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Review: A Kingdom Besieged - Raymond E.Feist

Midkemia’s fifth and final Riftwar—the devastating Chaoswar—explodes in the opening volume of Raymond E. Feist’s spectacular new epic fantasy trilogy of magic, conflict, and world-shattering peril. A Kingdom Besieged is a breathtaking adventure that brings back Pug—first introduced in Feist’s classic debut novel, Magician, and now Midkemia’s most powerful sorcerer—who faces a major magical cataclysm that forces him to question everything he’s ever held as true and dear…including the loyalty of his beloved son Magnus.

My thoughts:
If you have been around my blog or seen me somewhere you might have heard about the book I love the most in the world. That book is Magician by Feist, and this one new series is set in the same world. And it felt like good old times, because this is a great world.

The fifth riftwar is about to start. Pug and the Conclave have been searching for demons for a few years and have not noticed that something is happening. And since I love Pug I am always happy to see him, and I hope there will be a lot of him. But he is also very sad since he lost his wife and son i n the last war and because of all the others he has seen die since he has lived so long.

The other characters in this book are Martin and Hal conDoin, sons of the Duke of Crydee, and they will play a big part in things to come. They are young men, ready for adventure, but at the same time not ready for all the responsibilities. We also meet James Dasher, or Jimmythehand as he wanted to be called when younger because of his famous relative, The one and only Jimmy The Hand. James is a spy that tries to figure out why Kesh is attacking the kingdom. All these characters just bring me back to the first Riftwar and it's a great feeling.

There is another character, Child, who wanders the demon realm and kills and grows. And then at the end there is such a twist and I never saw it coming. She sure is an interesting character.

This book has the beginning of a war that is going to be devastating for the West. There are also some politics and a lot of spying going on. And the question about how Kesh put it all together without anyone knowing. Then we have the question about why the demons are fleeing their realms and what the Darkness is. Something bad is coming and it will not stop. And at the end of the book something big happens that had me stop reading and smile. It's not something good, actually it's really bad, but it's a great plot, and I can't wait to see what happens.

Ok, so I have not read all the books. It seems I missed the 4th Riftwar, but did it matter? Not really, I could jump in and was soon up to speed about things going on. It's a new series and sure it builds on the other books but it can stand alone. Though there are all these little things and if you really want to know then you should at least read the first Riftwar saga. Fans will not be disappointed, as always, great fantasy.

I had fun :D

It's fantasy, if it looks ok I'll like it

Series: Chaoswar 1
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 352
Published: Harper Collins April 1st/12th 2011
Source: Netgalley


  1. Are you going to catch up and read the 4th Riftwar book?

  2. I haven't read this series. I haven't read a good fantasy novel for a long time. I might start with this series, I think.

  3. Imagine it or not but Magician is now on my shelf and I intend to read it pretty soon. If I like it I might progress to this one.

  4. I agree, it is so fun to get back into a world you already love. I've honestly never heard of this series, not surprising since I don't read much fantasy, but your short stories are helping me get over my apprehensions. Thanks, B!

  5. I've never heard of this series but, as always, I love your enthusiasm for the books you really like.

  6. YaY! Another person who reads out of turn! Even if it is by accident. ;) Great that it is a stand-alone type. I may have to dive into one of these books soon. I've been curious about them.

    Oh, and Ciji Ware has a freebie at Amazon. I snatched it up because of you! :)

  7. Never heard of the author before but library seems to have his books. So I'll probably try those sometime :)

  8. I soooo need to get working on this series again. ;) This sounds like it goes backwards in time to when Jimmy the hand is alive. I'm really curious. And that Pug's wife and son are passed. I think he ended up with Miranda afterwards, so I'm REALLY curious now. ;D Thanks!

  9. Ooo I totally love the Feist books! Good to know about a new one, will have to pick it up at the bookstore.

  10. Chris
    Who knows, I am actually not sure if it was that war I missed. I did miss two series in between. And now I know what happened, sort of ;)

    I love Feist :) All thanks to Pug, I could go on and on about Magician that started it all

    *gasps* I can only pray to the Gods of Midkemia that you will love it

    My flashes? If so then yay :D I am very glad, cos I love fantasy and I do wanna spread the love too

  11. Darlene
    Hihi, thanks :) I guess it always shine through

    I saw that :D I so wish I could have snatched it up too :( Evil amazon for not letting me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

    I am sure they have Magician, the first Riftwar book, so read it and then hopefully fall in love..oh wait, I have been to the library there so they should have this other series too

  12. I'm with Misha, it's been a while since I've read a good fantasy book, and it's a genre I always enjoy when I pick it up:) Thanks for this review!

  13. Interesting world! Glad you could revisit it again. :)

  14. Melissa
    *coughs* Not going backwards, just seeing a lot of relatives to people we loved :) And yes he ended up with Miranda *coughs again* Do you want me to spoil it more

    Yay glad to hear! A fellow feist fan :D

    It's only the best genre in the whole world, and I have more coming up this month

  15. Janna
    A fav world of mine...even if they sure have a lot of devastating wars ;)

  16. It is great when a sequel series lives up to the original! Great enthusiastic review!

  17. I loved Magician & read the next 6 books or so - must catch up with it one day! You've inspired me to make that day sooner.

  18. I haven't read this series, but it sounds intriguing.

  19. I know you love this author and I will read Magician because I'm sure that it will engage me back into reading fantasy!

  20. I always love a good fantasy series so will keep the Riftwar books in mind for the future.

  21. I need to read books in this genre! I really need too. Sounds awesome.

  22. I've not read any of Feist's work, but since you liked Magician so much, I think I want to try that one out. :)

  23. sounds like a good fantasy read. Especially since it can stand-alone in the series.

  24. Glad you enjoyed this one and not reading about the 4th war didn't slow you down.

  25. DC
    Well not really a sequel, he has a bunch of books out, all in a different series, all in the same universe :)

    That book is just gold! I love it to pieces :D I hope you catch up one day

    It's an awesome world

    You must read it!! ;) Cos you certainly should get back into fantasy

    Please do :) Ps, fantasy rocks

  26. Jennifer
    Do try it, it's a wonderful book

    They do all belong together, but yes all the different series can stand on their own

    Thanks FV!

    No biggie :) I soon caught up on current events :)

    You truly need to do just that :)

  27. Never heard of the book but glad you like it. Yeah, good cover really attract me too =)

  28. Darlyn
    I am always drawn to fantasy covers, lol, I just love the genre .)



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