anything chocolate, rich, red wines and a definite weakness for cheeseburgers. Which leads me to another Facebook page I have called: Running for burgers. I find it helps to have a goal to motivate myself when I run and in talking to other women, I wasn’t surprised to find that many of them do as well. 

2. And tell me about your new novella, The Bridesmaid…
In my latest novella, THE BRIDESMAID, Joe and Kate are total strangers who meet under the worst traveling circumstances imaginable, an airline strike and a super storm which is wreaking havoc across the entire center of the country. Both must get from New York to Seattle, Kate for her high-strung best friend’s wedding and Joe to attend a meeting for the job of a lifetime. It’s my version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles set against a romance.

3. What was the inspiration behind the book?
I travel quite a bit and have been stranded on more than one occasion at the airport, but the worst was being trapped at Chicago O’Hare for eight hours. During these situations, no one is generally on their best behavior. They’re tired, crowded, irritable, and I got to thinking what if a couple met under these circumstances and were then forced to work together to get across the country? Would it make them or break them? What would it do to a budding romance? And as usual, it ended up a book!

4. This would be a cute movie, and now I wonder, who would play Kate and Joe?
Oooh, good question! Hmm, for Joe, it’s a no brainer! I think I’d have to pick Henry Cavil, well, because he’s Henry Freakin’ Cavil  And for Kate, I really like Kristen Bell. She’s cute and quirky and usually plays characters with a definite sense of who they are and still makes you laugh. 

5. What's coming next from you?
Up next (Feb 2014) I’ve got THE TROUBLE WITH HONOR being released. It’s the first in a new historical series about four privileged sisters who try and direct the course of their fate in unconventional ways. Right now I’m finishing up the second book in my Pine River Trilogy, RETURN TO HOMECOMING RANCH, which follows HOMECOMING RANCH and is slated for publication next summer. This series about three sisters who didn’t know each other existed until they inherited a rundown ranch from their deadbeat father. All this while, I’m also writing another novella for Sourcebooks, tentatively titled ONE MAD NIGHT. Rival ad execs, Chelsea and Ian are stranded in their office overnight (I used the same storm that forced Joe and Kate together in THE BRIDESMAID).  

Thanks for having me and sharing a little bit about THE BRIDESMAID and my other books with your readers. I love hearing from readers also so if they’d like to keep in touch they can contact me on FacebookTwitter or over at my website.


1 copy of The Bridesmaid

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  1. Oooo yes to Henry Cavil! I fully support his casting in pretty much anything. *drools* I really like Kristen Bell too, the two of them would make a fun pair!

  2. A great interview. thanks for this lovely feature. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Would like to win this book.

  4. I love this area of the romance genre and would love to win this book for my collection, and to share with my DIL the Southern Belle.


  5. I love the Running for Burgers FB page! The Crystal Light Aerobics clip is priceless. Awesome interview!

  6. This was a fabulous interview. I have been stranded at airports on a number of occasions, as well, often traveling with pets, and it is no fun, indeed!

  7. The Bridesmaid sounds good. I love the cover. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I do like Kristen Bell's acting so that makes me curious. I've never been stranded at the airport (thank goodness) so I don't know what that is like. The closest was a few hours due to really bad weather. Still was nervous taking off. LOL Sounds like a good book!

  9. The Bridesmaid sounds fantastic, I love the setting of how they meet. I do not think you sound boring at all, insert reader instead of writer add tons of coffee and you sound like me..LOL

  10. Ooooh... thanks for the fun interview and giveaway! I think that your casting is very intriguing :) Definitely interesting now! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow this sounds like such a cute story! I'd love to see it as a movie (especially with Kristen Bell and Henry Cavill). Awesome interview, and thanks for the giveaway!

  12. oh it's a really cute cover, I love it!

  13. I think Kristen Bell should be in ALL the movies, so that alone is recommendation enough. :)

  14. I'm interested in the historical series too!!

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  15. Fun to hear about the inspirations. (not entering giveaway at this time)

  16. I enjoyed the interview. I really like Julia's historical romance. I'm looking forward to reading her newest book release.
    Thanks :)

  17. Planes Trains and Automobiles set with a romance? Sounds like a cute one. Great post ladies!

  18. Not entering! I do have so many of Julia's books, I really need to schedule them in ...

  19. I loved Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, so with a romance involved, this sounds exciting.

  20. Sounds like a fun and cute romance! I need to take a look at all the other books. :D

  21. This book sounds like a romance I would like to read.I have never read anything by this author so am trying to win :)

  22. This looks super cute! Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  23. This sounds like a great and super fun read.

    Thanks so much!

    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

  24. Thank you all for stopping by :)

  25. Sounds like a wonderful book. I would love a chance to read it. Thanks for having the giveaway.




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