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Review: No Place to Run - Maya Banks

KGI, book 2

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 352
Published: 2010 Berkley

The last person Sam Kelly expected to save was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercover and then she vanished. She's spent the last few months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her both her life and that of their unborn child. Now she's resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he's the one in danger.

Sam was in town to spy on an arms dealer and while there he had a passionate fling with a woman. A woman he 5 months later helps out of a lake, half-drowned and pregnant with his child. And he tells him that they both are in danger.

My thoughts:
I have not read much from this genre, make that only 2 books before that fits the category. But I like this romance sub-genre, because action is always good.

This is book 2, but I could jump right in and did not feel like I had missed anything. It's about the Kelly Group that takes on government jobs, and private jobs, things that no one else can manage. The 6 brothers are all big, military trained and ready to kick some serious ass. Nothing was mentioned about book 1, except for the couple, so no spoilers either.
Sam Kelly was a great hero, protective, and strong. But Sophie was no weakling either, no she had been on the run for 5 months hiding, and all this while pregnant. I really liked her, she was so very protective and only wanted to save her child. Together they were one strong couple. Still it was not easy, he was unsure if she was lying or not, and she was unsure that he wanted to protect her. The passion was there in the beginning, 5 months later, then it is more tricky, they will have a lot to go through, and to really get to know each other.

The action was always there. Hiding from whoever was after her, taking them on, and then, ok I will not say anything more, but lots of action going on at the end. I like it intense.

My thoughts and recommendation:
I am feeling sweet and giving this one a 4 because at one time I did have a hard time putting it down, it got intense. There is action, some hot passion, because these two do want each other, doubts, and some good old family time. I warmed up to the Kelly family at once, and I did want more when I was finished. A great mix of romance and suspense, with a good plot too.

Reason for reading: 
Advice from a buddy about the KGI

Ok, so not my kind but still, hot ;)


or as I call it "why this is a holiday, I do not know day"
Ok so tiny tiny Tradition post since this is a holiday, Jan 6th, 13 days after Xmas, why is it celebrated..ahem, who knows ;) But it's the day we take down Christmas decoration and who does not love a day when you do not have to work.

Edit again:
My bad! It's on the 20th day after xmas Christmas dances out...*google check* Oh this is the day the 3 wise men came, ok so that is the celebration. Or as we say, day to do nothing for no reason


  1. I like romantic suspense, but only occasionally. I tend to want more romance and less action. Or only action and leave out the romance.

  2. When I started with romance/erotica I used to really like this author. Now I find that het female leads are usually bimbo's. Dunno how it is with this book, but you got me kinda interested ;-)

  3. Hmmm his abs have abs...crazy! I like the sound of this though. Great sounds intense! :)

  4. B,

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I got the first book in this series for Christmas and now I'm even more excited to read it. :)


  5. You get a day off to take down Christmas decorations?? So cool!

    I haven't read a book by Maya Banks but from your review, she sounds like someone I should be reading.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Romance and action. Okay, I need to read this series! I love the idea of romantic suspense! I love the abs on the cover, but yea, I agree... it's not a great cover.

    btw, you have a day to take down decorations? My neighbor and I had a contest one year to see who would take down the wreath on the front door first. Heh. I won. My aunt made mine and it stayed fresh for months so I just left it up! Your edit made me think of that. lol

  7. My bad! It's on the 20th day after xmas Christmas dances out...*google check* Oh this is the day the 3 wise men came, ok so that is the celebration. Or as we say, day to do nothing for no reason

    LOL I love the way you call this weird day - in Poland it is a red letter day for the first time since WWII and nobody seems to know what to do with it...go to church? go shopping? go for a walk? The weather is crappy and sad so really no atmosphere for celebrating anything.

    The book...well, it will be no surprise that it is not my piece of cake, won't it?

  8. Carol
    Hm, that depends for me, when it comes to UF I love that cos of the lack of romance, and I sure want no romance in my fantasy. Still... oh I am an enigma

    Oh this one is sure no bimbo, not at all, I promise you that.

    Hihi, I know, just look at them.

  9. Michelle
    I hope you like it, and then I can see what you think about the one I missed.

    Well fixed that now, ooops. Though we usually did take them down already on this day.

  10. This isn't my genre but boy you make it sound good!!

  11. Melissa
    Abs are never wrong...still, why are you running around without a shirt man?
    Romantic suspense, yup, could be my genre mix now and again. It was cool.

