Monday 17 January 2011

Review: Yours for the Taking - Robin Kaye

Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 384
Published: Jan 2011 Sourcebooks Casablanca

Gina is convinced that he is either gay... or her perfect match

Administrative assistant Gina accepts a marriage of convenience with gallery owner Ben Walsh so she can get out of debt. Besides, with his beautiful apartment, art collection, and impressive culinary skills, Gina's convinced the sexy bachelor is gay. Ben needs to be married before the year is out to prevent his grandfather from selling his inheritance, so he takes Gina to meet his grandfather in Idaho-or, as the city girl refers to it, Hell on Earth. But there Gina realizes Ben's every bit a hot, straight man, and Ben begins to think a real marriage with Gina just might be possible after all...

Good blurb.

My thoughts:
This is the fourth book in the Domestic Gods series, but I promise you dear book-OCD people, it works wonderfully as a stand-alone.

Gina is as he calls is a fiery little Latin pixie. She is sure stubborn, and she is used to taking care of herself. She doesn't need help from anyone. Ben is the perfect man, so she believes he is gay. Because he can dress (well not in Idaho she finds out), he can cook, and he is everything a man should be. He needs a wife, she doesn't want to marry, but he does offer her a lot of money and since he is "gay" what is the harm.  That is the twist, she thinks he is gay, but will find out that he is not when certain areas of him does not behave ;)

It was a sweet, dramatic and passionate romance. It starts of rocky, then it gets passionate when she realizes what is going on, and then it gets dramatic because they married for all the wrong reasons. It is not a way to build a relationship on. And she has some big issues going on with her past.

I really enjoyed reading about them in the mountains at his ranch, and that was lovely. And while there she meets his extended family. Those men have some potential for sure. They kind of scream, write about us too! I hope she does.

My own issues, not much really, I guess it did bother me that she went to thinking he is gay at once. But hey we needed the drama, and she was a bit broken inside, but the better for him to try to fix her.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
A great contemporary romance. I would say give it a go, there are great men, romance, and in this one, a bit of a cowboy vibe. I do like a man in a hat. It was a good book, hard to put down, and a couple that belonged to each other, but could not see it.

Reason for reading
I have heard good things about the previous books

It is a bit too white for me, but I like the flowers, perhaps they picked them at the ranch :)

PS. Robin Kaye is coming by on the 28th for an interview .


  1. Thank God for books that work as stand-alone novels! That's a huge pet-peeve for me. This sounds like a fun adventure...I'm totally adding it to my list. Great review! :)

  2. LOL, who DOESN'T like a man in a hat :D I have the earlier books in the series on my eReader so I'm sure I'll read this at some point.

  3. I like Robin Kayes work. This sounds like a good romance.

  4. A nice romance book as far as these go...thanks for your splendid review! I happen also to agree with Melissa (i swim for oceans) - there are too many series on the book market nowadays. A nice part of a series which can be also a stand-alone is simply priceless!

  5. I've actually read one or two of the books in this series!

    *waits for Blodeuedd to recover*

  6. Great review! man in a hat huh? yum =D

  7. I am going to try this one. It sounds quite cute. Nice review!

  8. Hmmm the whole marriage cause he's gay bit isn't working for me. And sadly, I dropped this author at book two because I just couldn't get past it. Her plots are bit contrived for my taste.

  9. The plot reminds me of something I read fairly recently. Just can't remember what. It was another "fake" marriage that turned out to be a really good match. This one sounds enjoyable too.

  10. This one sounds so cute and funny. I love that it is a stand alone too. Maybe they will pick more flowers. :D

  11. confused now. Who is gay? Him or her?

  12. This sounds like such a fun read!! Robin Kaye is such a delightful author. Adding this to my wish list right now!

  13. Melissa
    I know, I am always worried, but here, well contemporary romance is another thing, and if I hadn't known there were other books I would not have thought it was a series

    Hihi, I know right, I do love a man in a cowboy hat ;) Enjoy the earlier ones!

    I sure wanna go back and read the previous ones now

  14. Ana
    Fantasy is one thing, I get a series there, and UF, but I do like when HR and romance can stand on their own, and then if one wants one can pick up the earlier ones :)

    *faints from the shock*
    I do not know what to say, were there some hidden m/m loving I missed, lol

    Lol, it does not take much to make me swoon

  15. Julie
    I remember seeing reviews last year, and the year before and wanting to read this series. Glad I did :)

    All women in all the books thinks the men are gay?

    I like a good fake marriage, well if it turns out ok that is

  16. Melissa
    I am sure they will go and pick some more flowers :)
    It was great to just jump in, sure I recognized the name of earlier people but that did not matter

    No one is gay. She just thinks he is because he has a nice home, amazing clothes, and can cook...and he does not say no when she says so because it will help him get her to marry him.

    I was sure amused by this tale :D

  17. I got sick of the whole gay thing too...but at least it wasn't a big deal when she finally mentioned it. It was cute..I want Trapper's story!!!!!

  18. This one sounds pretty good actually!!! I agree with you about the cover!!

  19. Sometimes you crack me up! Love your first line about OCD people -- too funny!

  20. These sound so good. I do have them in my TBR.

  21. lol Book OCD people... so, you know who we are then1 Stand alone books that are also in a series... rock LOL


    I've had a few internet issues lately, been a right bugger it has... pardon my rudeness. As you can see I am back! LOL


  22. Mandi
    Lol, yes I like how they just jumped at each other after that. And yes, I do want Trapper's story too :D

    I am very much in the mood for some contemporary romance :)

  23. Dc
    Hihi, I am glad you like that ;)

    I hope you enjoy them, and I am sure you will!

    Yay, Sassy is back :D Evil internet that is keeping you away!
    And yes I know who you all are ;)

  24. this sounds cute!! thanks for the great review!

  25. Domestic Gods is right, I love the men in this series. I've read the first two books so am behind but i remember Ben so looking forward to reading his story.

  26. Carrie
    Been reading contemporary romance this month :)

    He was quite the man ;) I am very curious about those previous books now too



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