Sunday 15 January 2017

Carole's Sunday Review: Left at the altar - Margaret Brownley

Author: Margaret Brownley
Title: Left at the Altar (A Match Made in Texas #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 340
First Published: November 1st 2016
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Won in a giveaway)

Welcome to Two-Time Texas: 

Where tempers burn hot

Love runs deep
And a single marriage can unite a feuding town
...or tear it apart for good 

In the wild and untamed West, time is set by the local jeweler...but Two-Time Texas has two: two feuding jewelers and two wildly conflicting time zones. Meg Lockwood's marriage was supposed to unite the families and finally bring peace. But when she's left at the altar by her no-good fiance, Meg's dreams of dragging her quarrelsome neighbors into a ceasefire are dashed. 

No wedding bells? No one-time town.

Hired to defend the groom against a breach of promise lawsuit, Grant Garrison quickly realizes that the only thing worse than small-town trouble is falling for the jilted bride. But there's something about Meg's sweet smile and determined grit that draws him in...even as the whole crazy town seems set on keeping them apart. 

What a super cute book! I could hardly put this one down! I finished this in just a couple of sittings which is rare for me for this genre. Honestly, I want to read more by this author and in this fun town. 

Let's back-track a bit....

The story follows Meg and Grant. Meg is the daughter of one of the feuding jewelers and she is engaged to marry Tommy who has been her best friend and is the son of the other party in the feud. They are hoping that their marriage will bring the feud to an end. However, Tommy decides the marriage is not for him because Meg wants to stay put and he wants to see the world. Legit reasons...but this should've been something discussed BEFORE the big wedding day. the title suggests, Tommy leaves poor Meg at the altar. 

This betrayal makes Meg's dad furious, so he decides to sue Tommy for breaking his promise to his daughter. Tommy decides to hire the new lawyer in town, Grant. Poor Grant getting caught up in the feuding families. But it does wonders for his reputation and makes him a popular face and lawyer in town. He also gets to meet and fall in love with the jilted bride herself, Meg who thinks all of this is silly and doesn't want to sue Tommy. 

Heck...I would sue if a guy did that especially back during this time period! Marriage is extremely important to women. It was one of the only ways to get a household of their own. It's such crap and it is embarrassing to be left ON the wedding day. Such crap. 

Now, this all sounds like heavy material, but the author made this enjoyable and made it funny! Sure there were some sad, dark moments, but the majority was fun and light. I needed a book like this for sure. 

My only complaint were some of the random things that didn't seem to help move the storyline along at all. Like the prisoner. Maybe he'll play a bigger role in the next book? We shall see I guess. But overall, it wasn't necessarily a huge issue. Just not sure how some of the things tied in with the main story. 

In the end, I really liked this! It was funny. It was cute. It had a fun cast of crazy Texans and one guy from Boston who somehow got in the middle of the mess. There were some serious moments, but it was done well and didn't take away from the story. Everything blended well. There were some moments and events that seemed to not tie into the story. But they might in the next book. I'm excited to read the next one! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light romance with some humor. Out of five stars, I'll give this a 4.



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