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Review: A Gentleman never tells - Amelia Grey

Series: The Rogues’ Dynasty #4
Genre: Historical romance
Pages: 384
Published: July 1st 2011 Sourcebooks Casablanca

As if from a dream, Lady Gabrielle walked from the mist and into Viscount Brentwood's arms. Within moments, he's embroiled in more scandal than he ever thought possible. Beautiful, clever, and courageous, Lady Gabrielle needs Brent's help to get out of a seriously bad situation. But the more she gets to know him, the worse she feels about ruining his life...

My thoughts:
The information I found stated that this was book 4, when I actually thought it was the start to a new series. The previous books are about 3 cousins finding love while this one is set at the same time, but all new characters.  But they are connected and this via the man who fathered Brent's brothers and that man was also in the previous books as a side character. But you do not need to have read those previous ones at all since this for me feels like a new start.

But enough with that now. In this book Viscount Brentwood is walking his mother's dog Prissy when a woman comes up to him and kisses him. And you all know what that means, scandal! And a broken engagement for her, but she did not count on him doing the honourable thing. So she finds herself engaged again and she will try anything to get out of it.

I do like Amelia Grey's books because there is just something fun over them. And here that is all the things Gabrielle does when she tries to get out of this new engagement. There will be a few scandals before she is done. Her old fiancé, oh do not feel sorry for him, I personally thought he was an ass. Gabrielle also had more than one reason to break up with him. She is a very brave woman to cause scandal like that so yes of of course I liked her. As for her new man, Brent, he never knew what was coming but he did fall for her. Even if he fell in lust first. He kept up with her crazy schemes and who would not love a man who searches day and night for his lost dog.

And the side characters are great as always. Gabrielle has an aunt who says what she wants to say and again we meet Lord Snellingly. This poor lord from previous books who writes the worst poetry in the world.

I enjoyed this book and did not want to put it down before I knew what would happen. Silly I know, since obviously they would get a HEA. But it was just so witty and charming.

Amusing and utterly adorable.



  1. Witty and charming is a winning combination! Glad you liked it.

  2. Scandalous indeed! How funny that she wanted to get out of one engagement and ended up in another. Such were the times.

    I like stories that are connected to other books, but can stand alone. I'm trying to be more relaxed on reading series books in order. :)

  3. Aww, this one sounds so cute!! I liked one of this author's books that I read, and then another was disappointing, maybe I should give her books another try.

  4. It's not silly at all. Just because you figure out the ending does not deter from the fun journey of reading especially when you like the characters so much.

  5. Why did she walk up and kiss him? Just to get out of the other engagement? Seems to have backfired on her a bit:) This sounds like a cute story, I'm on a historical romance kick lately!

  6. Sometimes you need to things will end well to enjoy them -- somedays, I'm in the mood for a HEA novel and this sounds like one that might be perfect for when I have that craving!

  7. What a cute premise! From time to time, I love reading purely entertaining books like this one. I think I would like Gabrielle too.

  8. That's one way of breaking the engagement :D This sounds fun!

  9. This one does sound good! I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much you didn't want to put it down. I always love the books that I come across that even though I know the couple is going to get a HEA I still can't put the book down and it's so well written that I actually think they aren't goin to end up together and happy. :-P

  10. @mary
    It sure is, I do like HR books like this one

    Lol, I know! Such fun times. And others acted like she was ruined (well they were asses but still).

    More relaxed, oh my, are our evil ways rubbing off on you lol.

    I guess all books can't be a hit, but at least you did like one of her books :D Which one?

    So true, and with HR you always know. But there journey there is fun and you never know.

  11. Aww it sounds cute! I know what you mean about wanting to know what'll happen to them. Even with the reassurance of the HEA I'm still often on the edge of my seat. ;)
    I've never heard of this author, will keep my eyes out for her work

  12. This series sounds great! You are always making me want to check out new series :)

  13. Oh this sounds so good. Plus I must know him. Looks for his missing dog day and night! Awww... I think I just melted. :)

  14. As a huge dog lover, I would be won over by such a man!

  15. Witty, charming and a lost dog? YOu know you might make me read this one...even if the cover is truly horrible. I am allergic to pink. I will have to wear gloves if I get the paperback version....

  16. I loved Gaby's Aunt! Tells like it is. Good review Blodeudd :)

  17. @Jenny
    It was not the plan at first, it kind of just happens. But yes she truly wants out of the engagement and saw a chance. And backfire it did.

    Good, I do love good HR :D

    True. I really need HEAs and happiness all around. And books like this one truly gives you that. And still I sit there and wonder if it will happen

    She was fun, there was this oen scene, oh I can't say, lol.
    And it was so cute :D Cute and entertaining.

    Lol, it sure it. She was one crazy lady.

    It is :D

  18. @Deanna
    It was amusing and fun. I just love sweet HR. Sure something does happen at the end, but I sometimes I just want cute and it happening later on. We all know what ;)

    It is such a weird feeling. Here I thought, oh no! She will end up with her ex again. Even though I knew that would not happen

    It is fun :D I like being on the edge of my seat and still knowing it will all work out and they will marry and have babies and live happily ever after.

    Then I am glad I brought her to your attention. She has many more on her backlist.

    Lol, I know, I am evil like that ;)

  19. @Melissa
    I know! Good man! :D He was a sweet guy. Which is great cos sometimes I need a sweet hero and not a rake

    Then he would totally be winning you over

    Haha. I love pink :D You know I did not like it when I was little but now it is totally ok. I was such a tomboy

    She was great! I love freaky aunts

  20. Okay - I am curious as to how Gabrielle all of a sudden goes up to the Viscount and kisses him. And why a Viscount is walking his mother's dog??? I guess I have to actually read this book to get my answers.

  21. Yay for witty and charming books!

  22. Tehehehe well that is scandalous. Sounds like a cute read! I can't get enough of books like these.

  23. Oh, sounds like a lovely fun read. :) Thanks for sharing this one.

  24. This sounds like the book for me!! I love books where I can read in the middle of the series. For some reason, I never stumble upon book 1s of series. I always stumble into the middle. Fab-tastic review!

  25. I have yet to read one of her books!! I should change that sometime!!

  26. I have not read this author and this is the second postive review I've read.

  27. Witty and charming? Those are two attributes that make me want to read it! Great review :)

  28. Kissing a guy to get out of am engagement and instead getting yourself in more trouble. LOL - this does sound fun!

  29. I always love a book with lots of scandal. It's probably one thing I will never get tired of.

  30. @Steph
    She sees him and seizes the opportunity as her dad is nearby. And his mother is dead so he still walks her dog. But yes for more detailed answers it is the book you should ask ;)

    Yay all around

    I love cute and fun :D And so funny to what was scandalous back then.

    It was. I need books like these cos they just make me so darn happy

  31. @Alexis
    I am the same and many times I have read a book and then when I searched for more I have realized that the book was part of a series. With some you can just jump right in :D

    I do hope you read one soon, oh and a chance to win one this Thursday here!

    She is fun, I do like her style

  32. @Melissa
    Hihi, that is what this book was. It is really how I want more historical romances to be

    Lol, it was, poor Gabrielle, she really thought she had the upper hand

    I am the same. There is nothing wrong with scandals



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