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Review: Persuade Me - Juliet Archer

Series: Darcy and Friends #2
Genre: Jane Austen variation
Pages: 341
Published: September 15, 2011
Publisher: Choc Lit
Source. For review

The second in Juliet Archer's Darcy & Friends series. When do you let your heart rule your head? As far as men are concerned, Anna Elliot is stuck in the past. No one can compare to Rick Wentworth, the man she was persuaded to give up eight years ago. Meanwhile, Rick's moved on - and up. He's got a successful career and a carefully controlled love life where his heart doesn't get a look in. The words 'forgive and forget' aren't in Rick's vocabulary. The word 'regret' is definitely in Anna's. When they meet again, can she persuade him that their lost love is worth a second chance?

My thoughts:
You all know I love Pride and Prejudice variations and for a long time I loved that book the most. But then I watched Persuasion and after some time I found that this was the story I now loved the most because it spoke to me. And therefore I was thrilled to read a variation.

Yes, a series, but here you truly do not need to worry since this is a variation and we just hear that Rick knows Darcy and that is it.

Since this is a contemporary version it is slightly different but the story is still the same, as are the feelings. Rick and Anna met and fell in love but her family kept them apart and now he is back and he is famous for his book Sex and the sea. The book is not as sexy as it sounds but the publisher made it so. He still gets entangled with Lou who then gets hurt in Lyme, Anna's cousin still shows up and with hidden agendas, her dad is still a pompous ass (here he is actually worse than ever since this is the modern age and he lives in the past), her sisters are still idiots. Yes poor Anna, she does not have it easy and she is as sweet and loving as ever.

This was a lovely re-telling, it has that feeling that Persuasion has. Which is not Austen's happiest book. There are bitter feelings brewing underneath and Anna feels that she has lost him forever. And that is why I like this story because they are just so very human, and I love a good story where the couple find their way back to each other and forgive and forget.

Archer manages well in creating a modern setting for this story and bringing these people in to our era and putting a spin on certain events and things going on. An enjoyable book with a couple you will always root for.

I liked it and it did make me so very curious about the first book since that is Emma. I am also happy to announce that she is writing more. Yay, more modern re-tellings.



Note from me:
(I totally forgot about my flash!Will write one tomorrow.)


  1. One day I might try these modern retellings...I admit Persuasion is a more mature book than P&P and I liked it better...

    How dared you forget your flash?!? ;p

  2. That's exciting! I'm glad to hear she's going to continue on.

    I loved your review, no spoilers-just enough to whet the appetite!

    I want!

  3. I still need to read the original versions. Have a Jane Austen bundle at home with gold edged pages for crying out loud! ;)

  4. Have you read any of the Jasper Fforde books, like The Eyre Affair?

  5. What!!! No way. OMG! Persuasion is my FAVORITE Austen novel. It spoke to me the most too! I've never even considered reading variations for it though. I'd definitely like to try one.

  6. Yep, you have found me another Austen retelling I need to read! You are the queen of finding these jems!

    Can't wait for your flash!

  7. I do enjoy a good Austen retelling This one does sound like a nice series.
    Persuasion is a favorite of mine too.
    Nice review.

  8. If you didn't know or care it is a retelling of Persuasion, would you still like the book for itself?

  9. I love your reviews of these variations!

  10. I haven't read Persuasion. In fact, the only Austen I've read is Pride & Prejudice. I fail. I like that they're are going to be more retellings though!

  11. Okay so I want this one too. You review so many great books!

  12. I'm not much of a historical reader so this modern retelling might just be my kind of thing :)

  13. Ana
    I am bad!
    Lol, it was more, work all day, then going to my parents and getting home, finishing the last pages of my book, writing a review and ooops, flash forgotten and no time left. I never learn to write it before

    Good :D I do not like to spoil things. even if we all now how this book will end, awwww

    I have never even read Persuasion *hides in shame* I did watch the movies though

    I have read two of his book. I love his quirky style

  14. Missie
    There are not many around. I know about this one..and, 2 others. Sure they are more perhaps but the PP ones are sure taking over.

    And Persuasion, love! It was the second time I saw it when I fell and just loved it

    If not today then tomorrow :) Going to bf's brothers engament party soon.

    yes I am, I am quite addicted you know

    The story is just so, oh you know since you loved it too :D And that letters he writes. It burns my soul

    Hm, hard to say since I do know. But sure if Persuasion did not excist then yes

  15. Amused
    I am glad you do!

    Lol, it sounds funny

    I have only read PP too, oh and Northanger Abbey. So you are not alone ;)

    I have been on a roll lately. But then I am careful and only read those I want to read

    I do think it would do the trick then

  16. I just love that cover! I haven't been able to read any of these retellings but I know you love them.

  17. His book was called Sex and the Sea? Hmm...

  18. I was just watching The Jane Austen Book Club recently. Have you seen it? All 6 of her novels woven into contemporary storylines. "All Jane Austen, All the Time!"

  19. I haven't read any Persuasion retellings but I do love the original story so maybe I'll read this one day.

  20. vivienne
    I sure do, they are the best because, oh I do not know, perhaps cos I know for sure how it will end

    Lol, yes ;)

    I did watch, it was some time ago and I can't realyl remember much anymmore :(

    I hope you will

  21. I'm always looking for more Persuasion variations, so I can't wait to read this. Glad you enjoyed it!

  22. Anna
    I do want more Persuasions versions too :D

  23. Thank you for your lovely review! I confirm that my story can be read without knowing anything of the original Persuasion.



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