Monday 4 February 2019

Audio: Flare up - Shannon Stacey

By: Shannon Stacey
Narrated by: Tatiana Sokolov
Series: Boston Fire, Book 6
Length: 6 hrs and 21 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 01-29-19
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Audio
Contemporary romance

My Thoughts:
There was a whole lovestory that we missed, instead the book opens with them meeting again. And what a meeting. Grant saves Ren from a burning building.

I get why Ren broke up and ran from him. Sometimes the answer is s silly but here, I got that she was scared and needed to run. Yes she should have talked to him, but I understood. And she was such a great person!

Grant, poor guy, he was all heartbroken and still he was willing to help her out after the fire. He as such a great guy, the best! Awww, oh Grant, yes he was a keeper.

So they start things again. And that danger is still there, that running away from danger. I actually expected it to get really dangerous, but it never truly did. But then this is not suspense, this is romance.

This is book 6, and yes there are a lot of couples nearby, but you do not feel lost. It did make me want to read about them though. It is such a great tight knit friendgroup.

Romance, firemen and great friends. Makes for a sweet story.

Nothing to complain about

Narrator Tatiana Sokolov
I am so sure I have listened to her before, but then I looked at her books and found nothing. A real mystery. But hey I guess that is a good thing, I felt at home with that voice.

Ok so I am not a Bostonian and I do not know if she did it justice, but I certainly liked it. I do not know why but I really enjoy hearing the Boston A. 

She worked well with the different voices, and big A for the A

Meet the tough, dedicated men of Boston Fire-and the women who turn their lives upside down. 

Nursing a broken heart while everybody around him seems to be drowning in happiness has Grant Cutter wondering whether staying with Engine 59-or even Boston Fire-is in his future. It's tempting as hell to pack up what fits in his Jeep and hit the road. But then a 911 call brings the woman who shattered his heart back into his life, and he knows he won't ever be able to fully leave her in his rearview mirror. 

For a few months, Wren Everett had thought the nightmare of her past was behind her and she might live happily ever after with Grant. Until she got the phone call letting her know the time her ex had spent in jail for assault hadn't cooled his temper or determination that she belonged with him. Cutting ties with Grant was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, but it was also the only way to keep him safe.Now that Grant is back, he's not letting Wren push him away again. And even with the trust issues between them, Wren dares to hope she and Grant might have a future together after all...if they're willing to fight for it. 


  1. I love 2nd chance romances and this one sounds just right for me thanks!

  2. I haven't read anything by her in YEARS! But her books were always fun.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. It has been ages for me too, but then I only ever read like one before

  3. I read the previous book in this series and do want to read this one. Glad to know that the narrator does a good job!

  4. It drives me crazy when characters do not talk. But sometimes I get why they didn't.

    1. It drives me bonkers, but here, I get that she was afraid, even though she should have talked about it

  5. I haven't read this series but this sounds like a book that I might like.

  6. I haven't heard of this series.That cover is something else though.

  7. Wow, what's this, a whole series about firefighters and their romances? I'm not really big on the genre, but this is a brilliant idea lol!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. You know I love my romance :D
      And this works so well cos it brings some drama too

  8. Not talking and doing a runner... some circumstances, perhaps.
    Glad it turned out to work well for this one and he was a good guy in spite of it all.
    Ha! Neat that the narrator did great with the Boston accent. I've only been to Boston once, but its an unforgettable accent (though I was the one with the accent since I was the one from out of town). LOL

    1. I love that accent, why, who knows, lol.

      But yes there are reasons, and I do understand them

  9. The narrator also goes by Tanya Eby - so maybe you've listened to her?

    Wren and Grant's romance was a side story for a couple books - never a focus on them, but you knew they were dating and then you knew she dumped him and he was sad. So that made this one more exciting for me b/c I knew their backstory.

    1. Arghhh internet is too slow, I can't get any other tabs up. It does not ring a bell but perhaps....

      Aha, I would have liked to read about then and then omg why did they break up?? I'd be even more invested :D



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