Monday 11 July 2011

Review: A Wife for Mr Darcy - Mary Lydon Simonsen

Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Pages: 384
Published: July 1st 2011 Sourcebooks Landmark

When he meets Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy is already courting another young lady and now, in addition to his original qualms, Darcy has a real matter of honor to overcome...
My thoughts:
Yes I am back with another variation and this one is actually one of the best ones I have read. I really fell for this story and perhaps it was because things worked out so well.

This is a bit different in the aspect that Mr Darcy is looking for a bride and has settled on a fine young lady with noble blood. He is courting her now and then, since he is not that taken by her. It is just a duty but a duty that must be fulfilled. Until the day he meets Elizabeth. Here the book begins with him coming over to say that he is sorry for that famous comment who she was not pretty enough. So instead they flirt and become friendly and by doing that many other things do not happen. But the big cloud over their happiness is that he knows he must let her go since he is an honourable man and he will not let down the woman he is courting.

Yes I know! Horrible! Mr Darcy, noooo! He should not court another woman *sobs* but he is also so incredibly nice so he can't let her down when her hopes are up and all of London know they will wed. I have to respect him for that. I could not wait to see what happened and how he got out of this mess. Lizzy did of course find out too and got a bit mad after they met again, as was her right. I shall not tell you how it works out but come on, this is a PP variation so of course Lizzy and Darcy will get married, be happily ever after and get lots of cute babies in that awesome mansion. 

The rest then, Bingley and Jane were sweet as always. Lydia has her story and I will not tell you that end. Mr Collins is an idiot as always, Georgiana has a bigger role and is really nice and wants only happiness for her brother. We also meet Colonel Fitzwilliam's brother who is a real scoundrel, but a loving one.

This is the Pride and Prejudice variation to read. It was sweet and wonderful, just like a nice desert that you just savour. And it will bring a smile to your face.




  1. Sounds like the perfect book for when I need something light and fun.

  2. One of the best variations? That automatically places this book on my (gigantic) wishlist. I can never get tired of Lizzy and Darcy *sigh*

  3. Mr. Darcy... nice? Never thought I'd hear that in a sentence. LOL

    But yes, he has always been honorable, and any story that doesn't pair them together by the end is wrong. Glad to know this variation has been your favorite so far. With as many as you read, that is saying a lot! :)

  4. This must be good if it stands out from the crowd.

  5. Are there an infinite number of P&P variations out there now?! O.O

  6. I definitely want to know how he politely gets out of his "courting" of this other woman and marries Lizzie:) I love going in knowing things are going to work out, it just makes me happy!

  7. I've seen so many great reviews of this one!

  8. This one does sound like one of the better variations and what a pretty cover! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Thank you so much for your wonderful review of my novel. I'm so pleased that you like it. It's always good to be back on your blog. :)

  10. Sold! If you like this variation than I probably will too :)

  11. You are welcome Mary :D
    It was so fun to read, I just could not put it down. Mr Darcy was sure in such a mess

  12. Maybe sold, just maybe. I am not a fan of P&P variations but you never know...

  13. Okay... as long as they get together in the end... I can take it. *puts on brave face*

    Best you've read? Okay, I must wishlist this one!

  14. @Mary
    For that it would be just the thing to read

    :D Yes it was

    yes, I really liked this one. Maybe cos it was just so sweet.
    And yes I will never get tired either

    Lol, quite the shocker yes ;)
    I know :D It was just cute and quite the thrilling ride to see how they would deal with this mess

  15. @Bermuda
    It sure was :D and did

    Lol, be afraid, be very afraid

    Maybe that I love them so much cos I know what will happen (in a way) :D And it all works out for the best and no hurt feelings anywhere

    It is a really good one

    I know! The cover is stunning and it even looks like the dress described there

  16. I love the fact that you have a Pride and Prejudice genre!! I still have to read at least one book in this genre...

  17. Amused
    I sure hope you will :D

    Oh I never know when I will tempt you to come over to the side where Mr Darcy runs through the fields singing...ok forget that, I do not want Mr Darcy to do that ;)

    Yes this is totally one of the best variations :D
    And of course. If they did not get together I would have meltdown

    Lol, well it sure is a genre of its own :)

  18. Glad you liked this one as well :) how many more are on your TBR?

  19. The P&P variation to read?! That’s recommendation enough for me as there are a ton of them out there.

  20. Oh, so glad you enjoyed this one. :) Thanks for taking me on the journey. :)

  21. Hmm, i want to know more about the scoundrelly brother, lol!!

  22. Nice review! Good thing he's not really interested in the other girl. I would have love to read Elizabeth's reaction when she found out about it.

  23. I'm so with you on this one!! I loved it and this is the 2nd vlog I'm planning to do!!

  24. You had me worried that they wouldn't be together, but I'm good now. I can read it!

    Teens Read and Write

  25. Not original but sounds nice enough :)

  26. ^.^ Misha, I never get tired of that couple either. I am now dieing to read this. *gets gittery* I hope my library has this or I may be tempted to buy it! Great review!

  27. Great review on another Austen variation. I am placing it on my TBR list right now. :-)

  28. @Aurian
    Lol, well let's see, oh do we count ebooks too?..I will just say many ;)

    Tell em about it and I wanna read them all

    I am glad you joined me

    Oh he was wicked, in a good way :)

  29. Jenny
    She still played it cool, good woman. Cos in the end he did not give her any promises, but she was still so sad :/

    Yay, I will listen to it soon then :D

    Hihi, now that would be the most dreadful thing ever to happen

  30. @Melissa
    Just so :D

    Lol, not that is difficult for them to be

    Do read some JA variations, I heart them

    YAY :D

  31. I will be reading this one soon and I can't wait. Simonsen hasn't let me down yet. I can't picture Mr. Darcy courting anyone who isn't Elizabeth, so it should be interesting and exciting for me.

  32. if it can bring a smile on, then it is definitely worth a read. nice review ;-D

  33. Anna
    I do hope you like it and I am positive you will :D

    Thanks VV
    It was a truly lovely book

  34. Excellent! I always enjoy Simonsen's work but couldn't fit this one in. Glad to see she hasn't skipped a beat :)

  35. Jenny
    In my opinion this one was even better than the last one I read :D

  36. Even though this is a raving review. I have can't read a book that changes the story of a beloved book. I don't think I could think of Darcy the same to think he was really courting another.

    But after that review, I'm like a moth to a flame.

  37. Liz
    I do get that. But I just love it so much that I do not mind changes since I know they will be happy in the end. And of course here he had not yet met her



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