Tuesday 26 April 2011

Early Review: Shadow Chaser - Alexey Pehov

Series: Chronicles of Siala 2
Genre: Fantasy
Publication: April 28th 2011, Simon and Schuster UK

Saddened because they have left one of their number in a grave in the wilderness, Harold and his band of outcasts continue their journey toward the dreaded underground palace of Hrad Spein. But before they can reach their goal, they must overcome all manner of obstacles, fight many battles... and evade the frightful enemies on their trail. Once they have breached Hrad Spein, a task entire armies of warriors and wizards have failed to achieve, Harold must venture, alone, into the secret heart of the most dangerous place in his world. There he will fight legions of untold mysterious powers before he can complete the quest for the magic horn that will save his beloved land from The Nameless One.

My thoughts:
It’s not often these days that I read translated books, but this is one of them as it is translated from Russian, and the translator does a good job.

In the last book they all left on a long journey, and one traveller died and the loss is still felt. They all know now that they all will not make it to Hrad Spein and even fewer will make it out of there. It will not be an easy journey.

Harold the thief doesn’t have the same spotlight as in book 2, in this one we get of the rest too. For example the goblin Kli-Kli, he plays the fool, but he is hiding something and he is much cleverer than what he looks. Kli-Kli is the humour in this book and that’s nice. As for the rest of the characters, I do like them, and I wonder at the same time how many will remain at the end. An interesting cast, but also a cast of warriors and warriors fall.

This book is all about the journey. They are travelling, going to one city, gets into trouble, and later there is some fighting too. At the end I see a glimpse of something new and interesting. But at the same time the journey does feel a bit long, and in a way not much happen at all. The more interesting parts are the dreams Harold are having, of the Houses of Pain, Love and more, about a figure called the Master, about things passed that led to the Nameless one. And the best of all, a strange world where 3 figures wants him to come and save him. It seems worlds can be created. That whole system of magic fascinated me, and I hope we get more clues to it.

A good enough fantasy novel, an epic journey, different characters and races, and the hunt for something that might lead to their death. What this book did bring me was more about the world itself. And I would read the next one, and hope he gets what he is after so that I can see the world saved.

It was short (for fantasy) so a fast read

Good, I do like fantasy covers, and I checked the paperback for book 1 and liked that one, so I am sure the paperback cover for this one will be even better than this one ;)

Source: From the publisher


  1. I take it from your review that the ending was a cliffhanger? Maybe it would be advisable to have book 3 at hand before starting to read this series? What do you suggest?

  2. Cherry
    Oh did I say cliffhanger, well it wasn't :) I mean yes you do not know what will happen but mostly it was a peaceful ending. More to come, but no one is hanging on a cliff almost dying ;)
    So you could start with 1 without waiting for nr 3

  3. I love books that involve a journey (like in LoTR) . This is a fantasy series I will definitely be checking out!

  4. A Russian translation! I love the sound of that.

  5. Good to hear about well wrapped up ending.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  6. I don't read too many fantasy books, but like Misha, I always enjoy books with a journey:) Did this feel like a middle book in a much longer journey or did it stand alone well as a individual story?

  7. As I love good fantasy I would really enjoy this one. Great review!

  8. Misha
    I do like journey fantasy too :)

    Oh yes, and he managed well, a good translation is always nice

    I am sure not a fan of cliffhangers

    I would not say it could stand alone, or felt like that. Because it sure was a stop on something longer

    You should try it :) But knowing you and me you would not click ;) have we ever liked the same book? Lol

  9. It sounds like a good fantasy read. It can be iffy when books are translated, glad to hear this one was translated well.

  10. I like fantasy stories that are all about the journey. I just love those. Hm... I don't usually read translations either, but this is interesting. Thanks!

  11. I have the first book of this series on my shelf here and I want to get to it. They sound like great fantasy reads. :) Thanks for the great review.

  12. Epic journey? House of Pain? That last one makes me shudder as I'm envisioning torture chambers.

  13. *waves to Chris*

    Don't I know it, *sigh* There is a reason why I only read English books these days. I have read so many boring books, that I later were so cos of translations. There are so many bad ones out there. I am truly glad I started reading English books. Even if I anyway stumble upon translations ;)

  14. Melissa
    Since I started reading English books I have read like, oh do not know, but not many books from another language to English, that's for sure

    I hope you enjoy book 1 when you get to it :D

    Lol, I am actually not sure what they do there, it's a stepping stone to greater power..hopefully not torture ;)

  15. Sounds like a great fantasy read. I love a good ending too, like LoTR.

  16. I had to skim through your review, since I have the first book in the series here I was a bit afraid of spoilers. I'm glad you liked it :)

  17. Sounds like you enjoyed this one. Not sure if it's one that I would ever check out but it does sound interesting.

  18. I had some problems with wich guy I like more but I don't have that problem anymore... Kinda mad about it! I'll miss him.

    I think I should try to read more Russian fantasy books. Haven't read anything else than these.

  19. Darlyn
    It is a nice journey book :)

    So hard not to give away spoilers when it's the middle book, so skim away :)

    Oh yes that.... :( Made me sad, oh sigh, that's life in fantasy.

    I do like fantasy so it's always a pleasure to read

  20. I would never have even consider this. INteresting.. I am trying to expand a bit

  21. Liz
    Expanding is never wrong :) I should try it too



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