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Not another bad date - Rachel Gibson

Adele Harris can't even begin to answer that question. She's had so many lousy dates that she's sure she's cursed. Why else would every man she goes out with suddenly act like he's lost his mind--and his manners? Adele thought life couldn't get any more confusing . . . until she learns the marriage of her seemingly Miss Perfect sister is on the rocks. So she goes back to their hometown to give her a shoulder to cry on, only to run smack into Zach Zemaitis . . . the one who got away.

Zach, a former pro star, knows all about football. As for the other two, well, he's doing his best. But when Adele comes charging back into his life--still all lush curves and beautiful, big blue eyes--he wonders if his best is good enough. After all, he did her wrong. Can a woman with her track record ever really believe that he's serious this time . . . or is he destined to be another bad date?

My thoughts:
Adele and Zach used to date, then they broke up and honestly, the reason why?! Why do you doom yourself to a life of miserable? Honor, ok. Sure, do the honorable thing and spend a life in misery, I am sure that makes every happy. So yes I did not like the reason they broke up. It was honorable, but in the end so stupid.

Adele and Zach meet again. He is a widower with a kid. He used to be a professional football player. He is a total hunk. While Adele is there to care for her sister and niece. And NOT meet him again.

But meet they do. She wants nothing to do with him. He thinks she is still hot.

There was a ghost too, I did not care for that aspect. It was weird.

They talk, they flirt, slowly things start to happen. It was light and funny. Though he did act like an ass at times. I get you got issues man but sheesh!


looks cheap

Paperback, 384 pages
Published May 27th 2008 by Avon
Writer Friends #4
Contemporary romance


  1. I find that Rachel Gibson's earlier books are a little more thought out and more fun that the newer ones,( I had a problem with this one too)lol but I'm still a fan of her writing style. Hugs...RO

    1. I think I liked one of her newer ones and yes this one was good, but silly

  2. Sometimes you just need a light and funny romance.

  3. Sounds like they didn't need to add in a ghost to that story lol

  4. Meh... sounds a little too irritating for me, and the ghost thing is weird. I will pass.

  5. Haven't read a Rachel Gibson for years, sort of went off her. This doesn't convince me to take her up again.

  6. her books look cute and funny, I think I have a few of her books. Not sure about the ghost, sometimes it works.

  7. Oh Zachie get your shit together, she sounds cute lolol.

  8. Misplaced honor...I've read a few like that. Glad it was a fun one even if he was a bit dense at times.

  9. I feel like I already know the entire story to this.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. I read a lot of Rachel Gibson years ago. Who knows, I might have read this one but I honestly don't remember.

    1. I honestly can not remember what I read before either

  11. I've not read this author though I've heard good things about her. I might skip this one though. I'm not a fan of second chance romances.

    1. No? but everyone deserve a chance after a horrid first


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