Saturday 17 February 2018

Movie Night: Safe Haven

Hello everyone! This month Caroleand I are reviewing, Safe Haven. 

I am red and Carole in purple.

Title:  Safe Haven
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller 
Running Time: 1 hr and 55 mins
Rating: PG-13
Released: 2013

A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.



When Carole sent over a few suggestions I picked this one and did not expect much. Whaat? It sounded so B. But seriously, I was hooked at once. Good choice C!

Yayy! I am glad this worked out well. Much better than the book this movie ;)

You have read it?
One of the few Sparks that I haven’t read. I didn’t realize it even was one until after we picked it. Hahaha I do want to read it now. Have you read it?
Nope, I do not do Sparks, all movies I have watched end in heartbreak. So no way I am reading that. But this was not like those.

Yes, Sparks does have a way on making things sad, but the ending is always hopeful. There was a lot of hope here and even though there was sad moments, I knew they would pull through!
I actually never thought it sad. Ha, and you know I cry and tear up a lot!
It was a soft sad...if that makes sense. Hahaha. But yes, the ending made me tear up. SOOOOO GOOD! I didn’t cry but I didn’t get misty eyed in a good way.
I really liked the ending and did not see it coming. It was yes bittersweet, so I get it.
Bittersweet indeed. I had a feeling he would throw a twist. Wasn’t sure what it would be, but it was good. Wish we could say without spoiling it!!
I thought the twist was the other twist, which I so saw coming.
Oooo that one twist I so saw coming. Psycho!!!! Poor Erin.
I do like a good psycho, haha
I did have a little laugh at one part….all she did was offer to make coffee and he snapped. LOL! What if she did something really bad? What would he have done then?
If you are psycho you are psycho. Demons everywhere

Yep. Complete cra-cra he was. Made the story good! I was really worried for Erin.
It did remind me of another movie that I shall not mention since then they get it….
[SPOILER ALERT]That Julia Roberts movie, Enemy something Ooooh. Umm…’Sleeping with the Enemy’. It did remind me of that a little bit, but the ending with the fire and whatnot made it stand out a bit.
END OF SPOILER] Plus...I like Alex WAY more than that guy in the other film.
Thanks! And honestly, good movie, romance, cute guy, twist. All good things
Alex was a hottie and he was a good Dad. That little girl was a adorable and a matchmaker. All good things! No real complaints honestly.

A good solid choice.
One bad thing about a good movie or book is that it is so hard to discuss without giving away major spoilers! I do have a question...would you have believed Katie’s story at first?

Hell no!

Same. I would of freaked out and possibly not gone after her. If you were Katie would you have tried telling Alex sooner or kept it a secret?

I know it would be hard, but she should have told him. It was dangerous

Agreed. He has two kids to worry about, so he really deserved to be aware. Honestly, she should’ve told Rhett so everyone would have been on the lookout for the crazy man.
But ..I get it, still, kids! She should have said something.

I’m sure Maddie, the boss, Alex, and Rhett would’ve believed her right off the bat.

Nah, they would have to investigate. And then that would have been bad. But then again why not believe. See they would have before that pic showed up. Tricky.
Yes, maybe investigate but there was no file on her because crazy McGee created that photo just to get to her. Crazy McGee would’ve been suspended or something and they could’ve had cops watching out for him. Plus, Alex could protect her and the kiddos.
True, but he was crazy, and had fingers everywhere. I am getting tired and nothing to say, trying to make bread while Baby eats things I need

Yep. Same. I asked all my questions! A good movie especially with Valentine’s Day around the bend.
For once I can recommend it. Sure, it’s not an amazing movie! But it is worth watching cos it never goes bad.
Agreed! Your turn next!
I shall take a look, or we can just do the one that is taking me ages to finish since Baby is too active in the mornings when I watch. Zookeeper’s wife?
Been meaning to watch it! So why not! I’ll have to see if I have access to it first :D
Oh and I saw the Guernsey trailer, have you read the book. Omg wanna watch that movie
I’ll have to watch the trailer. I haven’t read the book.
Such a good book! Anyway. THE END lol
The end! Until next time!!


  1. I don't think I knew about the movie

  2. I'm glad y'all liked this. I usually skip all things Sparks because his stories are all pretty much the same.

  3. Oh B, look at the title of your post. I blame your baby. ;p

  4. oh noesss! the black isn't working on yours!!! lol

  5. I've never heard of this movie. But it sounds like I might enjoy it.

  6. Wait, this was based on a Nicholas Sparks book? I did not know that. He tends to write such sad stuff! But this actually looks like a sweet one.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I know, such sad stuff! I do not like them for that. This was more suspense

  7. I saw this one a little while, and it wasn't one of my faves, but it was pretty good. Love when you guys use this reivew style. Hugs...RO

  8. I've never read or watched anything Nicholas Sparks. At least I don't think I have. I'm glad this one worked out for you.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads & Books of My Heart

    1. The ones I have watched have not been this good ;)

  9. I haven't read this one yet but I have it on Mt. TBR. I haven't watched the film, for some reason I don't like those actors. Glad you two enjoyed this one!

  10. Sounds like you really enjoyed the movie. That's awesome.

  11. I haven't seen the movie but I think I read this years ago.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth



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