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Flash Fiction Friday #Entry 33

Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take.
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Part 2
(belonging to the same world as The Prince of Darkness)
(yes I have been in this world before, lol)
by Blodeuedd

A new World
He had found a new respect for nature and nothing had been so majestic the nature across the Lapellan Mountains.  A Mountain Range he never could have crossed if not before. Then he had been a Dragon lord, mighty and fierce. Killing for his own pleasure, taking city after city, being everything he should be. Now he was nothing, but as nothing he had made it across. Many of his people had tried to cross these mountains but all had died at once. No one could figure out what kind of magic that protected the mountains and whatever lay beyond them.

It was still so strange, this new body, of a man dead in battle, but still being he was still him with his own thoughts. He still had the voices of the Gods in his head and they had told him to repent. This he would do, he would fight his former Dragon Brothers and push them back to the islands from where they had come. Little by little, country after country. He was after all a general and he could plan a campaign.

He needed a name, but could think of nothing. He wished that the Gods had taken the memories of his past life from him. How could he ever blend into a society he had loathed, to see lesser beings every day. He stopped as the voices grew higher and saw that he was close to the edge of the woods. But the sight before him took his breath away. A temple to the gods carved from two trees and there in the middle, a woman. The woman for whom he had given up everything, a woman he didn’t even know, a woman that would loathe him just as he had loathed her kind. But as he came closer she smiled, but he knew that it was not at him she smiled.

“Welcome,” Liselle said and smiled. “ I have been waiting for you.”
He stood still. Waited? “Why?”
“You saved me and you gave up everything for me.”
He fell to his knees, waiting for the words to come but instead she told him that the Gods had spoken to her. They had told her that a champion would come, a champion put in a body fallen in battle. He would have knowledge of the Dragon ways and he would fight for them. She had told the people this and they had rejoiced and sworn to fight again. But she had not told them what the Gods also had told them. That the man would be a former Dragon who had not forgotten a woman he once saved. At first she had been scared, but then she too had sworn that she would help this new champion.

“Do you hate me?” He asked and she sat down before him.
“It takes great courage to see the error on ones way, and if the Gods think you deserve a chance then I do too.”
The Former Dragon Lord took her hand and kissed it. The journey before him was long, but he would fight, for the people, the land, and for the woman he wanted as his own.
Oh look at all these fluffy emotions, I blame Melissa who begged me for a HEA ;) Next week I am so going for blood and gore.

And I found myself back in this world, and I am also intrigued by these Dragon Lords. What are they? Since I have not figured that out, I think they might have had wings, and of course they are really evil.

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  1. So your Dragon Lord became a zombie ? ;) Tut tut, zombies are unhealthy and smell...

    Here is my continuation of Neelya's story

  2. B,

    It is nice and every now and again we have to be nice.

    Next week though - murder and mayhem. LOL

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Great job! I like fluffy emotions. Can't wait for the blood and gore ;)

  4. I really like this and I am fascinated by dragon lore...

  5. Did you write this? Oh my, it is very good. I didn't know you had such hidden talents! x

  6. I loved it, but I do love a happy ending. And I'm going to pretend I didn't read the zombie comment since that's not what I had in my mind when I read it at all.

  7. Oh Ana look what you did! You made Chris run screaming from this place.
    Fear not Chris! There are no zombies!
    A man died his soul left his body and entered another body. They gods made the dead man's start again. he had only been dead for a few minutes, so tadaa, alive again :)

  8. Hi B!

    "Tadaa.. alive again..." love it!!! LOL

    I didn't see any zombies either, but I do like them, lol. The whole time I'm reading, I'm wondering where the heck she's hidden her sword? LOL I kept expecting her to poke him, slash him, his entrails seeping into the ground! But I do love it! I love all the fluffiness!!!

    Dottie :)

  9. Michelle
    I guess I need to bring out the fluffy bunnies now and again, but yes next week I will spice it up

    Lol, but they are so fun to write :=)

    Hihi, oh you'll see ;)

    I am too, even if I haven't really figured out everything about them yet

    Yes, I did :D Aww thank you!!

    Don't listen to Ana ;) There are no zombies here. Just happiness

    Hihi, oh you know me too well! Yes I truly wanted to have someone jump out and kill him, but I held back and gave you all a HEA

  10. I am sorry, I truly am! I didn't want to scare anybody! Of course he reincarnated, young and as fresh as a daisy!

    *runs away cackling and saying "zombie, zombie" under her breath*

  11. Hey Sweetie!

    Oh this looks like fun and if I wasn't in the middle of writing a book I'd join in for sure!

    But there isn't anything to stop me from coming back to read what you've all written!

    Great writing Sweetie!
    Big hugs

  12. I'm glad you felt well enough again to write about the fluffy emotions. :)

  13. Ana
    Look here now Miss, to the corner of shame with you! Go on, go now. And sit there and think about how you are scaring all the other children.

    Thanks Hawk :D
    Yes I understand that it might be too much when you are writing a book :)

  14. I love all the fluffy bunny emotions! *Squee*

    Hey, now, I don't mind all the blood and gore as long as it ends in an HEA. :D

    Thank you for the HEA! <3

  15. Great work! You're good at this :)

  16. *is now sitting in the corner of shame*

  17. Very nice Blod!! Interesting how he wishes he had no recollection of his past life.

  18. Melissa
    My bloody ones usually do not have HEAs ;) I am just wicked that way

    Thanks Yvonne :)

    Ok you can come out and play with the other kids now :)

    Thanks Naida
    I am glad you enjoyed the story!

    Thanks Carrie :D

  19. Gahh... I hate zombies!LOL! But that's awesome story you have!

  20. Darlyn
    *gives Ana a look*
    There are no zombies in this one even if one troublemaker keeps saying so

  21. *happy tears*

    That was beautiful. Plus, I love to see a man on his knees.

  22. Oh so happy! They are together. :) A great story.

    And thank you for the link. :)

  23. kissing hands, so romantic.
    ahem, i wouldn't mind some zombiessss ;-D

  24. Missie
    Lol! Thank you :)

    Need to show what you all wrote :D

    ;) I did write a zombie one once



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