    Lol, ok everyone misunderstood my mumblings. Nope, it is just a day off, and some use it to take down decorations. Since we have forgotten what the meaning behind it is.

    We usually forget one piece somewhere, and then you find it long afterwards.

    I know the feeling..we did nothing, a Thursday, free, ok then we just relax then.

  12. Staci
    Like I always say, try that genre you have not read that often ;) *coughs* Ok I never say that, since I sure wont read some genres, lol

  13. Hi Blodeuedd
    I've enjoyed Maya's eroticas but I have to say that The Darkest Hour was one of my fave books of 2010.
    It had had a good balance of rom. susp. but it was very emotional too. Some "first of a series" books can sometimes get bogged down with introducing all the players etc. but with this book I just wanted more of everything and everyone. I loved this one as well.
    Enjoyed your review BTW.

  14. nice review!! I have yet to read romantic suspense, but it sounds fun eheh

  15. I've been wondering about this author. I have a few of her books on my Nook.

  16. Hi, hon! I was given the Stylish Blogger Award and would dearly love to pass it along. If you don't accept awards, that's perfectly ok - no obligation, and no purchase required. :)

    I just wanted you to use the opportunity to say 'thanks' and let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

  17. You had the day off as a holiday?! *jealous*

  18. Sophie drove me a little nuts in this one, but the action is awesome, the "action" is hot and the brothers are great! Nice Review!

  19. Mary G
    Glad to hear the book is good, cos reading this one did make me wonder what happened to the first couple. Seemed like a lot of drama.

    You haven't? Well it is time for a first one day then ;)

    Cool, I hope you like what you have

    It's fun, romance, but some action and suspense too in there

  20. Sally
    Thank you :d I do accept them, not posting them anymore though. I always forget too and then there comes a huge one months later lol. But I do love them

  21. Chris
    Lol, it's some religious day really

    Hm...*thinking* Well she could have said the truth faster, that did bug me a bit. But oh the brothers!

  22. I'm glad you liked the KGI. The first book too me was too bogged down introducting the charecters to me (LOL - I'm contridicting one of your earlier commentors). I liked this one better, but I did have one or to issues with the couple. I guess I wanted a little more of what makes them good for each other besides the situation that they were in.

    But no matter, I always enjoy Maya's books even when most of the heroines in her erotica (not this series) are wimpy.

  23. I've only read a couple romantic suspense novels but have liked what I've read so far.

  24. Blodeuedd
    There is a lot of drama & emotion in TDH, more than I expect in a rom. susp. but I think that's why it stood out for me.

    LOL Lynette
    Many people feel as you did. Too many characters introduced and not enough time with the main characters. I'm a series junkie so
    it didn't bother me. I also love Lauren Dane's books for the same reason.

  25. Lynette
    Hm, you got a point there, I'd like to see them in another setting to see if the click there. Still happy with what I got :)

    Oh, she has wimpy heroines, then I am glad she does not write like that here.

    They are sure exciting to read :)

    Mary G
    Good to know :) I have just read so little suspense so not sure how other books are. But at least I know I like this mix

  26. Hey honey! Just popping in to see how you are doing and I hope you and bf have a great weekend! Hugs to you!

  27. Hi there Cecile :) All good here, we are just relaxing and doing nothing

  28. I don't mind a romantic suspense every now and again and I have this one but not book one and I confess I'm rather anal about reading in order :)

  29. Teddy
    Lol, I am too, most of the time, but with books like this one I can just jump in ;)

  30. Romance Supense are my favourite - but I didn't get this one - the first book in the series worked for me..

    I did like that this was a stand alone book and it was really easy to fall into the family setting...
    Pity what happen to the dad!!!


  31. EH
    Oh I hope you didn't mean her dad...cos he was bad. Lol, anyway, must go and check your review of book 1 and see what you think

  32. I need to get my hands on this series! Thanks for the review :)

  33. Book V
    I hope you read and enjoy it :D

  34. XD I've seen several reviews of this and am really surprised that you read this as well. =)

  35. Redd
    Not my usual style no, but a buddy told me to read it, and I did. And liked it :)

  36. I loved this series early on, but it has taken a pretty weird obsessive turn lately that has put me off. I loved the Kelly Family and how fiercely they love.

    Shari @



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