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Review: The Women of the Cousins' War: The Duchess, the Queen and the King's Mother

Genre: Non-fiction
Pages: 338
Published: September 15, 2011
Publisher: Simon and Schuster ltd
Source: For review

#1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory and two historians present a must-have non-fiction book for both fans and scholars.

My thoughts:
I have actually never reviewed non-fiction before, and in the end I have not read much either, since my non-fiction mostly consists of uni textbooks (and none that exciting as this one). After having read all 3 books by Philippa Gregory it was interesting to read this book since this one is all fact and thoughts about these three women. But how to review is the question. I can't say I did not like something that happens since it is what happened. So I looked at is this way, was it boring and made me fall asleep? The question to that is no. It was never dry.

Philippa Gregory has written the first part about Jacquetta and she tells the story from cradle to grave. The little that is known about this fascinating woman. I do love any woman who went her on way at a time where your father, husband, brother or king ruled you. Sure many other women went their own way, but I just like how she married so far beneath her status, she must have loved him so and I am a sucker for that.

The next part is by David Baldwin and he tells the story about Elizabeth Woodville. I will always like the Woodville family and they are just so slandered, it is horrible. They were certainly not the first family to gain lands, titles and money when someone from their family caught a king's eye. And even if her husband was a terrible womanizer I will always like their story, lust at first sight ;)

The last part is by Michael Jones and it is about Margaret Beaufort (whom I called the bitch in The Red Queen). It is strange to say that you do not like someone that has lived and you have never met, but I just do not like it (but her story is a good one), and I certainly do not like her son Henry Tudor. Lol, I have a strange aversion for all the Tudors for some reason. Well starting from Henry. Oh and I am sure these two killed the princes in the tower, ok, I am just blaming them since I dislike them.

All in all 3 good authors writing about 3 interesting women, that history has vilified or as with Margaret made all saintly and good. It is not perhaps a book you read at once. No, you can read one section and then read another another day. History is not going anywhere.

A good book to read after reading this series, or a good book to make you want to read the Cousin's War books.


I can't grade non.fiction, it fits


  1. Trying to remember the last nonfiction I read - it's been a LONG time.

  2. The only non-fiction I usually read are the (very) odd historical book like this - and as the three women focussed on are so fascinating. Always difficult to review a non-fiction book but as lomng as you weren't bored that's the best thing! :)

  3. I don't read non-fiction anymore. But this book sounds interesting enough for me to be curious...

  4. I read non-fiction pretty often but I don't review those because I don't know how ;)

    I have to say I'm more than curious to read non-fiction by Gregory.

  5. sounds like a good reference for the fiction. funny how we all love fiction more here. me too.

  6. Oh what a surprise - you actually read a good non-fiction book! Well done! There's some er...hope...for you left ;-).

    More seriously I would love to read that one too! A great review, Blodeuedd!

  7. i really like the woodville's too. i loved reading about elizabeth in the white queen.

  8. This sounds like non-fiction I would like. The last non-fiction book I read was The Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom. LOL.

  9. Chris
    Lol, well not that long for me, I read some textbooks, bleh

    I know, that is my scale, bored or not ;)
    And this is the kind of non-fic I enjoy.

    It was interesting :) And I sure do not read a lot of non-fic on my own choosing. the last I chose was something about kings and mistresses

    Take a chance ;) I did, I hope it paid out too.

  10. I love it when you get a non fic book and it rocks. It's rare, I think. I mean maybe we are just so used to school books which I have always believe was made to teach us how to sleep and read at the same time. Since you liked this one, I think I will check it out!

  11. VVB
    I know :) That is just us, fiction lovers :D

    Do not faint now! I know the shock must be difficult to bare, but I read non-fiction ;)
    Lol, I am so happy that I can be saved.


    I loved that too. Damn I love the Woodvilles, esepcially Anthony ;)

    That one sounds good, not the idiot part, but the rest, lol

  12. Melissa
    Lol, yes school ruined non-fiction for me. But I am glad to find books that work, ok one book. But I did read a book about royal scandals that was fun

  13. I have a friend who would love this book! I'll have to tell her about it.

  14. Interesting book. I don't read much non-fiction these days.

  15. Sounds like a pretty informative read! I love a good non-fiction book once in a while. It's a change of pace. I don't like Henry Tudor...but the other Tudors are okay, I guess. I like Elizabeth and Jasper and that's pretty much about it.

  16. I'm a big fan of Philippa Gregory.
    For never having reviewed non fiction, you did a great job!
    lol about the Margaret Beaufort comment :P
    This does sound like a good read.

  17. I didn't realize this book was written by three different authors until reading this review.

    I think you tackled non-fiction very well here :-)

  18. Hmm, I didn't realize this was non-fiction but it sounds pretty good!

  19. I don't often read non-fiction either and I'm not sure that I'm going to start anytime soon!! I'll just google my questions!! LOL!

  20. I'll bet that would be an interesting book to read after the fiction books. Glad to see you liked it :)

  21. I understand not being able to grade the cover. And it's hard to review non-fiction. It's the way it is. No new spin to it or anything. Very nicely done. :)

  22. I haven't read anything non fiction since college, but I might have to make an exception for this one! I feel like anything Philppa writes is probably worth a read:)

  23. Nonfiction is always a struggle for me, but it sounds intriguing. Great review :)

  24. Bermuda
    I hope you do :)

    Me neither, but it felt nice for a chance

    Jasper I like I guess, I have not read much about him. it is with Henry VII it started for me

    Lol, yes I sure do not liek Beaufort ;)
    Thanks, I am glad you think so

  25. To honour your effort of reading and reviewing a non-fiction book I promise to read and review a book (roll of drums) of (another roll of drums) Courtney Milan! YES!

    Aren't I a good sport? ;D

  26. I wish I could read some non-fiction other than my text books as well... :)

    But these 3 authors sound very good :)

  27. I'm not a big fan of non-fiction but if it is done well, and this one sounds like it is, then it is a winner. Glad you enjoyed it.

  28. Thanks for the review. It does sound interesting, but my mountain range of books can't really get any higher.

  29. Aarti
    Aww, thanks :D
    I missed that at first too.

    it was interesting, just like it should be

    Hihi, well I google a LOT when reading sometimes ;)

    It was fun, and especially after reading about them. I could think about it more

    True, it is just the way it is. And I like the font ;)

  30. Jenny
    That's the truth!
    I sure read non-fiction so seldom, but it happens

    Melissa Swim
    For me too, cos I mostly think boring uni textbooks

    *falls off the chair*
    I am lost for words!
    I wanna read more by her too!

    Ugh, textbooks, I have like 20 sitting next to me, all very boring.

    Not a big fan here either, but like you say, if it is good its' good

    Lol, I hear that

  31. I almost never read non-fiction unless you count the textbooks I read for school. The three women have lived interesting lives but I probably won't be reading this book.

  32. Hi: Great post!!!!!...........:)

  33. Thanks for this review - I have been interested in seeing how this book would be.

  34. You know, who better than Philippa Gregory to write about real historical figures since you know she's done an inordinate amount of research for her books.

  35. Jenny
    You can always borrow it ;)

    Thanks Princess

    I am glad I could be of help

    True, she does turn over every stone she finds

  36. Oh I'm so pleased to hear it wasn't boring or dry. I have this one coming up soon and the last book in the Cousin series!

  37. Teddyree
    I hope you enjoy them both :)



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