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Review: Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch

Katherine "Kitty" Katt, book 1

Genre: Sci-fi romance
Pages: 389
Published: 2010

How can a sexy marketing manager join forces with an Alpha Centauri male in Armani to save the planet-using hairspray, a Mont Blanc pen, and rock n' roll?


She's Touched by an Alien

Marketing manager Katherine "Kitty" Katt steps into the middle of what appears to be a domestic dispute turned ugly. And it only gets uglier when the man turns into a winged monster, straight out of a grade-Z horror movie, and goes on a killing spree. Though Kitty should probably run away, she springs into action to take the monster down.

In the middle of the chaos a handsome hunk named Jeff Martini appears, sent by the "agency" to perform crowd control. He's Kitty's kind of guy, no matter what planet he's from. And from now on, for Kitty, things are going to be sexy, dangerous, wild, and out of this world.

Katherine sees a man turn into a monster and acts, she kills it. That is only the beginning. There are aliens on earth, super-model looking aliens who fight other evil aliens. And because of her quick thinking they want her to join them. And when everyone is super hot a girl is sure intrigued.

My thoughts:
I was a bit unsure in the beginning, but then Martini started to flirt, he was relentless, and I found him utterly adorable. He won me over and I enjoyed the rest of the book.

Kitty was cool, kick-ass, and very smart. I liked her, how could I not, she was fun and nice. Martini was, oh, how to describe him. He was her, smiled and told her that they were meant to be. Not in a creepy stalker way, but it was just perfect. There was something very funny over the whole thing too.

She came into the whole alien thing fast, sure some could say too fast, but this book was about humour too and therefore it worked like a charm. Some big secrets followed, and I liked those too. I wish I could talk about one amusing thing, but oh oh spoiler so perhaps I will leave that until my next review.

There is also Mr Glare, ok Christoper, but he does glare at her a lot. I didn't like him at first, then suddenly I melted into a little puddle. Kitty's mum is great, her dad, and the rest of the side characters.

What can I say, I was amused, and I did not want to put this book down. I am glad I read it.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
Do read it, everything takes place on earth, there are hunks in Armani and some bad aliens that they are trying to kill.

Reason for reading:
I saw it on so many blogs, and I was so curious, so yes pure peer pressure 

I like it


  1. I've seen this on so many blogs, I almost feel as if I've read it. :)

  2. I claimed Martini a long time ago, so hand off. :P

  3. Told you about Christopher and ohhhhh I just love this series so much. *happy sigh* Funny scifi romance? Best ever!
    Awesome review sweety!

  4. I must be in a bubble because I've never heard of this one - looks like fun!

  5. the romance part sounds really cute! i love the cover

  6. Colour me crazy, but there aren't nearly enough alien books. I want this! Great review :)

  7. So glad you liked it! This book was one of my fave reads last year. Martini - *swoons* isn't he great?

  8. I love the title. Sounds like a fun read.

  9. me tooo! i just this got one too for the same reason. glad you added to the positive comments on it.

  10. I'm one of the few that haven't read this book yet. But I'm tempted to read it right now by your review. Peer pressure indeed. :)

  11. A very fine review and maybe a nice, funny book but I don't like the cover. I wouldn't take this one if I saw it in my bookstore. As usually thank you for your efforst, Blodeuedd!!!

  12. I've been wanting to read this one too! Glad you liked it so now I need this one more. Oh and I do like Dan Dos Santos covers, if you haven't guessed by now (I put two of them recently on my blog -g-).

