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Review: Fitzwilliam Darcy, rock star - Heather Lynn Rigaud

Genre: Modern Pride and Prejudice variation
Pages: 432
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Published: September 1, 2011
Source: For review

Darcy's as hot as he is talented...
Fast music, powerful beats, and wild reputations-on and off stage-have made virtuoso guitarist Fitzwilliam Darcy's band into rock's newest bad boys. But they've lost their latest opening act, and their red-hot summer tour is on the fast track to disaster. Now Darcy and bandmates Charles Bingley and Richard Fitzwilliam are about to meet their match...
But she's about to rock his world...
Enter Elizabeth Bennet, fiercely independent star of girl-band Long Borne Suffering. Elizabeth, her sister Jane, and friend Charlotte Lucas have talent to spare and jump at the opening band slot. Elizabeth is sure she's seen the worst the music industry has to offer. But as the days and nights heat up, it becomes clear that everyone is in for a summer to remember.

My thoughts:
Now this one was certainly different from the other variations I have read. But the story is still there, just further back and with modern aspects to it. Darcy is still Darcy and Lizzy is still Lizzy.

But yes still very different. Darcy is a rockstar with his own band Slurry. Wickham used to play there too but was thrown out, later we learn why. But now there is Bingley who is as sweet as ever, and Richard who is the person that has changed the most. Poor Richard has a few addictions. Lady Catherine owns the record company and is no relation at all, Mr Collins works for her (and is an ass as always).

Lizzy is as clever as always (and blind), Jane is sweet and Charlotte, well like Richard she has changed a bit too. Old Charlotte is still there but she has a modern twist to her, she more fun. They form the band Long Borne Suffering and are now on tour with our Rock Gods.

The twists are there. Darcy still says something stupid and Lizzy resents him. Bingley and Jane fall madly in love. There still has been something between Wickham and Georgiana. Pemberley is still around (but very different) and everyone still lives happily ever after. Well sort of. This is a new version of course and the thing that I enjoyed was when Richard and Charlotte started flirting. Because we all know she should not have to be stuck with that idiot Mr, Collins.

Rock and roll and sex. Yes this book sure took the old classic story and put a whole new spin on it and I enjoyed it a lot. It sure is a very different variation but it works so well. I do think Darcy was born to be  a rock god ;)

I enjoyed it and I recommend it to my fellow JA lovers. But since this story is so modern and the story is more hidden in a way, I also think that those who has not tried a variation yet (because you feel it so be wrong), that you would enjoy this one too. It’s a new story after all.

Fun new twist



  1. I can't wait to read this one because it is so different from the other variations. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. This sounds good! It sounds like it would hold appeal for young readers too.

  3. =D Oooooh I wanna read this! I love remakes of Pride and Prejudice (and etc). Great review, of course.

  4. Darcy as a Rock Star! Wow, oh wow! I can hardly imagine it, but it definitely sounds fun and different.

  5. Really I am horribly tempted to write my own variation of P&P. Even more outrageous. Darcy as a mercenary vampire killer and Elisabeth being well...a vampiress hell-bent to do him in. Anybody wants to know the rest? *devil*

  6. Historicals is not my usual reads, so this modern version might be good for me :)

  7. Hm - not so sure. I may be the only reader out there that doesn't like JA and especially NOT P and P. Maybe I could do it modern, though.

  8. Anna
    I hope you enjoy it too and it sure is different

    Just not too young ;) It's sex, drugs and rock ' roll after all

    I love them too, I just can't get enough!

    He is such a star, all sexy and Darcy. keeping track on the others

  9. Ana
    You are wicked! ;)
    But yes pick me me me, I want to know the rest

    If the oldies are not for you then yes try this rock version :D

    Not at all? o_O But you know I prefer the movies ;)

  10. Sounds like a good read.

    thanks for the review


  11. awesome, love the premise of this. sounds so fun.

  12. OMG! I SO need this one. Darcy as a rock star? Oh I need to read this variation. I love that you bring these to my attention!

  13. I thought this was a fun read as well. A bit more on the "hot" side than I usually read though ;o)

  14. I'm having fun picturing Mr. Darcy as a rock star...

  15. I've heard good things about this one..I am so very tempted to try it.

  16. This honestly sounds fun, original and entertaining. That's what I'd look for :)

  17. Wonderful review and I love the idea of a rock star Darcy. I think I need to read P & P first(I know I don't have to but I want to :D), I've watched the movie but I haven't read the book. I've only read Emma and S&S by Jane Austen.

  18. Sounds like a lot of fun reading it.

  19. You are wicked! ;)
    But yes pick me me me, I want to know the rest

    Oh dear, I am really thinking about it so please be careful around me! :D A new blog might be the right place for it I suppose.

  20. I like the variation here on the classic story!! Rock God is a cool twist...but I've still to read the original day...

  21. There are so many updates on the classics lately. I have to say I'm enjoying them all so far.
    I've been eyeing this one but hadn't heard anything but now I'm going to pick it up!


  22. Excellent review and a definite must read. I don't always care for the remakes, most of them I like but there was one of them that I was so offended by that I didn't finish it, LOL.

    Glad you liked it and now, I'm looking forward to it, too :o]

  23. I heard about this one earlier this year and it reminds me of the YA book Jane where Mr Rochester is a former rock star.

  24. The title cracks me up! What a fun twist on this classic!

  25. this does sound interesting! I heart Darcy.

  26. I would be willing to read this one...sounds fun actually!!

  27. Dizzy
    It was :)

    Lol, yes indeed

    I know right, so cool!

    More like hot ;)

    Oh you know me, I want them all. When I think of those not read my heart breaks

    Yes that is sure was

  28. Steph
    Lol, yes it took some getting used to, but he fits

    I'd read anything with Darcy in it :)

    It was sure not like those others I have read

    Meh, the movie works ;) I know I know, but I love the movies more. I am a horrid JA lover

    It was :D

  29. Ana
    Yay, I am keeping my fingers crossed ;)

    I know that some do not like it but I love it, and it will people read the classics too

    Oh, which ones? As for this one, it was just so different and still the same so it should not offend

    Lol, I know, fun :D

    That makes us two

    It is, so different too

  30. Oh sounds so neat! I like the idea of the rock and roll twist to your favorite classic. :) Thanks for the review.

  31. Melissa
    It was such a fun and modern twist to this story :)

  32. I am SO going to read this!! Eventually. But yes, the modern day Jane Austen retellings get me every time.

  33. Janicu
    Lol, I am reading Persuade Me right now, yay Persuasion re-telling



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