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Early review: Eleven scandals to start to win a Duke's heart - Sarah MacLean

Series: Love by numbers 3
Genre: Historical romance
Pages: ebook, 384
Publication: April 26th 2011, Harper Collins

She lives for passion.
Bold, impulsive, and a magnet for trouble, Juliana Fiori is no simpering English miss. She refuses to play by society's rules: she speaks her mind, cares nothing for the approval of the ton, and can throw a punch with remarkable accuracy. Her scandalous nature makes her a favorite subject of London's most practiced gossips . . . and precisely the kind of woman The Duke of Leighton wants far far away from him.
He swears by reputation.
Scandal is the last thing Simon Pearson has room for in his well-ordered world. The Duke of Disdain is too focused on keeping his title untainted and his secrets unknown. But when he discovers Juliana hiding in his carriage late one evening—risking everything he holds dear—he swears to teach the reckless beauty a lesson in propriety. She has other plans, however; she wants two weeks to prove that even an unflappable duke is not above passion.

My thoughts:
I do confess to believing one thing when I read the blurb but the truth was something else. Juliana’s mother left her husband and twins and fled to Italy. Where she married a merchant and had Juliana, she later also left these two.  Juliana is tainted by relation and she does not want to cause scandal or have people think of her like that. But what she does do is involuntarily cause scandals. May it be falling into a bush or something else. She does it by mistake. She also thinks the English are stuffy and that they only care about their stupid reputations. She is not afraid to speak he mind and one has to like her.

The hero of the book is Simon, the Duke of Leighton. He is proper and does everything by the book. He is also looking for a perfect well-bred, gentle wife that will do what wives should do and nothing else. I did have my moments where I thought about him as Mr Darcy, because he was all pride and stood above everything else. This couple was totally different from each other, but there was this passion there, simmering beneath the surface. Juliana wants him, but she knows her reputation is too bad for him. Simon wants her also, but he knows that she is a common and too much of a scandal.

There were moments where I wanted to shout his name and tell him too loose control. Who cares about the ton! He is a duke; he could win them over again. He made some mistakes, and yes I might have wanted to smack him over the head, but I also learnt the truth about some things. Not to mention that he wanted to do the right things. Perhaps it was Juliana I should have shouted at, but then I understand her too. Love is about trust, and mutual love. That is something to want.

The book was humorous in ways and all thanks to Juliana, that woman has a habit of landing into trouble. Her family was great, and if this book hadn’t made me want to read the previous two books then her brothers would have made me. Going by this fun book, then the two books about her brothers finding love must be just as good. And at the end I was hoping that perhaps Simon’s sister will get a book of her own, now that would be fun.

A fun book with a couple surrounded by scandals, romance to root for, and some great witty writing.



Source: Netgalley


  1. I loved the first book in the series, liked the second and can't wait to read 'Eleven Scandals'. I love the dialogue MacLean gives her characters.

  2. I have to agree about the cover. I don't usually read books like this, and that cover wouldn't get me to change my mind.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I enjoy a romantic fun book now and then.

  4. I haven't heard of this series before-I'm going to have to read the first two. Great review :)

  5. My romance reads tend to stay with the paranormal side of romance but perhaps I should try some historical romance - esepcially if they're amusing! :)

  6. Awe! Keeping it all in the family. That is a sort of different idea, exploring each siblings love interest. I like it!

    Definitely sounds fun!

  7. It is part of a series, but going by your post, this book can be read as a stand alone as well (?)... I like that because I might not have the time or budget to read the other books in the series but would like to read this book anyway... Thanks for sharing... and Happy Easter!!

  8. Sounds like fun. However, would have loved to watch you read it when you wanted to smack him over the head. hee hee...

  9. This does sound like a cute read, I always enjoy a good historical romance! I can see myself wanting to shout at them both based on your descriptions of them in your review, but I love being that involved with the story:)

  10. Mary
    I sure want more now, I really enjoy the way she writes, so cute and fun. And yes great dialogue

    It is pretty meh, something is just missing there

    They are so fun to read, and just so cute too. Perfect

    I remember when book 1 came out and it caught my eye, and now I finally read one and wanted more

    You should def try some historical. I really enjoy those, but then I am a big history freak

  11. Missie
    It was fun, and it doesn't matter that I did not read book 1 and 2 before, cos yeah one still know who peeps end up with from the start :)

    Yes a part of a series, but you do not need to read the other books to enjoy this one. You can jump right in as it is a new story. Her siblings just found love before her in the two other books

    Lol, I wonder what I did at just that moment, perhaps frowned :)

    A good book can make you mad, just not too mad. She managed that perfectly .D

  12. I love this genre. Nice review!

  13. This sounds like a really fun read - might be a good one for the summer!

  14. I wish they would redo these covers...they're such a turn-off for me even though the story sounds fun!

  15. The title surely does trip off the tongue.

  16. I had seen this book in the store the other day and had considered getting it but the description didn't really grab me. It just didn't particularly original. I don't know. Maybe I'll check out some more reviews of it and see.

  17. I love the idea of this - call me a sucker for opposites attract. But I think the series could be called better than Love by Numbers. It sounds so rote and unimaginative.

  18. Sounds like a nice romance historical read. :) Thanks for the review.

  19. I've only read the first book in this series but all three books sound like fun historical romances.

  20. This sounds good, even if it's not a genre I normally read.

  21. What a fantastic review! Thank you so much for sharing! I know I need to check out this series and read these books now. I'll be interested to see what you think of the whole series.

  22. Still haven't read these but Caro told me she's not sure if I would like them. I'm a historical-phobe. LOL

  23. This sounds like a fun read. I like Juliana already.

  24. Naida
    Thanks :D Great genre!

    One always need a good summer read :D

    I just wanna see a face, a head, something more

    Lol, they are certainly amusing too

    I actually just found the blurb confusing and when I started reading it was nothing like it at all

    Perhaps, I do not have a prob myself..cos I did not pay attention to it ;) But when you bring it to attention then yes

  25. Melissa
    They are fun to read :)

    I am pretty sure the style is the same so if you liked 1 then you will like this one too :)

    I would say give it a go :)

    I certainly should go back and watch her brothers find love, I do believe one was quite the rake ;)

    I do think they might not be for you then ;) Since they are quite historical, lol

    She was sure fun :D

  26. A new author to me, but a book I certainly would like to read.

  27. sometimes a by the book hero can be so cute!!

  28. Aurian
    I am sure you will like this author too :)

    Lol, he sure tried his best :)



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