Tuesday 12 July 2011

Review: Touch Me if you Dare - Stephanie Rowe

Series: Soulfire 2
Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 384
Published: July 1st 2011 Sourcebooks Casablanca

He's just about the hottest warrior she's ever seen...
Reina Fleming really appreciates a man who's on a mission-especially when he's a badass warrior doing his best to impress her. And Jarvis is charmed by the way Reina's magic touch can soothe his dark side. But when Jarvis's attention puts her job, her home, and her family in danger, Reina has to decide whether love is worth the price...

My thoughts:
This is one hard book to describe because so much is going on and it's crazy in a good way. But first, yes this is book two but it can be read as a stand alone novel too.

Where to start now. Jarvis has been tortured for decades by one crazy woman who wanted men to be in touch with their feelings; she just used a bit too much torture and was just way too insane to get it right. He and his buddies are now free and he sure feels that he can never go near a woman again. Not to mention that he is the Guardian of hate and spreads hate wherever he goes. He is as manly as they get (since he must make up for all those lessons in colour appreciation and knitting.). Sure at times he is a bit too much but who can blame the poor guy.

Reina the heroine is working for Death harvesting souls. But she also has family trouble as all the women in her family are now dead after being bitten by one nasty creature. This makes them feel more powerful and free during their last days (one climbed Mount Everest and fell down). Now she wants to protect the only sister she has left. Jarvis will help her as he also needs help getting his brother back. And of course sparks fly since she was attracted to him from the moment she saw him and he can't help feeling things he never thought he would feel.

Honestly the books just have to be read to be understood. There is so much going on, so many beings out there. Like the Beedubs who killed her family because they are Sweets (make the best chocolate), The Godfather who is so good that women die when they orgasm. And of course Death, I love him, he is a total ass and playboy but you got to love him. And here we see that there is something more to him. I can't wait for him to fall in love with a girl and love only her (oh please please give me that book!). And many more. The characters in this book are just the best.

The style is kind of snarky, ironic, sarcastic humour, dark. What I am trying to say it is not haha funny, but funny and incredibly amusing none the less.

How to wrap this up then...The book is amusing, rich in its world and there is passion and romance that threatens to explode off the pages. it is just one of those books you have to read to fully understand what it is all about.



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  1. I hope he doesn't stab himself put that sword away.

  2. Hmm. To get men in touch with their feelings, you must torture them? I guess that's one approach, but it seems extreme!! This sounds like a wild book!

  3. Lol at Chris' comment.
    Death is a character?! Whoa! This reminds me of another book, but it's completely different from this.

    The Godfather who is so good that women die when they orgasm.

    Hahaha I pity those women.

  4. I am going to have to give this series a try! It sounds a bit different.

  5. This does sound a bit different but it still sounds interesting. I hate when I have a book I enjoyed and trying to explain it in a review feels nearly impossible. It's like no matter what I say or how I say it I don't feel like it's coming out right or convencing people to give the book a try. I'm going to place book one on my TBR list and check it out. :-D

  6. I am also in for giving this book a try. I like dark, sarcastic humour even if I must endure romance at the same time. It might even make romance palatable.

  7. Yes! I noticed Kiss at Your Own Risk was offered for free the other day and I grabbed it just because.

    Can I just say that you and Melissa (books and things) drive me mad with your ability to read out of order. What about principles?!


    Just kidding. I love explosive romances, so I'm looking forward to reading this series. Thanks Linda! :)

  8. That he is the guardian of hate reminds me a little of the Lords of the Underworld books, is this series similar to that one? And I love the sound of Death, he makes me want to start reading these books!

  9. Sounds like an extreme book to read. I may be tempted to try this.

  10. I think I just need to get this. Sounds different. And I like the cover!

  11. I am not sure if I could read this one now. But I am going to keep a look out for this one.

  12. This author is already on my wishlist, but great review Blodeuedd.

  13. Oh I need this! I need to know death! Uh... no not in that way... just in the book. *looks around nervously* Heh.... *gulp*

  14. @Chris
    Lol, poor guy, stabs himself in the ass

    well I said she was insane ;) At least some did get in touch with those feelings

    At least they die really really happy *g*
    I do like Death, when he is nice and all in books

    Check out the freebie! :D

  15. Lol, poor guy, stabs himself in the ass

    It'd be easy to name him for the Misadventures! ;)

  16. Cool review! I loved the first book in this series and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Touch Me If You Dare! :)

  17. It does sound good. ' romance that threatens to explode off the pages'<-thats right up my alley!

  18. Whoa this sounds crazy! How did you find this one again? I'm kidding. I'm just curious enough to try it.

  19. Oh, this does sound crazy but in a good way, and I do love that cover.

  20. I'd be a lord of Hate too if someone forced me to get in touch with my feelings...and color appreciation and knitting (especially knitting, AHH!).

  21. This sounds like an interesting book. Different from most PNR that I've seen. Reminds me a bit of Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood, with that torture bit.

  22. @Deanna
    the book is just so filled with things, but not cluttered. Still it makes it really hard to explain without people thinking I have lost it ;)

    And yay for checking out book 1

    Lol, oh you, soon I will have you reading nothing but romance ;)
    Book 1 is a freebie at the moment!!

    Do not put us in the same category, I am a nice girl who loves order *big smile* And I did read book 1 first.

    And all those other books I read out of order, I just, well..you see..oh shoot, I just do ;)

    He is actually in real danger of exploding too..for reels

  23. @Jenny
    Since I have not read those I can't say, but there are no other guardians, except for his brother the Guardian of Love.

    Death is just plain awesome

    I do confess to him being very hot there ;D

    Always good to have something for the future if the mood strikes ya

    I hope you get a try a book by her!

  24. @Melissa
    Ha, no Melissa do not look into the light!!!!!!! Stay over here instead and don't let him tempt ya

    Lol, that is true. It explains it self well

    I hope you like this one as much then :)

    A girl needs some exploding romance now and again

  25. @Alexis
    I read book 1, which was just as crazy ;)

    So hard to explain all the craziness going on here

    Haha, yes I would not be happy either. Poor guy. I so do not have the patience for it

    Hm...nah, not really. Those are dark and disturbing and this one is more snarky fun

  26. This sounds like a crazy ride! Torturing men to get it touch with their feelings. Lol.

  27. Vivienne
    Nothing more needs to be said ;)

    She just got tired of them being..as they are

  28. This sounds like one of those books to read for fun just for the pure enjoyment of reading. :) Thanks for the review.

  29. melissa
    Exactly :) And those are so needed

  30. I know I read one of her books but I wasn't overly in love with it. This one may tempt me though!

  31. Staci
    Oh book 1 or another one?



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