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Carole's Sunday: The Cowboy's forgetful bride - Leslie North

The Cowboy’s Forgetful Bride (Brothers of the Cooper Ranch, #1)
Author: Leslie North

Title: The Cowboy’s Forgetful Bride
(Brothers of the Cooper Ranch)
Genre: Western, Romance
Pages: ebook
Published: December 27th 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Netgalley)

Bella Whitmore is the heir to the Whitmore Shipping fortune. Refusing to be pigeon-holed into the socialite box, Bella has worked her entire life to show her father that she can be the son he never had and take over the Whitmore Shipping Empire. So when she wakes up, on a ranch in Montana, missing the memories of the last month of her life, you’d think that would be the worst case scenario. And it is…until she realizes the devil she’d worked so hard to avoid for the last year is now her husband. 

Sawyer Cooper knows he’s a devil. Handsome, charismatic, and with an eye for feeding people’s vices, Sawyer’s reinvented himself as a shark in the business world, but very few realize that he’s actually a Cooper of the Country Coop fortune. But rather than resting on the laurels (and red-neck reputation) of Country Coop, Sawyer wants to show the world exactly how important farming can be. To do this, he needs Bella Whitmore’s help. Every bit as beautiful as her name suggests, and smarter than everyone else in the room, Sawyer knows that she could make his dreams come true, both inside and outside of the bedroom. And after a year of pursuing her, she’s finally said yes -- to everything. 

But after a horseback riding accident, Bella’s brain has reset back to the beginning, and Sawyer was never good at starting a game over. Especially not after he’d already won. Now, Sawyer needs to figure out how to woo her for a second time. Because this time around it’s not just his professional pride on the line: it’s his heart.

Who doesn't love a nice cowboy ;)? 

So the story follows Sawyer and Bella. Sawyer is a hunky cowboy who has an amazing business idea. Bella is the daughter of a business mogul who is a complete jerk and doesn't fully appreciate Bella and her brains. He just wants her to be a dumb socialite and marry a man he can leave the company to one day. Things happen, but we don't get to see them because one minute Bella goes to bed and wakes up a month or so later and she is now married to Sawyer in Montana. She can't remember a thing...

I wanted to slash the tires of Bella's dad. He was an absolute sexist jerk. Grr! *shakes fist* 

Sawyer was hunky and Bella was sweet and sassy and smart. Everything a cowboy businessman needs. 

The drama was good. Not over-the-top. I enjoyed seeing some of the business drama unfold as well. Bella and Sawyer were sweet together and I felt bad. However....I hated Sawyer at first. Sure, everyone has their weaknesses and whatnot, but his original reaction to Bella's memory loss threw me off. Ummmm....she is your wife. I would've slapped him. He gets better and makes up for his moment of selfishness, but still. I was not amused. 

I also wasn't 100% in love in how everything was resolved and "fixed". I GET IT. But....I don't know. I think it was a waste of time and money honestly. 

Overall, this was a cute one with some drama. Sawyer took a while to earn my love and the ending I wasn't really in love with it. However, the rest of the story was good. That would really stink to lose your memory!! D: I'll stamp this with 3 stars. 


  1. Hmmmm - amnesia plots are really iffy for me but this doesn't necessarily sound overly angsty.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Oh it would be awful to lose your memory.

  3. Thank you Carole!
    Wohoo Cowboys!

  4. I have seen this author around but haven't read her work before. I do wonder about why she can't remember. Interesting!

  5. Karen, yes, they are pretty iffy. This did okay overall.

    B, <3 they are smexy.



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