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Author Interview and giveaway: Janet Gover

Today I interview Janet Gover, author of Flight to Coorah Creek. There is also a giveaway :)

1. Who is Janet Gover?
Gosh – you really start off with the hard ones, don’t you. I’m a girl who grew up in a tiny bush town – I was the only person between the ages of 4 and 40. It was a bit lonely – so I escaped through books. When I got older I escaped for real – I was a TV reporter, an academeic, a horse breeder and trainer, a teacher , a comuter geek, a shop assistant.. all these things.

But underneath it all, I was a girl who wanted to explore the whole world and meet everyone in it.

Now that I’m older – I like to go back to that small country town. I appreciate now what a unique upbringing I had. It has given me some rare insights that I use in my writing. But I still want to go everywhere and meet everyone in the world! 

2. Tell me about your new book, Flight to Coorah Creek...
Coorah Creek is a fictional town in the far outback of Queensland. It’s a place people sometimes go to hide - from their past or from themselves. Jessica Pearson is tryin to hide from her past when she takes a job flying the air ambulance. Dr Adam Gilmore is hiding a dark secret that as haunted him since he was a child.
They are two damaged souls – who may just find redemption together.

The book is also about the town itself – the people who make it the sort of close knit community it is.

3. What was your inspiration behind this book?
Coorah Creek was inspired by the town in Queensland where I grew up. I am trying to capture that experience in the book. 

The idea for the air ambulance comes form my own experience – I was once flown out if the Central Austral desert by an air ambulance. I guess this book is my way of saying thank you to those wonderful people who may just have saved my life.

4. Now let's talk characters. 3 words each that sum up Jessica and Adam?
Three words? That’s hard - I can barely manage to tweet ...  Ummm (thinks)
Jessica – lost, determined, honest. 
Adam – dedicated, strong, caring.

5. I only know the outback from The Flying Doctors (loved that show), so is the real outback like that?
This is going to sound strange – but I don’t remember ever seeing the series. I think it may have been more popular the UK than in Australia. I always think most TV shows have an element of truth, exaggerated or modified to make a better show.

Having lived there – I can say it’s not an easy life. There are droughts and bush fires. Working a cattle property is physically demanding – especially in the heat. The people who live there have to be tough, but there is a community spirit in the small towns which is wonderful.

And it’s beautiful. At night, looking up into the sky, there are more stars than you would believe. They hang so low in the sky, you feel you could reach out and touch them. 

6. And last, are you working on something exciting right now? :)
I am almost finished the second Coorah Creek book. This features two characters we met in Flight to Coorah Creek – it was time for them to have their own stories. Adam and Jess and some of the other characters from the first book make an appearance too – so you can check in and see how they are getting on.

Thanks for having me on the blog.

1 copy of Flight to Coorah Creek

1. Open to everyone!
2. Ends March 22nd
3. Ask questions if you want to :D

That's all!

PS. And yes please leave a way to contact you if it's not in your profile (and I do not do google+, never find anything there)


  1. I can't even imagine what the stars would look like in the outback. I bet they're absolutely stunning!

  2. Great Q&A! I liked your "3 words" character question, although I don't image it's easy for authors to not go over. Thanks for the chance! Us international peeps appreciate it. :)

    1. You're right Carmel - it is hard not to go over - but it's a great question - and one I shall be asking myself in the future as I write more characters.

  3. Oh wow, all those careers for a single person! Janet seems very interesting indeed. And I love that Jessica is described as honest, that's a huge plus in my book. So few characters really are.

  4. I have already added it to my to-read list!!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway - i would love to be entered.

    {My email is ~ lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk }

  5. Oooh Queensland! That sounds like an awesome backdrop for a story!

  6. Your description of the Outback is so lovely, I want to visit and spend many nights under that sky.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I like the whole 2 damaged souls coming together romance. The characters also sound pretty great! Love the interview!

  8. It's great how you came to appreciate your small town upbringing as you've gotten older. I too enjoy small towns which is ironic since I was born and raised in NYC. The air ambulance subject sounds exciting. I'm glad you survived the trip out of the desert. Nice to meet you through this interview.

    Liglesias3 [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. Laurie, I spent two years living in Manhattan - what an awesome place!

  9. Definitely adding this to my TBR list!


  10. I saw a photo recently of stars over the Outback and it was amazing. I'd love to see that in person someday.

  11. Fantastic interview and I love small towns :)

  12. thanks for the little nice interview it was really interesting, mainly after reading the review about this one.

  13. Wow - I'm touched by all the great comments. Thanks everyone. You are right about the stars - once you get away form the cities and into the arid regions, the stars are like no-where else on the planet.

  14. Sounds like an intriguing read so I have added it to my To-Read List on Goodreads. Thanks for the chance to win, my email is:

  15. I'm out in country SE QLD. The night sky was stunning last night.

    A must read for me.


  16. It sounds like an amazing book. I would love to read it. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  17. Always happy to read another outback romance!

    ozdiamondlil at gmail dot com

  18. Thank you Janet for the interview :)

  19. Lovely interview ladies, thank you. The book sounds good, and I really want to read it.

  20. Nice interview ladies. The Coorah Creek books sound great. I like that setting too.

  21. Eek how did I miss this. There really is nothing like the stars out west and being a former nurse I have a lot of respect for our Royal Flying Doctor Service. Would love to read this one!

  22. I have always wondered what it would be like to live and work in the outback, this sounds like a fascinating read!



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