Friday 14 November 2014

Author Interview and Giveaway: Lillian Marek

Today's interview is with Lilian Marek. And there is a giveaway too :)

1. Tell me about yourself?
Oh dear. Not my favorite subject, and not terribly exciting. I write books, and when I’m not writing, I think about writing. There is usually music playing in the background, and I like practically all music—except for rock. Even when I was a teenager I didn’t like rock music. Although I like lots of different things, what I am listening to depends on what I am doing. While I’m writing, I can’t listen to anything with words. They interfere. And I prefer something calm, so it’s likely to be something from the Baroque or Classical period. I play a lot of Haydn and Bach. On the other hand, when I’m cooking or doing housework, I want something upbeat. I often clean house to Theodore Bickel singing Russian gypsy songs. Or country music. I love George Strait.

2. What is your new book,  Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventure, about?
Love and adventure. But I expect you’d like a somewhat more detailed answer. Well, in 1856 the Marquess  and Marchioness of Penworth travel to Italy to study Etruscan ruins. With them are their two older children, Elinor and Pip, and Pip’s old schoolfriend, Harry. Harry is in love with Elinor, but he thinks his disreputable family makes him unworthy of her. She eventually prods him into the realization that his family doesn’t matter, at least not to her. Along the way, they explore Etruscan ruins, defeat some antiquities thieves, and smuggle a Garibaldi supporter out of Rome to help Pip’s romance along.

3. Who would play Elinor and Harry in a movie?
Hmm. That requires a bit of thought. I’m an old movie buff, and I especially like the screwball comedies, so I think I’ll pick Joel McCrae and Claudette Colbert. He’s very good at projecting comically solemn determination to do the right thing, even if it hurts, and she has the kind of impish self-confidence Elinor has. If you ever watch them in Palm Beach Story, you’ll see what I mean.

4. What made you set your book in Italy?
I’ve been to Italy a few times and just love it, so I figured my characters would like it too. Besides, during the 19th century, Italy was full of visiting Englishmen who were there for their health or to study or just because they liked it. The same excuses people use today. *Grin*

5. And last what are you working on right now?
The second book in the Victorian Adventure series takes place in Assyria. In this one, Lady Emily—Lady Elinor’s sister—gets to visit the ruins of ancient Nineveh and meets a French adventurer who isn’t all that he seems! Writing these books is such fun that it doesn’t seem right to say I’m ”working” on them.

And thank you for the invitation. 

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Harry de Vaux, Viscount Tunbury, has loved Lady Elinor Tremaine for as long as he can remember—but is convinced that his past makes him unworthy of her. He agrees to accompany the Tremaine family to Italy to explore Etruscan ruins, even if it chips away at his resolve to stay away from the delightful woman he loves.

The intrepid Lady Elinor is caught up in the Victorian fervor for exploring distant lands. But during her travels she is thrown back into the company of an old friend, Harry de Vaux. Amid the sightseeing and treasure hunting, Elinor comes to realize that she wants far more from Harry than friendship. But when a dangerous discovery leaves them fighting for their lives, it might just be too late...

About the author:

Lillian Marek was born and raised in New York City (the center of the universe). At one time or another she has had most of the interesting but underpaid jobs available to English majors. After a few too many years in journalism, she decided she prefers fiction, where the good guys win and the bad guys get what they deserve.

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  1. Great interview! I'd love to visit Italy! Mostly for the food!

  2. What a great interview. Good movie choices and I would so love to visit Italy! Any place in Europe right now too. :)

  3. I would love to visit Japan. Why? I love everything about it, the people, the culture, the food, the technology. I'm sure it'll feel like I'm in another planet (really advance technology).
    Great interview and thank you for the giveaway.

  4. Oh I love the Italian setting! Wonderful interview :)

  5. Oh a book set in Italy? That's nice! I don't think I've read a historical romance in there yet. thanks for the interview!

  6. Thank you for the interview :)

  7. If I could go anywhere to visit, Ireland. Its been on my list since I was a kid. One of these days I will go visit. :)



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