Thursday 18 June 2015

How I wonder what you are - Jane Lovering

“Maybe he wasn’t here because of the lights – maybe they were here because of him …”

It’s been over eighteen months since Molly Gilchrist has had a man (as her best friend, Caro, is so fond of reminding her) so when she as good as stumbles upon one on the moors one bitterly cold morning, it seems like the Universe is having a laugh at her expense.

But Phinn Baxter (that’s Doctor Phinneas Baxter) is no common drunkard, as Molly is soon to discover; with a PhD in astrophysics and a tortured past that is a match for Molly’s own disastrous love life.

Finding mysterious men on the moors isn’t the weirdest thing Molly has to contend with, however. There’s also those strange lights she keeps seeing in the sky. The ones she’s only started seeing since meeting Phinn … 

My thoughts:
Two people hurt by love find each other, and ha, oh how they meet each other! You have to read that for yourself. So funny, sad and weird.

Molly is hiding away in a house in a village in the middle of nowhere. She has been hurt. But why is she running from love? What happened? And we get to see issues with her love life. She needs to think about that (and does.)

Phinn has even bigger issues and is hiding away in a crappy old house he inherited. Poor guy is drinking too much and is depressed. He is also super smart and has a phd in astrophysics. 

They meet (very weird meeting.) They meet again. They meet again (ha, even stranger.) They slowly start to talk, get to know each other more. But she is hiding from something, and he is running from his own feelings. They both need to heal. And we all know how that will work, yes let them heal each other :D The road there is long, but then loves does not come easily. 

An amusing book that also was serious at times. Romance and, not for be forgotten, strange lights in the sky. What are those? :)


Paperback, 336 pages
Published May 7th 2015 by ChocLit (first published November 1st 2014)
Women's fiction


  1. The balance of serious and light sounds well done

  2. Now you got me curious about how they met. :) Sounds ominous, to be frank.

  3. I'm with Felicia - I want to know what the lights are!

  4. I like the sounds of this book. I'll have to check it out.

  5. LOL sounds interesting and weird. Maybe :D

  6. It sounds like an interesting and different love story there

  7. Ooh, I love the cover! Also who doesn't dream of finding ones perfect match out one the moors?! It is allowed right, even if I've already found mine ;)

    1. I am thinking MR Darcy for myself for some reason, maybe he turns into a werewolf, lol

  8. Everything about this sounds strange, but in a good way :) Lights in the sky, you say? How intriguing! :)

  9. This one sounds good, but question... is it too romance charge?

  10. Sounds cute! And I want to know what the lights are!

  11. Now I am so curious and the cover is really pretty.

  12. Now I am so curious and the cover is really pretty.



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