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GuestReview: No Cure for the Broken Hearted - Kenneth Rosenberg

Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 267
Published: December 2010
Review by Lis

Katherine Spencer is an up-and-coming architect in New York City. Her professional life is on the fast-track. Her personal life is a shambles. Katherine compares every man she ever meets to Nick Bancroft, the billionaire’s son who broke her heart one summer long ago. Now, twelve years later he’s suddenly reappeared, asking her to design a house at the cove where they shared their first kiss. Is he looking for an architect, or something more? And should she forgive him?

While reading this book I was reminded of the song Summer Nights by Survivor. That would Survivor from Eye of the Tiger, yes. - Summer nights all night, dancin’ in the light of love, summer nights so right couldn’t last beyond September. Much the same is true for our main heroes: Katherine and Nick. They met one summer at sweet sixteen and fell in love. The feeling was mutual, or so Katherine thought. However, when Nick left she never heard from him again. That is until he asks her to design a home. Right at the place where they first kissed while he has another girlfriend – one of many. Gah heartless men!!! Luckily for us, there is more to this story!

Funny how some instances in life can have such an influence over us through the course of our lives. It is true for Katherine. That summer with Nick influenced her personal life. She doesn’t date and she doesn’t have fun. All her focus is on her work as an architect. On the surface she seems like one of many who are married to the job. Beneath that is a hurt young woman still waiting for her one true love to come back.

When we first meet Nick he seems very much in control of his life. The golden boy with a beauty on each arm who comes across as selfish and heartless, mostly because what we know about Nick we know from Katherine. And she says so herself: the Nick from now is much different from the Nick she knew. Of course we all change and grow up, but there was something very much different. Again, what we see on the surface is very much different from what’s underneath. Underneath all the layers of playboy and successful man is a hurt little boy under the firm thumb of his family.

So yes there is a lot more to this story. In fact it is a very likable story. It’s not like those wicked, witty paranormal chick lit stories we often come across, but it is very real. Nick and Katherine could be your neighbors or people you meet on the street. The conflicts are very believable and I loved how Nick gravitates to Katherine and over the course of the story becomes his own man again and how Katherine learns to trust again!

No cure for the broken hearted has a solid plot with flawed heroes that journey through live. They grow throughout the story, which I always like to see in a character.

Like the plot the writing is refresh and also very much solid and flawless. It was a nice change of pace!

No cure for the broken hearted is a story I can most definitely recommend! If B. were to ask me for a rating, I’d give it a 10! So go get it and see how Nick and Katherine get to know each other again!

Winners of What would mr Darcy do? by Abigail Reynolds

Evie and Carrie
Both have been emailed


  1. Oooh, nice rating for -- I love flawed heroes -- will have to look for this one! I've been having v uneven reading lately -- I need to find some sure winners!

  2. Great review, looks like another wonderful book to add to my TBR list :)

    I'm so thrilled to hear that I won the giveaway on your blog!! :D Thank you so much! *hugs*

  3. Little factoid about me -- back in the day I LOVED Survivor, so I appreciate your intro!

    This sounds like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow. Excellent review. Sounds like you loved it.

  5. Well, it definitely sounds refreshing that the characters deviate away from the norm and seem more real that way. I'd probably have a mad crush on Nick. He is just my type.

    And, Congrats to the winners!

  6. I like that it's so realistic!! sometimes I get annoyed by 'witty' in chick lit lol.

    Thanks again for the contest!!!!!!

  7. A summer read too. I could do with one of these. Love the cover.

  8. I like the sounds of this one actually!!

  9. Audra
    Maybe you should try this one then :)

    Congrats again :D I sure hope you will enjoy the book!

    Not gonna comment on survivor ;)

    I am very happy she found a jewel :)

    It's nice to see a change now and again

    I hope you enjoy it :D

    I do like summer reads :)

    I am glad you do :)

  10. I like this title and the book sounds like a sweet read. The characters sound multi-faceted. I think this is something I'd enjoy.

  11. You rated it so high I better check this one out!

  12. Stories where the characters show a great deal of growth from beginning to end are always my favorite, so I'm liking the sound of Nick and his progression as an individual:) Lovely review!

  13. Sometimes I do want to relax with a good chick lit book. This one sounds right up my alley! Oh, and now I have a song stuck in my head! ACK! ;)

    Congrats to the winner!

  14. Great review! This sounds like something I would really like.

  15. Oh, I can most definitely relate to first loves experienced in youth coloring the rest of one's life. I'm a sucker for those kinds of stories.

  16. Great review and it sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'll have to check it out.

  17. I like reuniting story, especially when they first fall in love young and meet again later!

    The romance is always so sweet. Nick sounds like a great character. I'd love to find out more about him. Great review girl. Thanks for pointing out a new author for me.

  18. This sounds like a good summer read. I'm still thinking how the song goes ;)

  19. Another addition to my TBR! The book sounds like a sweet read. I really like the sound of Nick.

  20. Wow, so many nice comments about my book, thanks! Especially thanks to Lis for writing such a nice review! Much appreciated, and I'm really glad you liked it!

  21. I will have to look into this book since you gave it such a rave review.

  22. A 10 wow! Summer Nights by Survivor? got to look that up. I have no idea if I know that song. ;)

  23. A great review indeed Lis, good to hear you liked this one. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Very nice review, Lis! :)

  25. Naida
    It does sound really sweet, I got all curious :)

    She sure liked it :)

    I like the sound of it too.

    LOL. What song?

    Go and have a look at it :)

    *nods* I might just be the same

    I do think you would :D

    I hope you have a go at it :)

    Oh..that song, now I get it, duh

    He sounds like a keeper


    Took me a while to get it, lol

    Ana and Janna :)

    Thanks for stopping by :=)



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