Saturday 22 November 2014

Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in Nov 21 2014 and Pride and Prejudice re-tellings x3

This challenge is organized by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog

Saturday 1 hour walk
Sunday 1.15 hour walk
Monday 10 km bike and 45 min zumba toning
Tuesday 5 km bike
Wednesday 5 km bike and 1 hour zumba
Thursday 10 km bike and 1 hour zumba
Friday 5 km bike 

Good week, even though I took a free day on Tuesday cos I had the flu, and on Friday no time for anything cos of xmas party :)



A lady's reputation is a fragile thing. If anyone ever discovered that Miss Elizabeth Bennet had received a letter from a single gentleman, she could be ruined... or forced to marry a man she detests. In this Pride & Prejudice variation, Elizabeth takes the safer course and refuses to read Mr. Darcy's letter of explanation. Returning home unaware of Wickham's true nature, Elizabeth confesses everything to him, putting both Mr. Darcy and herself in grave danger from Wickham's schemes

My thoughts:
You all know I love these. They are my weakness, I can't get enough and if they are done right then yay. This one begins from the LETTER. She does not read it and does not realize that Darcy is good and Wickham is bad.

But Darcy loves her and longs for her. Some things are the same and some not. I can not go into detail but I really liked one thing that changed. It was hopeful. Another thing I did not like. Lizzy would not behave a certain way, not after the incident. She is no fool. But hey I can live with it.

I have read most of Reynold's variations and they are all fun. I really should read them all. 

Kindle Edition, 264 pages
Published November 28th 2011 by Intertidal Press
Pride and prejudice variation

Spring 1944 - Britain is now in its fourth year of war. In order to defeat Adolph Hitler and his Nazis, everyone in the country must do his or her bit. While a young Elizabeth Bennet makes her contribution by driving a lorry, Fitzwilliam Darcy flies Lancaster bombers over Germany. Because of the war, both are wary of falling in love, but when the two meet near an airbase in Hertfordshire, all bets are off. 
Set against the background of World War II, in Darcy Goes to War, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy battle something more than class differences. The greatest evil of the 20th Century is trying to bring Britain to its knees. In order to be together, they must survive the war. 

My thoughts:
There was not a lot left of the original story. 5 sisters, two fall in love, 1 make a bad decision. That's it. Darcy and Lizzy meet, they fall for each other. No drama, no heartache. Except the heartache that a war is going on and he might be dead the next day.

I like what happened to Lydia, and her sisters. Jane got her HEA as always too.

I actually think I would have preferred this one to not be a re-telling. Instead it would have showed the work women did for their country, and what men did. And how fast people can fall in love (with that I mean all the girls in the village who was preggers by soldiers).

Interesting story. 

Kindle Edition, 260 pages
Published September 4th 2012 by Quail Creek Publishing LLC
Pride and prejudice re-telling

Did you know that Mr. Darcy had an American cousin?!

My thoughts:
The title says it all...Mr Darcy has an American cousin! He is hot too and has money.

Do I like Caroline? Not so much. Did I like her in the end? Not so much, BUT she had improved greatly and we could have been friends. If I only did not hold a grudge ;) I mean come on, she is a hard woman to like in PP. Here she does learn to be kinder, and people even comment upon it. Because she was a bitch ;)

Anyway, enough with my grudge. Caroline and Mr Darcy meets and do not particularity like each other. But they keep ending up together, and in the same room. Damn that fate! Time moves along, and they become somewhat friendly.

The drama around them is Lizzy being ill :/ A houseparty with new friends. Lydia showing up (sigh Lydia). Mrs Bennet trying to marry her 2 daughters off and Caroline being nice!

Fun, even if I still do not like Caroline, ha.

ebook, 368 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by Sourcebooks Landmark
Pride and Prejudice sequel


  1. I love seeing the photos you take on your adventures!

    1. Thank you :) It was twilight pics this week

  2. Interesting! Especially liked the pictures! But, seriously, don't you think you're too addicted to P & P?? ahaha ;)

  3. I love the pictures and I hope you are feeling better!!

    1. I am..sort of. Tuesday was worse, my nose would not stop dripping

  4. Hope your Christmas party was good, Linda, and that you've recovered from the flu. Gorgeous pics as usual, sweetheart!

    1. Well it's hanging in there, stupid flu.

      Thanks :)

  5. Oh so fun! I love these kinds of books as well. It's fun to read them, and sometimes we can have some great surprises.

  6. Whew that's a lot of P&P retellings. I like the take of an American cousin. :D

  7. I have a few of the Jane Austen spinoffs on my Kindle waiting for me. Looks good!

  8. I need to try one of the Austen retellings.

  9. 1) Pretty pics this week & good job!
    2) Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I need a good re-telling
    3) Awe. I feel like this would a crier for me - lovers being torn apart due to war is a weak spot.
    4) Oh la la la; hot American cousin. lol Sounds pretty good. I wonder if he turns into a Wickham (nice in the beginning - but a totally rude ass by the end)

    1. 1. Thank you :)
      2. I LOVE them
      3. I know, it's never easy and it always makes me worry.

      4. Haha, oh yes ;) And NO

  10. Looking real chilly where you are now! Keep up the great work with the blog walking and reviews!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  11. Lol B, how do you keep finding them! I will have to read my other Latham books soon.



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