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The Marquis and I - Ella Quinn and TMST

Lady Charlotte Carpenter’s brother-in-law has put an infamous brothel owner out of business—yet it is Charlotte who suffers the consequences. Abducted by thugs and held at an inn, she is plotting her escape when she’s suddenly rescued by a dashing gentleman. Only afterward does she realize she’s seen him before—with two courtesans! Unwilling to tarry with such a man, Charlotte makes her second escape. But it is too late to repair her reputation.

A known gossip has spied Charlotte’s movements, and his report is speeding through the rumor mill. Soon, everyone knows that Charlotte spent the night with Constantine, Marquis of Kenilworth. And everyone agrees the only answer is marriage—including Constantine himself, his overjoyed mother—and his mistress! But Charlotte’s abductors aren’t finished with her yet. Now Constantine will do anything to protect the spirited woman he loves and win her heart. 

Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Expected publication: February 27th 2018 by Zebra
The Worthingtons #4
Historical romance

My thoughts:I did not read the previous ones, but it seems a well known brothel owner was taken out of business. That woman is now out for revenge and Charlotte is her means to that end. Because of all that went down in previous books Charlotte is now a champion for women and children. And men with mistresses, well they are not good men in her opinion.

As you can see Charlotte has her opinions (and after hearing more about the woman out for revenge then I understand. She was a monster.) As for Charlotte, she is sweet, kind and will never leave anyone in trouble.

Constantine, well honestly he is a really good guy. He comes to her rescue without even knowing her (even if that means she is now ruined and they most marry). Sure he has a  mistress, and he does take a deep look at himself.

He does the chasing. She tries to get out of it. But his kisses are so sweet...obviously.  But there is also a bit of suspense as that woman is still out there and thirsty for revenge.

Sweet with depths of darker things.

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February 27th: When is your favorite time to read?

I do not have a favorite time anymore. My favorite time is any time I get the chance to read!

And to be honest, I do not know if I ever had a favorite time...maybe in the mornings, lazy Saturday mornings when you did not have to get up.


  1. Well, I hope my comment worked... things got weird.

  2. It's hard to be able to pick a favorite time to read, when you don't have time! I love to read before bed but usually read when I'm going to work.

    1. That is true. Any reading time is good reading time

  3. I love historical covers. I read all the time, anytime.

  4. it looks like a cute read, I do enjoy when my HR have a great subplot

  5. This one sounds interesting, I think I'd want to read the previous. Yes, I am the same I read whenever I can.

  6. I can't read in the morning for some reason. My mind can't focus. I like to read int he afternoon but if I can't then nighttime is fine too.
    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Mornings are the best! But I totes get that

  7. That books sounds interesting. I like to read at night after dinner when I can relax.

  8. Yes, I am sure for you it is whenever you get a free chance with your little one.

  9. Whenever the urge hits and there is a space is always a good time to read. Another good sounding historical romance.

  10. I do like sweet love stories with hints of darker elements...helps balance everything out. Great review

  11. I have no favourite time to read. I read whenever I get the chance.

  12. 1) Cutttteeee!
    2) That is how I feel. I love anytime I get a chance to read. :3

  13. Yeah, these seem like the kind of books where you can jump right in.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  14. Evil brothel gal out for revenge... sure.

    When its busy, I'll take what I can get for reading time, too. Ah, Luci's glowing a little.

  15. I've not read any Ella Quinn but it sounds like she's worth trying out! Lazy weekend mornings are definitely one of the best times of the week. :)


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