Monday 18 February 2019

Author Interview: Kara Isaac

I have way too few guests over these days, so help me welcome author Kara Isaac to my blog today! :)


Thanks so much for having me, Linda!

1. First, tell me something about yourself.
I am a professional procrastinator. Hence why I'm answering these questions when I'm supposed to be writing (before this I also organized my youngest son's birthday party, cleared emails, checked Facebook, fell down a couple of internet rabbit holes and bought some birthday presents!) I live in gorgeous New Zealand, the best country in the world, and dream of one day being stranded on a dessert island with my teetering to-be-read pile. 

2. And since you are from NZ I really want to know, have you ever seen a Hobbit?
I spend my nights and weekends chasing three small hobbits if that counts! :)  

3. Tell me about your new book, One Thing I know.
I first dreamed up the concept for the book that became One Thing I Know way back in 2011. I was heavily pregnant with our eldest child, so pregnant that the bump made it had to reach my laptop keyboard! Since I couldn't really write I spent a lot of time conjuring "what if" scenarios and one of them was "What if a famous relationship coach was the front for someone who hadn't been on a date in years?" I dashed off the first 15 pages, entered it in a contest just to see what the judges thought of the concept and my to my surprise it semi-finaled. It was the book that landed me my agent, and it made it to publishing board at a few houses but it just wasn't the right time. So I'm thrilled that it finally is!

4. What is the best thing about writing about romance?
Knowing that you aren't going to get emails from angry readers because you killed off one of the main characters at the end :) Also knowing that even when you are making your poor characters absolutely miserable you will find a way to make things right in the end.

5. Describe Lucas and Rachel for us in a few words.
A little bit star-crossed! Independent, smart, fiercely loyal, protective. 

6. And last, what are you working at at the moment?
My next book picks up the story of Lacey, one of Rachel's best friends. The hero is a secondary character from my second book, Can't Help Falling so I'm having fun with new characters and a new story while bringing some old ones back for readers to catch up with! It's due to release in early 2020. 

Thank you so much Kara! :)


She has the whole world fooled. But the one man who just may see through her holds not only the key to her success, but also her heart…

Rachel Somers is America’s #1 relationship coach—America just doesn’t know it. Rachel writes the books, but her Aunt Donna plays the face of the operation. Living in fear of their secret being exposed, Rachel has no choice but to keep up the charade or lose the big money required to care for her father. With the deadline for their next book closing in, Rachel finds herself out of inspiration and running out of time. The last thing she needs is her aunt and publicist concocting a harebrained scheme to join forces with some radio star in the hope it will help deliver the elusive next book idea.

Lucas Grant is a star of late night radio—though it’s come with an unexpected price of hoards of women who keep calling his sports show to ask him for relationship advice. They make his ratings look great, but they also mean he has to waste hours talking to people like Dr. Donna Somerville about feelings instead of his first love: football. When a big-time producer calls, it looks like his hard work is about to pay off. But the offer comes with a catch—the producer is convinced Dr. Donna is not what she seems and he wants Lucas to discover her secret. To do that, he needs to win over her tight-lipped assistant who holds the key to his success and—he begins to suspect—his heart. Can love find a way through the lies that force them apart?


KARA ISAAC is the RITA® Award-winning writer of five novels. She lives in New Zealand (yes, it’s really as beautiful as it looks in the movies!) where she spends her time chasing three small people, writing horribly bad first drafts, and wishing you could get Double Stuf Oreos in the South Pacific. Find out more at

ONE THING I KNOW by Kara Isaac

Howard Books

On Sale: February 19, 2019; Paperback ISBN: 9781982103347; $16.00




  1. Thanks for sharing I didn't know about the author nor the book I confess

  2. Hah! I love that she said the best thing about romance was not getting angry fan mail! ;)

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  3. I like the concept of the book, it sounds fun. it was fun to get to know Kara better. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great interview! Sounds like a wonderful book.

  5. Nice to see you hosting Kara Isaac, I have read one of her books a few years back now.

  6. Fun book scenario. NZ really does look lovely when I see shots of it. :)

  7. I loved reading this, very funny answers especially the hobbits :) And I am very familiar with procrastination

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. Jealous about living in New Zealand! How does she get any writing done with three kids (hobbits)?! This sounds like a fun romance! :)

  9. Thank you Kara for this interview :)



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