  13. Chris
    Lol, I know that feeling :) I just gave in, I had to read it

    Oh I am ready to fight for him ;)

    I do like it, and I will wish for book 2 for my bday...which is in a month :D

    Never, oh then I am glad I awoke you from that bubble

  14. Carrie
    There is sure a lot going on on it, big battle, yay.

    I agree, where is the alien love? Just vamps and other things. We need more aliens. Especially from Planet hunk

    Do not even get me started, I am a total Martini fangirl. He is my new bookboyfriend

    You really should check it out :)

  15. Never heard of this before and wouldn't have tried it based on the blurb alone. But it sounds fun!

  16. Velvet
    I hope you enjoy it too :D Can't wait to hear what you think

    The evil of peer pressure, lol, yes I could not help myself, I had to read it

    No? :( Too much going on? Too many weird things? Well they are aliens :)

    I must go and have a look *rushes over*

  17. YAY! glad you enjoyed it! I LOVE this series! =D

  18. Aliens are not my thing but I love reading your reviews!

  19. I never seem to see too many alien books around (or maybe its just me). For romances I prefer either historical or contemporary but am open to trying something new.

  20. I haven't heard of this one either, but it sounds adorable (except for Mr. Glare LOL).

  21. Sounds good! I love the new look of your blog.

  22. So, this sounds like one I might find interesting. I'll have to give it a look.

    On another note - did you get the email I sent you?


  23. I like humour in a book. It always makes it easy to read :)

  24. Sigh..Another one that everyone except me loves. I actually stopped reading after the first couple chapters because I thought it was so ridiculous for them all to be flirting with each other and exchanging witty and humorous comments right after an attack. But I guess this is why I don't read paranormal romances.

  25. I also saw this book on so many blog but this is the first time I really take time to read the review! I've to say that I'm not a big fan of the cover (perhaps this is the reason why it didn't catch my interest at the first place) but your description on its plots and main characters surely were intriguing. I definitely want to read it.

  26. I am having a hard time getting past their names.

  27. Hi B!

    I've added this one to my list... not that I need another book... sure hope it available as an ebook, LOL! That why I can hide my addiction from the hubs...this looks like a must buy!!

    And I'm with Alyssa, I must be in a cocoon because this is the first I've heard of this book!! I've been missing out!

    Dottie :)

  28. Elysium
    I have felt that way about books too, that is why I do love reading reviews, getting under the skin of blurbs.

    I am so relieved! I am always afraid to dislike books other love

    Thanks Staci, I do love hearing that, lol

    I ..can't think of any. Ok I know one but that is set in space. This is like...paranormal but with aliens, lol

  29. Dc
    Mr "Glare" grew on you, he really did, I ended up liking him at the end :)

    Thanks Yvonne :D None of the credit goes to me but I can say thanks anyway, lol

    Yup, I was just working on getting some translations for you :)

    I do love that, in most genres, never been keen on it in fantasy though

    I was happy too :D

  30. Simcha
    :( You are not alone. I have felt like that after books that people love to pieces too.
    To be honest, in other books things like that bugs me, but here it just fitted. I loved it, my fave part

    I was not a fan at first too, it felt..strange. But it grew on me, and now I really like it. So I do recommend the book

    Lol, yes Kitty Katt and Martini are bit strange, but hey gotta love that

    You too? Oh this cocoon is an evil one, I am glad I managed to get through it :) And spread some alien love to the masses, lol

  31. Peer pressure. I love it!
    Martini won me over first and like you Glare man took longer, but when he did, awwww!

  32. Amber
    Oh Martini is such a keeper :D But I am glad Christopher won me over too

  33. I don't read much sci-fi romance. I may have to give this one a shot though.

  34. Carol
    It is always good to try other things :)

  35. Sounds like a good one. Now I'm curious about the hunks in Armani and Martini.

  36. I'm another who hasn't heard of this one but it sounds like a hoot, On my wishlist it goes. Thanks B :)

  37. Naida
    Hunks everywhere, mm, and wearing great suits, and I am sure you would adore Martini too ;)

    I am so glad I am brining this one to your attention :D I hope to get the next one for my bday

  38. Jeff Martini lol makes me giggle every time I see it.

    I want to read this one

  39. Mishel
    I do hope you read it :D And then you can giggle through it



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