Saturday 24 December 2016

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Dec 23 2016

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Sat 30 min walk
Sun 30 and 30 min walk
Mon 4 km bike, 30 min walk
Tue  4 km bike
Wed  4 km bike. 30  min walk
Thu  30 min walk
Fri 1 h walk

I am on holiday :D Yay, so not much biking for the next two weeks since when I bike, I bike to work and back, and others places too ;) But the roads have been hell this week, everything turned to ice, booo. And now winter is gone

And Luci got a new box :D
There might have been things for me in it but he was sure in it before everything was out


  1. Oh! That's some ice! Be safe and have a wonderful holiday! Love Luci in the box!!

  2. I hate ice! Stay safe and warm!

  3. Have a lovely winter holiday :)

  4. Aw a kitty box. Nice! And grr on winter roads.

  5. Yikes! Ice is not good for biking. It's not good for walking either :) Stay warm!

  6. oh yes Ice is the worst, I would rather deal with newly fallen snow than Ice on any given day, it can be so dangerous. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

    1. Worse than ice is new snow on ice before the snow sets

  7. Happy holidays! Wishing you much love and joy :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. What is it with cats and boxes? Mamyia loves them too!



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