Friday 7 January 2011

Flash Fiction 21

I usually post these over at my other blog ( But today I will post it here, so perhaps if there is someone who still have not heard about this then you want to join. It's really fun!

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take. 

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The Assassin
by Blodeuedd

He was the one that belonged to the night. He was the one that came into your house when you were sleeping. He was the one that cut your throat.

It was an art really. You did not just kill a man. Now first you had to know things about the person you were meant to kill, you had to study him, his friends and where he went. Did he sleep alone? Did he have servants near? Some did not care and killed them all, but those were the sloppy ones, the ones that eventually got caught. And Christijian was not sloppy. He had been trained since he was a young boy found in the streets. He had learnt about poisons, weapons, and he has been trained to fool the best. He could impersonate the rich and the brightest. He was everything a man in his job should be. He also knew how to protect his back from fellow artists that wanted a piece of the cake. He killed without remorse, but he still took care. If he had a job to do, he did the job, and he was not paid to kill anyone else so why even do it. Or perhaps he did have a conscience after all that said it was wrong.

He had spied on her for weeks, Lady Alena. She was beautiful, and rich, and she had the king’s eye. Therefore the queen wanted her dead and had hired the best to do it. He knew what she slept in, he knew that she liked to read before going to sleep. He knew what she liked for breakfast, and he knew which time would be the best to take her life. During those weeks he did have doubts. She was so young, so full of life, and she deserved more. But he knew that if he did not do it someone else would, and that someone would not be as nice as he. He did not want her to suffer, or worse.

He opened the window and crawled in without making a noise. He watched her for a moment while she sleep peacefully, and then he took out his bag. He blew some powder into her nose and watched her breathe slower and slower. She faded away without realizing it. Her mind already in a coma. She never felt a thing. That was not what the queen had wanted but screw the queen. She would get hers. He smiled where he stood and touched her cold chin. Then he sighed and went out the way he came. He had a new mark, this very night a messenger had come to him. The queen would be dead within a month. Lady Alena would not die for nothing.

It never did hit him that he could have saved her.


  1. It occurred to me that he could save her :), but then I don't think it would have been the right ending if he had. I like it better that the Queen will get what she so deserves!

    Fantastic story, B!!

  2. Thanks Michelle :D

    Thanks, you can always join one. We get a new pic every Monday

    Aye, he sure could have. But that would have been to sweet hihi. And that queen will sure get what she deserves, and he wont be nice to her

  3. Love your opening lines. Really draws you in.

    New follower...

  4. OMG!!!!!!! This is awesome!



  5. Fantastic! I've seen this before but haven't participated. You did a great job on this. A very cold dude.

  6. Hi B!

    Wow, I loved it!!! Spies, intrigue, deadly assassins. It's great!! Though, he's a bit of a sociopath, he does kill with regard, maybe a conscious, but who knows? I kept hoping her would save her, ride away with her, hidden in secret. But, it was not to be.
    I love the last line,

    "It never did hit him that he could have saved her."

    That after thought was great!

    Beautifully done B!

    Dottie :)

  7. Fantastic story. And the ending was perfect.

  8. Thank you Demitria and welcome :D

    Thanks Inked!

    Hihi, thank you so much Hawk!!!
    Perhaps I could find something more for my assassin to do

    It would sure be fun to have you along :)

  9. Lol, oh you know me Dottie, I can't give you all that ;) But at least he is going to go out avenge her death. But really, he should have said her. But I guess he just is too messed up after to many killins

  10. Wow, this was great! It was dark and intense. He is creepy, but I like creepos a lot, far more than good heroes, actually.:) For a moment, I though (and almost hoped) that he would save her, but I think the ending was very appropriate. I'm just glad he gave her a peaceful death.

    Great job!

    And, I may be crazy, but I think that the guy in the picture is really attractive.:)

  11. LOVE IT! I'm so jealous! I can't write my way out of a paper bag. I loved the last line. Brilliant!

  12. Irena
    He is not bad-looking ;) not too fond of the hair though.
    And thanks! I do like creeps too, and especially to write about

    Awww thanks :) And I am sure you could

  13. I am just super impressed that you can write all of that from the picture! Nice work!

  14. You know you should consider writing something long - perhaps a series of short stories featuring the same character at first. This one was not bad, not bad at all but I wish it was a tad longer. Make Christijian kill somebody else for a change.

  15. Amused
    I love the pics, they are all so inspiring :) It's really easy, well most of the time

    Well thank you Ana, I know that you can be a very tough critique :)

    Not a fav of shorties, and lol here I write them. But yes it would have been fun to write longer, to give him some meat on his bones. To see what makes me tick, and well make him kill someone else. I do like assassin heroes in fantasy ;)

  16. WOW!! I'm so glad that you posted this one here today as I never knew that you had another blog. What a great story!!!

  17. Wow! I'm always so amazed when I find bloggers who are also writers. Are you thinking of continuing it? It was so good.

  18. Will we be buying your book next?! :D

  19. Thanks Staci!
    Yes my other blog used to be my personal blog, and now only used with my fiction

    Thanks Naida :)

    Hihi, thank you Jenny :D
    Oh I do not know, perhaps so cos I would like to give him more of a heart

    Lol, I hope so ;)

  20. ah, you are talented Blodeuedd! :)

  21. Hihi, thank you for saying so Cherry :D

  22. hey, Blodeuedd, that pic, isn't that the cover art for Carol Berg's The Lighthouse Duet? :)

  23. whoa! thanks for posting this here as i would have missed it.
    hmmm, the fact that he even considered saving the lady makes me think he's beginning to get soft?

  24. Cherry
    Amy did post a cover, Flesh and Spirit by Carol Berg that looked just like thsi prompt :)

    I do think that everything slowly is getting to him, not there yet, but some soft thoughts

  25. This is really good! You should post more of these here. ;)

  26. The opening was absolutely fantastic! The ending was perfect. And I'm so glad the Queen gets whats coming to her. I really enjoyed it although the romantic in me wanted him to change his mind in the end and save her.

    I hope you continue to post your flash fiction posts up here.

  27. Mishel
    Thanks :D I did want him to save her too, but alas no, stupid man. Lol.

    Oh now you all make it so difficult, I'll be doublebooked soon on Fridays :)

  28. I LOVE IT!! Color me a fan of your writing now Blodeuedd. *grins*

    I didn't see this on your lj blog and there I'm all ripped up as to which I love so much.. *smiles* Can't wait for more!!

  29. Redd
    I published this one only here, but the rest will be on LJ :D



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