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Review: Viper Moon - Lee Roland

Series: Earth Witches 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy romance
Pages: 332
Published: July 5th 2011Signet

Cassandra Archer is the Huntress. She has faithfully served the Earth Mother for years, rescuing kidnapped children from monsters-both human and supernatural-dwelling in the ruins of the Barrows District. But when two children are kidnapped under similar circumstances, all clues point to a cataclysmic event on the next dark moon. Now Cass must race against the clock and prevent a sacrifice that could destroy the entire town.

My thoughts:
It says UF romance on the side and it fits. Sure it is a kick-ass urban fantasy but it does have a bit more romance than other books, only a bit though. And another thing that surprised me was that this was a stand alone novel. The book ends, with a HEA none the less. Of course that does not mean it is the end. Nope evil is still around but it seems that the next book will have a new heroine.

But this book is about Cassandra. When she was 18 the  Earth Mother came to her and said she was her huntress and would rescue kids. That is now what she does. To her help she has an earth mother priestess, Abby who has saved her broken body more than once. She also has three pets, two snakes and a cat. Why are they important? Well, they can kick ass and take numbers too.

The Earth Mother is a pagan demi-god who cares for the Earth and her children. Because in this city it is needed. There is The Darkness that has engulfed a part of the city and reigns there. There are monsters in the sewers and bad humans on the streets. What is amazing about this world is that people forget about that part of the city. They think a bog starts there and even people living there pretends there are no monsters, but they still know. You can't even see the place on maps.

And Cass, do not even get me started about how kick-ass she is. She is violent and she will not hesitate pulling the trigger or cracking a rib on a bad guy. She does everything is takes to save kids. She felt raw and real. A total bad-ass. Oh and I loved her relationship with her pets, snakes scare me to death but her pets were just wonderful and friendly.

The romance then, well there is this cop named Flynn who needs her to rescue his sister who has gone to the Barrows. And things will heat up. And then there is Michael, yes, I know, but the mysterious bad/good guy is just so irresistible. He is yummy.

When the book ended I felt sad, I am not used to getting results so quickly and I really liked this heroine. But I am sure the next one will carry the torch and kick more ass in the Barrows.

A good start to an urban fantasy series. It has action, it has romance and a new exciting world. I'd recommend it. Hard to put down too.



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  1. Never heard of this series before, I love the sound of Cass! I can't even remember the last UF I read where it ended with a definitive HEA, that's kind of appealing:)

  2. Like Jenny I never heard of this either...but it sounds like a kickass book though! Great review! ^.^

  3. The cover is really cool!
    I am realizing that there is so much in the fantasy genre I haven't explored yet.

    Cassandra has two snakes as pets?! How daring :) She does seem like a heroine one can instantly like.

  4. I love the cover! I never realised there were so many urban fantasies.

  5. Sounds like a good one. And I like the idea that it can stand alone, with a happy ending even.

  6. Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out for it. Cool cover.

  7. Snakes that kick ass?! Well, that sounds fun.

  8. Okay... I've been wanting this one based on the cover and blurb, but after reading your review... I know it's a must have for me!! Love that the pets also kick ass. So great!

  9. This sounds wildly fun -- will keep my eye out for it!

  10. @Jenny
    I know, it never happens. Well ok if it is the last book or if they finally get together. But here it was all in one book :D

    She was so much more than kick-ass, she was one scary chick.

    Haha, oh yes, and I guess that is one of them. The Earth mother sent them do her.

    I know peeps call if UF but I would not call it fantasy, more like urban paranormal

    SO so many more. And I have read so few

  11. I love how tough she sounds! An HEA with no cliffhanger? That's refreshing!

  12. @Carrie
    I know, I really really like this cover

    It was fun to read since then I knew I did not have to wait for more..which also made me sad :/

    Very cool. I am sure you'd enjoy it

    Not literally ;) More tongue kicking, lol

  13. @Melissa
    I love great pets too, must be cos I love animals..well not snakes, but here they rocked :D And the cover sure drew me in too

    You do that :)

    It sure was. Of course all is not well, but someone else can deal with that later on

  14. Nice review! Wondering how her pets can kick ass and take numbers. I'm thinking that I have to read about that.

  15. I was really curious about this one. And truth, I think I like that it's a stand alone too. Thanks for the review here. I think I might keep an eye out for it. :)

  16. B,

    I have been waiting for this one. :) Glad to see you enjoyed it.


  17. This one might be for me then because I prefer standalone novels to series. Although, it seems like it was so good it could have gone longer for you...

  18. I love the sound of a heroine that is not afraid of breaking some ribs on a bad guy. Does that make me sound evil? LOL

    And two snakes and a cat that can stand up for themselves in a fight?

    Oh yes, this goes right to my wishlist. Thanks for the wonderful review, B :)

  19. A standalone? I might be tempted when I have more free time! Thanks for a great review and I have nothing against snakes!

  20. I have not heard of this one at all. But I do like the premise and review makes it look like a series to look out for.

  21. @Chris :/ Too hot there? poor you

    Lol, yes you just have to read and see. They are tough little things, fierce and protective, and sweet too.

    It was refreshing since yes I do like when books continue but most of the time I just groan and curse authors for not writing faster ;D

    I know, so great :D

    I do think I could have taken one more book, but then with that HEA it is not important. I will rather see someone else finding love and kicking ass

  22. @Michelle
    I hope you like it :D

    So weird to see you without the ladybug name.

    Haha, yes very evil indeed. But then it made me evil too hihi.

    Who can see a little snake slithering by, biting you in the leg and then you are dead within minutes ;) You get the picture

    Ewww, snakes. It even made me dream about snakes. Silly really since we got two kinds of snakes in this country. One is "deadly". That is if you are sick, and in the middle of nowhere and can't get out.

    Oh yes standalone :D

    I do wonder what will happen next. There was this extract at the back and oh wow

  23. Hmmm...maybe I need to check this one out. It sounds entertaining and the fact that her three pets can kick some ass too just makes it even more appealing to me! :-)

  24. I'm gonna say like Deanna. Hmmm...I may need to check this out. Thanks!

  25. Great review Blodeuedd, I want to read this book / series myself. But that disappearing part of the city reminds me of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series.

  26. Deanna
    I would love to have a snake like that ;) of course I hate snakes so I would not go near my own place, lol

    I hope you do :D

    Dunno about that since I have not read that series. Though here nothing disappears. it is there all the time. But peeps are afraid and pretend they do not see it

  27. Yeah! Kick-ass heroine!! Sounds like my kind of book!!! Ummm.... but, 332 pages? Sounds quite a thin book...

  28. Cherry
    Well some of the Mercy books are thin, and she only deals with one crisis here so :=)

  29. I actually like more answers in a series. SO each book can sorta start fresh

  30. Liz
    That is good, since yes answers, gotta have those

  31. I seriously like the sound of this one. You're wearing me down with all of these great UF reviews!!

  32. Staci
    Somebody has to do it ;)

  33. Oh, nice. I started this book a few weeks ago but put it down for something that suited my mood better. I keep hesitating to pick it up again, but after reading the first paragraph of your review I'm going to have to.

    How can I miss the opportunity to read a rare standalone UF?

  34. Catherine
    I hope you pick it up again :) Cos yes stand alone UF is not something you see a lot. But then this one was special and I enjoyed that



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